Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 3

Repair The real?! Ning Shu's mouth has grown up. Isn't it the simplest world? How can even the cultivators come out? Of course, Ning Shu knows what the cultivators are. They are immortals in the eyes of ordinary people.

There are so many people in the campus world.

Ning Shu has no hope for this task. She is a common person. The other side is an open existence. She plays gambling stones, establishes gangs, plays with the wind and water. She is as popular as a goddess in school. She is the queen of the night out of the campus.

I feel like the world is going to be ruined by Ling Xue.

There are too many differences between the two sides. Ning Xuan suspects that it's the cold system to integrate himself. Is this a simple task?

Then I see the original Lord's wish: to put Ling Xue in the dust, so that her favorite lengao will not be fooled by Ling Xue, and those who have been helping Ling Xue bully themselves will be punished.

Ning Shu:

Ning Shu really feels that the task is not right. Although she is a Tasker, she has no advantages. In the face of absolute strength, everything is floating. Strength can destroy everything.

Ning Shu tries to call in her heart to see if she can connect with the system. The original Lord's wish is really too difficult for her to counter attack.

Ning Shu knew in her heart that she had several Jin and several Liang. She estimated that she had not rushed to Lingxue's face, so she was killed.

She cherishes her life.

Ning Shu just tried, but didn't expect to really contact the system.

There's a sound like an electric current. The system says mechanically, "how are you in this world?"

Ning Shu spits blood. How can she know she is in the world.

"This is the intermediate world. What do you do in this world? You can't accomplish the task of the intermediate world. Well, it seems that you have passed it to the wrong world. Well, there are some problems in my program, so I can't pass you back for the time being. Since you have the identity of the client, the task will continue."

There was a snort of electric current in her head, and then the system disappeared. Ning Shu was stunned. So, her task difficulty increased by N levels?

Ning Shu suddenly thinks of his lucky value. Is it too low? That's what happened. It's going to kill her rhythm.

Things have already been like this, but Ning Shu is not afraid of it. Ning Shu, who has no way to go, has a bad temper. She's all dead people. She's afraid of something. Now she can attach herself to such a healthy body, and Ning Shu feels that she has earned it.

Other Ning Shu can't, patience and patience are what Ning Shu is best at.

As for the violence just happened, it was because the original owner ran to lengao. In front of Leng prince, he said that Ling Xue had something to do with people in the society and that Ling Xue had something to do with the boss of the underworld.

I also think I let lengao wake up and don't be cheated. Anyway, I said a lot of bad things about Lingxue.

In fact, Lin Jiajia, the original owner, said the truth. Ling Xue has something to do with people in the society. Ling Xue, who can suggest a guild, is a black and astringent guild. And Ling Xue's real man is the leader of a guild.

Mature and ruthless, with a wrist and a god like face is what Ling Xue likes.

As for the prince who is highly sought after in the school, in Ling Xue's eyes, he is a childish little fart child, playing with them when they are bored.

But these three princes still like this tune.

Lingxue knows that the original owner actually ran to lengao and said something bad about her, so she directly asked people to teach him a lesson. For such a role, Lingxue had no desire to do anything, so she had the thing in the toilet just now.

The person who hit the man just now is also the revenge object of the original owner Lin Jiajia.

Alas, there is a long way to go.

Ning Xuan has no way to open the door of the toilet and get out of the toilet. This is the time for class, and no one is wandering in the campus.

Ning Xuanshun went to the school doctor's office in the direction of memory. These wounds on her body need to be dealt with. Nothing is more important than a healthy body. Besides, she can't do anything now.

The school doctor is a man in his twenties, wearing glasses on the bridge of his nose, adding a layer of elegant charm to his handsome face. Wearing a white gown on his body, he actually wore a straight and sexy taste.

In a word, it's a very attractive man. Only the female students who are injured in this room, who have stomachache or sprain, or even the eldest aunt come and let the school doctor knead their stomachs, can know that this man is more popular with the female students.

Ning Shu pursed her lips and lined up. Looking at the girl in front of her eyes, she couldn't see any discomfort at all. She should be the only one in the room who was injured. Could you let her come first.

Ning Shu is holding the wall. It's not easy to wait for him. The school doctor takes a look at Ning Shu. She looks blue and purple. There is a surprise on her handsome face. Obviously, there are many people pretending to be sick. So suddenly, a wounded person appears, which makes the school doctor feel surprised and fresh.

Pointing to the bag on his forehead, Ning Shu said directly, "help me deal with it."

As for the wounds on his body, he would not be allowed to deal with them. He thought the school doctor was a woman, but he was such a handsome man. It was too wasteful to be a school doctor.It's the place where the hostess stays. Even the school doctor is such a charming male.

With the cotton swab stained with disinfectant alcohol, the school doctor stabbed Ning Shu Qingzi directly on her face. It was not gentle at all. Ning Shu bared her teeth. Even the school doctor who had no grievance or hatred was so vicious to her.

Is the whole ace shrouded in the smell of snow?

Finally, the school doctor simply bandaged Ning Shu and said, "OK, how did you do this?"

Obviously, the skin is broken. It's over. It's easy to deal with the swelling. As a patient who has been in the hospital for more than ten years, the treatment attitude of the other side is just blasphemy and irresponsible.

"That's over?" Ning Shu still said that, pointing to his forehead, they were all swollen into unicorns. Such rough treatment made Ning Shu feel very uncomfortable. It's really not going well.

The school doctor helped his glasses, and his eyes reflected light, which gave people a sinister and dark feeling. He asked lightly, "then how do you want to do it, all over your body."

His school doctor is basically a decoration. Where the children in this college need school doctors, there are special doctors in the family. Suddenly, they meet such a real student. The school doctor looks at Ning Shu with a raised eyebrow.

Ning Shuyu knot, so upright but it seems that she vexatious.

After a little time, Ning Shu feels that her three views have been overturned. The little girls in the school can be so fierce, the school doctors can be so arrogant, and you are not afraid of the school dismissing you.

Ning Shu didn't know what to say, and really had nothing to say to him. She stood up and was about to leave. Now her mind is full of tasks, even if the task is difficult, she has to work hard to complete it.

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