Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 20

Ning Shu and Ling Xue are facing each other. After the bullets are loaded, Ning Shu holds the gun to Ling Xue. Ling Xue's face turns white. She mobilizes the spirit in her body to stop the bullets.

The spirit of the world is so thin that it is unimaginable. Now she has no spirit in her body for such a long time. Dantian is clean and clean, and even the muscles and veins are starting to hurt.

It's true that Pingyang was bullied by dogs. If this kind of ghost thing was put before her, it would be done with a wave of sleeves. It would be so difficult there. Moreover, she could not move. If she moved, it would form a barrier again. The spirit in her body would be gone.

"You are dying." Ling Xuesen's cold voice came out from his teeth with a strong murderous spirit.

Ning Shu sips her mouth, knowing that she has offended the hostess this time, but she does not regret that Ling Xue wants to extract her soul. Does she want to stretch her neck to let Ling Xue extract her soul? Soul is all she has.

Ning Shu with a gun, squinting to see Ling Xue's aura barrier seems to be getting weaker and weaker, Ning Shu fired two more shots.

Ning Shu 's heart actually had a feeling of shooting at the target, so standing still let her fight.

"Don't deceive too much." Lingxue is going to explode. She has never been so embarrassed since she came to this world, except for a man.

One by one, the bullets fell to the ground, and Ling Xue's aura barrier burst open with Peng's voice. A bullet entered her clavicle. Ning Shu saw the opportunity and shot her again. Ling Xue quickly dodged.

Lingxue takes a look at Ningshu hatefully. She wants to kill Ningshu. She thinks that she is an ordinary person without Reiki. She takes the weapons of the world with her flesh and blood. Lingxue is not so stupid.

Ning shucoco doesn't care about fighting etiquette, and now the hostess seems to be a tiger with teeth pulled out. Now the killer has to wait until the hostess gets better without pain.

It's better not to be such a gentleman.

Ning Shu fired two shots at Ling Xue. Of course, with her five ring level, she couldn't hit the target. It seems that she needs to practice more. This time, the hostess was unprepared and became a target. The next time the hostess sees her, she will be killed.

Ling Xue takes a gloomy look at her. There is violence between her eyebrows. Covering the wound, she opens the door and runs away. Ning Shu hurries to follow her, taking advantage of your illness to kill you.

No one knows the cruelty of the mistress better than she.

Ning Shu wraps his gun in his clothes and follows Ling Xue. The banquet hall is still full of bamboo sounds, but Ling Xue is trapped by lengao. Ling Xue looks back at Ning Shu who is catching up with her and then sees her lengao. She is very impatient.

Of course, Ning Shu won't shoot in front of so many people. If there is a riot, Ling Xue will be in trouble. Seeing that Ling Xue is pulled by lengao, a cool and crazy bully, he says "East and west". Ling Xue looks like a ghost with a pale face and is very impatient.

She was wearing black clothes. The female leader was clearly in the blood, and lengao didn't notice.

Ning Shu's heart gives birth to a sense of schadenfreude, which makes your peach blossom blossom after blossom. Ning Shu walks towards the two people without trace.

Ling Xue sees Ning Shu approaching and immediately pushes lengao away, then runs to the door. Being pushed away, lengao is stupefied. Ning Shu kicks lengao away from her and chases her out.

Ling Xue takes a look at the woman who is in pursuit of her. The depression in her heart and the pain in her chest make Ling Xue full of violence. This feeling is like returning to the world of cultivation and being chased.

Full of powerlessness, Ling Xue swore in her heart that in the future, those clowns who jumped in front of her would be killed without forgiveness.

Today, she was bitten by a mole ant.

Ning Shu can only be glad to learn a taekwondo, the physique has increased, or run a marathon with the female host, it's just a tired rhythm.

All of a sudden, a car stopped in front of Ling Xue. Ling Xue's heart congealed. He didn't know that it was the enemy or the friend. Ning Shu, who was following, stopped immediately and ran back instinctively.

Generally speaking, the heroine will be helped when she dies. If her noble is here, she will be unlucky. She doesn't think her level of five rings can play a gun battle with others.

As expected, Ning Shu looked back and saw a man coming down from the car. He fired a shot at her back. Ning Shu fell on the ground at once, with his chin knocked. Then he quickly got up and ran away.

Ling Xue sees this man's face is not very good. She looks at Ling Xue with oppressive eyes, moves her nose, and asks, "hurt?"

"I see it and I say it." Lingxue said angrily, "you don't want to take advantage of the fire to rob and kill my gang."

The man smiled, picked up Ling Xue and threw her into the car. Then he started the car. He did not forget to laugh at Ling Xue. "The queen of the night was hurt by such a little girl."

Ling Xue covers the wound and feels very painful. Hearing his laughter, she says, "shut up."

Ning Shu hid and watched the car go away. She sighed for a long time. From now on, she would think of her own life all the time. After such a big loss, Lingxue would tear her apart.

"Didi..." A burst of rapid honking scared Ning Shu. Looking at the car nearby, it was the uncle of the school doctor who opened the window."Get in the car." The school doctor said to Ning Shu, Ning Shu immediately got on the bus, saw the school doctor start the car, and then fly with the same.

"Can you slow down, please?" Ning Shu almost screamed out, and turned to see the doctor driving in a black windbreaker. He hardly knew how to make complaints about it.

"That car just now?" The school doctor looked at the car ahead and asked.

"What?" Ning Shu asked

"The car on Ling Xue?" The school doctor looked at Ning Shu with cold eyes, as if to deal with useless garbage.

"Yes, it is." Ning Shu said.

Ning Shu has some doubts. Why does the school doctor catch up with him? Is he going to save the hostess? Uncle, without this, she worked hard to make Ling Xue bleed.

"Uncle, you are not going to save her." Ning Shu asked cautiously.

"I need her." Said the school doctor.

Lying groove, lying in a big groove, Ning Shu's face was distorted in a moment, quite frustrated, and said: "in this case, why does uncle give me a gun?"

The school doctor took a strange look at Ning Shu and said, "is there any conflict between the gun I gave you and the need for Ling Xue?"

Ning Shu:

Why does the medical uncle give people the feeling of such a ghost animal? He says that he needs Ling Xue, but he doesn't shoot the female master for her.

It's not to play a love hate entanglement, imprison heavy taste plot.

Ning Shu shakes his head. How distorted is the plot? You didn't appear at all, or you are a big boss.

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