Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 16

Ning Shu began to practice shooting life. Under the watch of the head exploding coach, Ning Shu shot a gun and missed the target. The bullet didn't know where it was.

The head exploding coach felt the gun at his waist and looked at Ning Shu's head. When Ning Shudun was cold, he hurriedly said, "I'll try again. This time I won't miss the target."

Head breaking Coach: ha ha

Ning Shu practices hard. From the beginning, he didn't know where the bullet went. The people in the club were hiding from Ning Shu. If he was swept by this rookie, it would be a real injustice.

Ning Shu is holding a gun. If the posture is not right, the head exploding coach immediately takes out the gun and points it at her head. Ning Shu is almost scared to pee and makes rapid progress.

From the first miss, to now can hit the target.

Ning Shu now stays in the club, where he eats, drinks and lazars. He practices all the time. Later, he can't lift his arms. Ning Shu feels that he may have to practice as a house man's Unicorn arm.

But Ning Shu doesn't dislike fatigue. It's a life-saving skill. For a dangerous woman Lord, a little more skill is a chance to save her life.

The head exploding coach gave Ning Shu a bottle of medicine oil, with a spasmodic smile, and asked, "what's the relationship between you and the madman?"

There's nothing to do with it. Of course, Ning Shu is afraid to say that. If he does, it's estimated that the uncle who likes to blow his head will blow her up immediately.

Ning Shu laughs and shows a profound expression. The coach's hand touches the gun again. Maybe he really wants to blow Ning Shu's head.

Every time Ning Shu saw this vicious uncle touch the gun, she was scared to death. Thanks to the school doctor, people are so afraid of him, which can make her pretend to be a tiger.

Ning Shu is now eating and drinking Lazar in the club, practicing shooting every day, and now he can actually play within 5 rings.

It's awesome.

This day, Ning Shu suddenly received a message from the school that he would be dropped out if he didn't come to class.

Well, I can't be dropped out.

After a long time in the violent area of the club, Ning Shu suddenly found the school so peaceful and uncomfortable.

When Ling Xue saw Ning Shu, she obviously felt that the woman had changed again, become deeper, and give people a dangerous smell, but the danger was like a stronger ant with strong pliers.

Lingxue is not happy with this feeling. She looks up at Ningshu and feels Lingxue's eyes. Ningshu gives Lingxue a big white eye.

Ling Xue's eyes suddenly became dangerous, and her body involuntarily became oppressed by aura.

Ning Shu felt that he could die. He was so arrogant in front of the hostess, not what he was doing.

Lingxue ignored Ningshu before and was looking at tiaoliang clown. Now Ningshu has a feeling that she's stuck in her throat. Suddenly, a feeling appears in her heart. If she doesn't kill this tiaoliang clown, her future life will be different.

Ling Xue believes in her feelings.

Ning Shu later found out why the school informed her to come to school, but because tomorrow is Leng Prince lengao's birthday, and told Ning Shu to come to school, because lengao invited Ning Shu to the birthday party, so that Ning Shu should not forget.

When Ning Shu knew the reason, the whole person was Spartan. He thought that he was so important. When he didn't go to school, he would notice. He was really amorous.

Ning Shu goes to the school doctor's office to see his uncle. Seeing a roomful of patients, Ning Shu really can't understand what he is doing when he comes to school.

Always have a purpose, can let the head coach so afraid of people, how can be a simple school doctor.

When the school doctor saw Ning Shu, he looked at her up and down. He was surprised and said, "well, you're still alive. Didn't you go to the club?"

Ning Shu:

Ning Shu almost vomited blood. Ya Ming knew that the club was a murderous monster. She didn't even tell her. She just rushed in.

How can people be so dangerous? Is there any truth, goodness and beauty.

Ning Shu grinned and said, "thank you."

Ning Shu slaps the lady's pistol at his waist.

The medical uncle glanced at her lightly and said, "are you not dealing with Lingxue, the school flower?"

"Even uncle knows Lingxue. It seems that Lingxue is famous all over the world." Ning Shu looked at Uncle Xiaoyi with some horror and asked, "uncle, you can't do it."


"You won't like Lingxue, too." Ning Shu feels so hard.

The school doctor raised his eyebrows and looked at Ning su. "Why do you think I like Ling Xue?"

Where the hostess went, the male was almost killed by seconds. Under the halo of marisu, all the men survived. Looking at the capital of the school doctor, he was tall and handsome with a good figure. The most important thing was his good and evil temperament, which made him a good match.

"Uncle, there are many women in the world. Why do they fall on a tree?" Ning Shu almost cried. If uncle has feelings for the hostess, how can she deal with the hostess.Ning Shu felt that the whole person was drunk and almost knelt down for the medical uncle.

The school doctor rubbed his forehead and looked at Ning Shu, who was crying for help. He stepped on Ning Shu's foot and rolled it hard.

Ouch, lying in the trough, it's so painful. Ning Shu is holding his feet and looking at the callous school doctor. It's really cannon fodder. I feel that life is so hard. If it's the woman who is crying, I've been holding her arms and pitying her. I can't wipe the tears and snivels with a paper towel.

"If you don't make this death look disgusting in front of me, you will have less affectation if you are ugly." Said the school doctor coldly.

Ning Shu

I don't know why, Ning Shu feels that the current school doctors have no feeling of warmth like jade when they meet for the first time.

Now even with his eyes, he can't block the evil in his eyes.

Manger, he's not a demon in human skin, is he going to destroy the world?

"How are you doing? Now you can shoot. "Asked the medical uncle.

Ning Shu held out a hand and said proudly, "I can hit the fifth ring now."

What kind of ghost is Wuhuan? The school doctor looked at Ning Shu strangely and said, "after practising for such a long time, you won't tell me that you will hit the target."

The smile on Ning Shu's face cracked. Why did she listen to the words despised by the school doctor? She felt that she was so useless. She had become a cute girl who could shoot from a naive girl. Isn't it tearful.

Ning Shu calls herself cute in her heart.

"I think you disgraced me at the club." The school doctor looked at Ning Shu, and his glasses reflected the bright white light, which made him feel evil.

Ning Shu also wanted to say that there was a coach to teach her, but seeing the school doctor like this, she gave up decisively. Someone taught her that she was still so scum, and whether the school doctor would destroy her humanely.

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