Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 12

This scene is really weird to the extreme. Ning Shu covers her mouth and doesn't allow herself to make a little business. I don't know what big secret I may have found.

And it's not mentioned in the memory of the original master or in the story of the world.

Seeing Ling Xue's Yi Yi Yi Fei, the wind around her is getting smaller and smaller. Ning Shu turns around and runs without hesitation. It seems that what Ling Xue does is coming to an end.

Ning Xuan gets into the bookstore and pretends to read a book. She looks up and sees Ling Xue walking from the bookstore door. I don't know if it's her illusion. Ning Xuan feels that Ling Xue's momentum is even worse and colder.

Ling Xue suddenly felt a look of inquiry on her outside. Ling Xue stopped and looked around.

Ning Shu in the bookstore immediately looked away at the book in his hand. He never dared to look at Ling Xue again. The mender was so rebellious. He just felt it at a glance.

Ling Xue wrinkled her beautiful brow, and the vision disappeared again. Ling Xue thought about it and left.

After a long time, Ning Shu breathed again. Her back was sweaty and cold.

It's too scary, Ning Shu said. How can ordinary people deal with the woman who left.

Ning Shu hurried back to her rental room, took a bath, and then went to the Taekwondo Hall for crazy training, but she was still a little confused. She was just how to exercise for the female owner.

This time, Ning Shu's task is really numb. She is weak and has no help. Ning Shu carefully recalls the plot's enemies with the man or the woman.

Then Ning Shu found that the world's villain boss is a mystery. There is no villain boss at all. It's all the female Lord and male Lord's overbearing side leakage. Everything that they pass by is invincible. If it's not for the conditions of the world, it's estimated that the male Lord and female Lord will break out of the universe.

There is no force that can be drawn, even if there is a force, under the aura of the two glittering protagonists of the Lord and the heroine, everything is scum.

"System, I hate you." Ning Shu screams at the sky in her heart.

Ning Shu doesn't go home until 12 o'clock in the evening. But when he goes home today, Ning Shu feels something is wrong. He just opened the door and heard the room rustling in the dark.

And I can smell a bloody smell.

There is someone at home. Ning Shu quietly takes out a steel pipe from behind the door. A single woman lives in the house. She doesn't prepare anything to ensure a little safety. How can she rest assured.

Listening to the rustle in the room, the hairs on Ning Shu's back stood up, tightly holding the steel stick.

Through the weak street light outside the room, I saw something wriggling on the sofa. Ning Shu didn't even think about it. He screwed up the steel bar and smashed it on the sofa.

Suddenly, there was a pig killing cry on the sofa. Listening to the voice of a man, Ning Shu was even more merciless and smashed the steel stick on her.

"Well, I've said enough. I'll shoot you when I get there." "Go and turn on the light," a muffled voice rang

When Ning Shu heard that there was a gun in the other side's hand, he almost threw the steel bar. He thought that the steel bar was his only weapon. If he threw it, he was really unarmed and waiting to be slaughtered.

"Turn on the lights." Said the voice with pain.

"Grass, let you turn on the light."

Ning Shu immediately heard the sound of opening the gun and ran to the door with a steel bar to turn on the light.

Ning Shu stood at the door, afraid to enter the room, repressed the impulse to run. No matter how fast he ran, he could not run as fast as a bullet.

Nervous to look at people on the sofa, Ning Shu exclaimed, "school doctor?!"

This is the school doctor. He is wearing a black windbreaker. He holds a pistol in his hand and hears Ning Shu's voice. He turns around and reaches out to help the glasses on the bridge of his nose, but he doesn't wear glasses.

Squinting at Ning Shu, he hooked the corner of his mouth and said, "come here, bind my wound."

"I I will not. " Ning Shu looks at the school doctor who is obviously different from that in the daytime. His temperament is totally different. If he doesn't have the same face and can't believe that he is the same person, he is not a twin.

"You are a school doctor." Ning Shu pointed to the school doctor with a steel stick. The school doctor silently pointed the gun at Ning Shu and said, "come here."

In the face of the black gun, Ning Shu, who had never seen the world, was frightened. He said quickly, "if you have something to say, say it." His legs trembled as he moved towards the school doctor.

The school doctor's face was pale, and he was probably beaten by Ning shustorm. His lips would be colorless, and he took off his clothes coldly.

"Take care of my wound." The school doctor points to his back. There is a concealed weapon embedded in his back and shoulder blades. Let's call it a concealed weapon. Almost all of them are in his body.

At this position, the school doctor couldn't live and deal with it by himself. Seeing Ning Shu's stupefied appearance, the school doctor shouted, "hurry up, grass. My blood is going to run out."

This man with a big mouth is really the elegant school doctor. Ningshu is a spirited man. He quickly finds out the medicine box.

Looking at the concealed weapon that almost didn't enter the meat, he was a little embarrassed and asked, "how can I get this out?""Take it with tweezers. Hurry up." The voice of the school doctor was painful, and his skin was sweaty.

"I took it." Ning Shu said, reaching for the wound with tweezers.

"Oh, your sister, hurry up." The school doctor roared, and then Ning Shu was frightened by him, and the tweezers directly stabbed him in the wound.

The school doctor's pain was that his body trembled, and he shrank into a mass on the sofa. Ning Shu looked at the wound that was bleeding like the spring. He quickly wiped the blood with gauze. Looking at so much blood, Ning Shu was frightened and looked at his face gray.

He was ruthless. He stretched out a leg to step on his body to prevent him from moving. Then he caught the concealed weapon with tweezers and yanked it out. Eh, it didn't come out. Come again.

When the concealed weapon was pulled out, Ning Shu's face was sprayed with blood. The school doctor lying on the sofa fainted completely, and his face was gray.

Ning Shu covered the wound with gauze, looked at the blood of Puma outside, and was very flustered. Looking at the deep wound, he searched for the medicine box, and finally found the hemostatic medicine, crushed it and sprinkled it on the wound.

Mingming is the medicine to take. Ningshu directly sprinkles it on the wound. It's too slow to take it. How much blood can flow in such a rush.

Bandaging his wound tightly, Ning Shu was so busy that he was sweating. He stretched out his hand and shook it at the tip of the school doctor's nose. Fortunately, he was still breathing.

Ning Shu sat on the ground, looked at the blood stained gauze all over the room, and put it away. He saw the gun on the tea table, with a dim luster. Ning Shu was cool. He saw the comatose school doctor and secretly hid the gun.

It's true that if you don't go to the hospital after being injured, what do you want to do at her house? How did he get in.

Who is this school doctor? Why go to ace to be a school doctor?

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