Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 24

What kind of ghost? What kind of ghost is it? Ning Shu looks at Ling Xue. Instead of her usual noble and cool, she looks like a shy white flower in the wind.

Seeing that Anrong is so protecting her, Ning Shu can only sigh that in a few days time, there are more moths in Ling Xue.

Ning Shu obviously felt that the students in the classroom looked at her eyes with contempt and rejection, obviously all thought that she bullied Ling Xue.

Ning Shu has the heart to spit blood. She didn't do anything. How could she bully the hostess.

The battle effectiveness of the heroine has soared again. You have the force and the brain. You just want to be rebellious. The former Lingxue is noble and cold. She basically ignores herself. She has absolute confidence in her ability and can crush people.

But now Ling Xue is obviously aimed at Ning Shu, and still uses such means to deal with her.

"You also said that you didn't bully her. At the Party of Prince Leng, you chased Ling Xue and beat her. You dare to say that you didn't bully her. She lay on the bed for several days." An Rong said scornfully, looking at Ning Shu's eyes is like looking at scum.

Ning Shumei's eyes are jumping wildly. I'm used to seeing Lingxue's cool and crazy look. But now this is a weak look. I'm really not used to it.

Anrong wants to catch Ningshu's hair. Ningshu hides and directly throws her over her shoulder. Anrong cries out in pain.

Since you want to install a little white flower and don't do anything to you, I'm sorry for the accusation I bear. Ning Shu slaps Ling Xue on the face of a little white flower.

Ling Xue is stunned. She covers her face and looks at Ning Shu. Obviously, she doesn't believe that the other party actually dares to do it. She looks at Ning Shu at random and becomes extremely cold, which goes deep into the marrow.

The people in the classroom were obviously silenced by Ning Shu's slap in the face. In these people's eyes, the orphan girl and the lower class are just crazy. They dare to beat the goddess. The goddess is not called in vain. It represents the support of the students of AISI school for Ling Xue.

Ning Shu is not afraid of wearing shoes. She has been driven out by the Lin family. She has nothing to do with the Lin family. Her parents haven't found her. She is a bachelor.

But Ling Xue is not the same. If you want to be beautiful and beautiful, you need to have a high cold fan. There are also three princes on campus who love you.

Even an Rong, who is standing up on her back, is stunned. Looking at Ning Shu, she feels that she is dying. This woman is absolutely mad.

Anrong fell to the ground, ashamed and angry, but now see Ning Shu eyebrows with a trace of madness, quietly away from her.

The action of an Rong made Ling Xue's heart sink, and then saw that the people in the classroom didn't mean to speak for her.

The reason why Ling Xue came to school so quickly is that Lin Jiajia has always been hiding in the school, and even after school, she also stays in the school. Her people can't enter ace school to find people.

This school is not as simple as it seems. When Lingxue was in her infancy, she was obedient in the school.

She has absorbed the essence of many people in a row, and has rolled the bed sheets with Mo lengxuan many times, which makes the wound on her body better.

She may have absorbed too many people's essence, her spirit appears more mottled, and sometimes it will be backfired, but Ling Xue can't help it, and mending is her life-saving thing.

She has been wounded by modern weapons for many times. Lingxue can't be small and modern any more. She couldn't see Dingxi before, but she was injured by the slag of the gun.

It's all about Lin Jiajia. Everything is not going smoothly. She wants to make this woman stay in this school.

Looking at Ling Xue's image of a wronged little daughter-in-law, Ning Shu suddenly seems to take out a gun and explode her. After thinking about it, she still gives up. She can't let this body bear the crime of murder.

"Dead open." Ning Shu pushes Ling Xue in front of her and makes her stagger. She almost falls down. Looking weak, she looks more arrogant and domineering.

Grass, it's really addictive. Seeing this style of Lingxue, Ning Shu really feels not used to it.

Heroine, your cool, so suddenly changed the painting style, what do you want others to do.

As soon as Ning Shu left the classroom, SA Yazi ran to the school doctor's room and saw that the school doctor with eyes was explaining the physiological period to a girl seriously. The girl's face was so shy that Ning Shu even saw that the school doctor's eyes reflected the bright light.

Ning Shu really pinched a sweat for that girl. If you know that the school doctor in front of you is a pervert, you may take out a gun and shoot people at any time. It is estimated that these girls will never appear in front of the school doctor again.

The medical uncle glanced at Ning Shu lightly and said, "what's the matter? It's not dark now. You are going to sleep in my medical room again?"

"No, it's Ling Xue coming to class." Ning Shu said.

The medical uncle gave a faint voice and looked at Ning Shu's stupid face and said, "this is the school. Don't you want me to treat her in the school?"

Ning Shu doesn't want to talk to this person at all now. There's no way to communicate.She means that when Ling Xue comes to class, her life will be hard.

From the school medical room, Ning Shu came back to the classroom and saw that Ling Xue was surrounded by people, boys and girls, the most sudden was the three princes of the campus, all around Ling Xue's side

the moment Ning Shu entered the classroom, everyone's eyes looked at her.

Ning Shu walked to her seat and saw Ling Xue lying on the table, ignoring the comfort of the people around her, which made her face impatient and distressed.

Lengao looks at Ning Shu as if nothing has happened. He reaches out and kicks the three legged table that Ning Shu just picked up.

Grass, why is she always angry at her desk? Her desk has three legs. It's pathetic.

Ning Shu raised his head and looked at lengao indifferently. Lengao was frightened by her eyes. Then there was a rush of anger in his heart. He was frightened by the eyes of a lower class, and was still a girl's eyes.

"I told you many times, don't bully Ling Xue, bully Ling Xue and I'll make life worse than death." The face of coldness and arrogance is twisted and angry. It's obvious that the humiliation was just scared by Ning Shu's eyes.

It's better to die when I meet you. If it's not a task, Ning Shu really doesn't want to see him.

"Hey, what's your attitude when I talk to you?" Lengao feels that Ning Shu looks at himself strangely and contemptuously.

This inferior person dares to despise her. What qualification does she have to despise him? Does she know her situation? It's just an orphan girl.

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