Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 21

All the way to follow Ling Xue to a remote villa, the school doctor turned to look at Ning Shu, "you little girl, what are you doing with strange eyes all the way?"

Ning Shu took back his eyes and labeled the school doctor as a ghost animal in his heart. He didn't want to pursue the female owner, but wanted to imprison others directly. It was an unusual way.

In front of the car stopped, Ling Xue was a man holding the car, into the villa.

Ning Shu unbuckles her seat belt and follows her stealthily. Turning around, she sees the school doctor standing beside her so straight. She doesn't know how to hide her waist.

Instead, the school doctor looked at Ning Shu strangely and asked, "what are you doing?"

"I'm hiding. I don't know if I'm hiding. Please squat down. Hello." Ning Shu said.

With a sneer, the school doctor walked into the villa and said, "there is no camera here, even if there is one, it's useless to hide it."

Ning Shu:

Ning Shu followed the school doctor into the villa quietly. It seemed that there was no one living in the villa. At this time, there was a voice from the building. The school doctor took out his gun and put it on the wall. Ning Shu stood on tiptoe behind.

The voice inside is getting louder and louder, mixed with a strange voice. The school doctor opened the door a little, and saw that there were two people entwined and writhing inside.

Ning Shu leaned over and saw that her mouth had grown into an O-shape and she had a big groove. Didn't the hostess get hurt? How suddenly rolled the bed sheet, caught off guard saw the live, spring palace.

Ling Xue is also forced to be helpless. There is no aura in her body. Her wound is painful to death. The fastest thing is to collect yang to mend Yin. In the world of cultivation, this is what the woman of demon cultivation does.

Besides, this man is also good. Rolling once is not a loss, but also a supplement to the body's aura.

Ning Shu's admiration for Ling Xue is 120000. It's OK. Shouldn't you bandage the wound first under normal circumstances?

The school doctor's office put her hand on Ning Shu's head and directly pushed her to her back.

Just at this time, the man on the bed looked at the door. The school doctor hid. When he looked at the room again, there was no one in the room.

The school doctor kicked the door open, and Ning Shu followed him into the room.

So suddenly disappeared, Ning Shu looked to the school doctor, "what about people?"

The school doctor fumbled in the room and saw Ning Shu's stupid book Qin. He was speechless and said, "there must be a mechanism in this room. Look for it."

Ning Shu, oh, began to grope in the room inch by inch, grass, why the protagonist can be so cool, but she has to feel everywhere without image.

The school doctor turned a vase, and then a passage appeared on the wall. The school doctor went ahead, and Ning Shu hurriedly followed in.

It's just a simple corridor in the secret room, lighting a few dim oil lamps, looking at the gloomy feeling.

Ning Shu looks at the school doctor cat with his waist in front of him, and a ticking voice rings not far in front of him.

What's the sound?

Walking in front of the school doctor to speed up, Ning Shu walked into a look, it was a bomb, the number above constantly beating.

How can there be bombs here? Did Ling Xue stay here before?

"Uncle, can you bomb?"

"A little." The school doctor looked at it first, took a look at the bomb, and then really began to dismantle it.

Ning Shu looked at his casual appearance and couldn't help asking, "do you really know?"

"No, you can't." The medical uncle threw the bomb into Ning Shu's arms.

Ning Shu almost peed and hurriedly shoved the bomb back into his arms. "I'm not going to say that. Please dismantle the bomb."

The school doctor glanced at her, then took out the bright medical scissors from the bag, picked up the bomb line without hesitation, and then the numbers on it stopped, and the color faded.

Ning Shu took a long breath of relief, and his heart returned to his heart. Oh, my God, it's really terrible.

Ning Shu followed the school doctor and suddenly came up with a question: "that uncle, why do we have to dismantle the bomb? Can't we run?"

Walking in front of him, he turned around and said, "I'm affected by your IQ. You're a pig teammate."

Don't you think of it? Ning Shu despises, saying that normal people are not the first to see bombs?

After walking in the corridor for a while, I finally saw the light in front of me. As soon as I came out, I met two guns pointing at her and the school doctor.

Ling Xue and Mo lengxuan stand side by side. Mo lengxuan's pistol points to the school doctor and says in a deep voice, "who are you two?"

Seeing Ning Shu, Ling Xue's eyes were very cold and said, "Lin Jiajia, your courage is growing."

Ling Xue is humiliated by Ning Shu. She is hurt by this ant. Ling Xue wants to extract Ning Shu's soul from her heart and experience all kinds of torture. She will fight her soul to death. She will never be immortal.Ning Shu looks at Ling Xue. Mingming has just been hurt, but now he looks as if he is not hurt.

Facing Ling Xue's eyes, Ning Shu has a bad feeling and looks at the doctor.

I thought how awesome the school doctor was. Cao, he was caught by someone. I don't know what kind of awesome place he has made the club people fear like tigers.

Ling Xue looked at the school doctor again, looked at his careless face, and died diaphragmatically. "What's your intention to follow me, haven't you been defeated by my concealed weapon?"

It turns out that the secret weapon that night was hit by Ling Xue. How persistent was the medical uncle.

The school doctor wanted to help his glasses on the bridge of his nose, but he didn't wear them. He said, "I said I need you."

Ning Shu: lying trough

Uncle, at this time, in front of the man, you said that. We will die ugly. Ning Shu pulled the sleeve of the school doctor. "Uncle, can you talk well?"

Ling Xue was obviously angry. "You are crazy. Well, you are following me. Be careful that I kill you."

Mo lengxuan looked at the doctor with deep hostility, squinted at his uncle's head and said to Ling Xue, "who is this man? What's your relationship? "

Ling Xue looked at the first man in the world, and felt something in her heart. There was a feeling in her heart. She said, "I don't know where the man came from, always follow me."

Mo lengxuan's face is a little more beautiful. His cold face looks softer. He said in a cold voice, "such a person should be killed directly. What should he do?" That's about to pull the trigger.

Oh, Ning Shu is going to kneel. Isn't she really going to die here? Ning Shu sighed and asked quietly, "let's run now, uncle."

"Please don't affect me with your IQ." The school doctor looked at Ning Shu and pulled her sleeve away.

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