Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 17

In a word, Ningshu successfully knows how much waste he has after being hit by the school doctors.

Ning Shu went out of the school doctor's room and wandered around the school garden road. Looking at these beautiful flowers, it's good that she can come back to life.

"Hello, woman, who are you and what are you doing here?" A rebellious voice sounded in the back, which scared Ning Shu.

Turn around to see the cold proud cold Prince standing not far away, with a noble chin, high on the ground to see themselves.

Lengao put his hand in his pants pocket and looked at Ningshu. He looked very cool, but I don't know why. Ningshu felt good when he saw this.

"Well, I'm talking to you. Aren't you not allowed to come here?" Lengao looks at Ning Shu's stupefied appearance, and his eyes flash with disgust.

Ning Shu is going to leave. She is too lazy to talk to this stupid prince, and she will not talk to him.

To be honest, AISI school has a better family background than lengao's three princes, but it has not been as popular as them. People are very low-key.

Lengao saw Ning Shu leave directly, as if he didn't see himself. Lengao's heart was uncomfortable for a while. He was always admired everywhere. Suddenly, he was treated like this. Lengao's heart was very uncomfortable.

Lengao grabbed Ning Shu's arm, then shook off her hand like catching a dog or shit, looked at Ning Shu with disgust, and said in a cold voice, "what's your attitude?"

Ning Shu's mouth was drawn and looked at lengao. He rolled round and round. Now he grabbed himself again, with a look of "you make me upset".

Ning Shu is also drunk. Is this person insane? It's unreasonable. What should she do.

"Are you dumb? I'm talking to you. " Looking at Ning Shu coldly and disgustedly, "remember, this place is not where you can come. This garden and the villa opposite are not where you can go. Remember, the lower class."

Ouch, I'm so angry. Ning Shu really wants to take out a pistol and blow him out.

From lengao's approach, Ning Shu feels that the body's heart is beating faster and breathing faster. Then he hears lengao talking to himself. Alas, there is a kind of way to faint happily.

How does the original Lord like this silly prince? Even seeing her body reflect so much, Ning Shu experiences the happiness from every part of her body. She just doesn't want to experience it. This feeling is still transmitted to her brain.

"Yes, I remember. I won't be near this place." Ning Shu said, holding back his temper.

"By the way, who are you?" Lengao looks familiar at Ning's face and asks.

Ning Shu is also going to kneel. How noble and forgetful it is. She was invited to a birthday party at Lingxue's request not long ago, and then forgot.

Ning shuha chuckles and draws the corners of his mouth.

Lengao frowned, looked at Ningshu, then thought of it, looked at Ningshu more coldly, and said, "don't trouble Lingxue in the future, or I will be rude to you."

"Even if it's trouble for Ling Xue, I won't like you. You should die, vicious woman." Lengao almost spits on Ningshu's face.

Ning Shu:

What's the matter with this kind of self feeling? Although the original owner likes her, she doesn't like him. His narcissistic appearance really hurts.

You are so cool and crazy. Are you from your family?

"Are you having a problem here?" Ning Shu asked, pointing to his head.

"I invited you to the birthday party because of Lingxue's face. Lingxue doesn't care about the severity of it, but I won't let you hurt Lingxue. Remember your identity, inferior." Coldly and haughtily, he looks up to his chin as if he were only a human being.

How long is this person's brain? He lives in his own world. He has to have a degree to talk to himself. From the beginning to the end, she just said a word.

You are so cool and crazy. The earth can't hold you anymore.

"You'd better remember what I said so that I won't be able to eat too much." Lengao then turned and left.

Ning Shu takes a deep breath. The world is so beautiful. We should ignore the disharmonious things as soon as possible.

”If you have any brain disease, you should take some medicine. You can't give up treatment. "Ning Shu sneered and roared at him, turned around and ran away.

The next day, Ning Shu put on her usual clothes and put the lady's pistol to her waist before going to the birthday party of Prince Leng.

The birthday is in a private club. Ning Shu steps on the door of the club with her legs. The door is full of private cars. A lot of beautiful men and women get off the car and wear expensive clothes.

Ningshu is out of place standing at the door. People look at Ningshu with contempt. Some girls in fancy clothes even smile with their mouths covered.

Ning Shu immediately felt the malice of the world.

Anrong also got off the car. When she saw Ningshu, she gave her a fierce stare, walked to Ningshu with a dress and skirt, and sneered, "you're here. You don't want to be at the door."Ning Shu looks at an Rong. She hasn't come to class since she was hurt by Ling Xue. She is still pale now. Instead of coming to a birthday party, she looks like condolence.

Ning Shu is also drunk. If he is not well, he has to come to the birthday party.

It's obvious that Anrong also knows that her face is not good-looking. Seeing Ning Shu looking at her face again, Anrong bursts out and says in a cruel voice, "what are you looking at? I won't forget your insult and bullying to me."

Rather than carry the black pot, Ning Shu said, "you know, I didn't do anything at all. It's because of Ling Xue that you will get hurt. Why is it on my head?"

An Rong Leng said, "Ling Xue didn't mean to do it. Besides, she didn't do it to me at all."

"I didn't fight with you either. I'm standing in front of you now. If I had Lingxue's ability, I would have let you go back to bed."

"Anyway, Lingxue won't do this to me. You don't need to make trouble here. Tell you, I won't believe you." Said an Rong firmly.

Ning Shu:

In order to highlight the charm of the protagonist, the intelligence quotient of supporting actor cannon fodder is infinitely low. When such obvious things are put in front of Anrong, Anrong is dead.

The mistress is right. The mistress is wrong. It's the world's fault.

"Believe it or not." Ningshu bypasses Anrong and plans to go in.

Anrong reaches out her hand to hold Ning Shu. Ning Shu turns to look at her and says, "why, want to fight?"

An Rong looks at Ning Shu proudly and asks, "I won't make trouble on cold Prince's birthday. Besides, are you sure that Ling Xue is the cause of my injury?"

"Of course, if I had the ability like Ling Xue, I would have ruined you and avenged you." Ning Shu despises Tao.

Anrong also likes the cold prince. Ningshu can't think. Isn't she jealous of Lingxue, who is liked by the cold prince, but she has made Lingxue's dog leg. You know that Lin Jiajia, the original owner, is mad with jealousy.

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