Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 11

Ning Shu's swearing to others attracted other people's ideas in the classroom. Everyone looked at Ning Shu as if he was looking at a madman.

In their view, Ning Shu is now a rootless duckweed. An orphan dare to be so arrogant. He should humble himself in the corner, live like a mouse in the corner, and run away in panic when he sees people.

I don't know how it is now.

Ning Shu now can no matter what others are thinking, even if he shows weakness and lives gingerly, but let others bully him even more.

Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. Ning Shu has no burden but to complete the task.

Ning Shu turns on the tap. When he wants to wash his hands, he is grabbed by someone from behind and dragged back to the toilet.

"Cao, this little bitch is so arrogant. Well, she actually hurt an Rong like that."

"Yes, revenge for Anrong."

Ning Shu looks at these people and comes again. He redoubles his skill and drags her into the toilet. Is she really a bully.

These people are not polite to Ning Shu. They slap her in the face as soon as they hold her hair. Don't mention how fierce they look.

Ning Shu grabbed the man's hand, and the girl looked surprised. She said angrily, "I dare to fight back. Sisters, beat this bitch to death."

So many people hit her a real husband, Ning Shu's heart also aroused anger, to see how the effect of taekwondo practice in this period of time.

Ning Shu raised his foot and stepped on the foot of the person holding his hair behind him. The person behind immediately cried out in pain, released his hair and squatted down to cover his foot.

"Bitch, bitch..." These people are furious. In their opinion, if you hit her, the bitch should let them fight. The bitch dare to resist.

Ning Shu didn't say a word. The most fierce person who went up to scold him was two slaps. He used all his strength. The girl's face immediately swelled up with the speed visible to the naked eye.

The girl directly covered the circle, the whole person was stunned, and the people around looked at Ning Shu strangely.

Ning Shu takes advantage of these people's stupidity, moves quickly to these people and kicks and hits, suddenly the toilet sounded a scream.

"Kill this little bitch. Son..."

"What a pain..."

These girls all reflected that they rushed to fight and tear at Ning Shu. Their fists were invincible and their faces were scratched. But these people were not so good. Ning Shu either pulled their hair or directly pulled off their skirts.

The girl who has been picked up the skirt screams and mentions the skirt, but she can't care to play Ningshu.

Ning Shu is beating and tugging at these people. Her fingers are full of pulled hair. Her hair is also pulled down a lot.

Painful to death, Ning Shu leaned against the wall and panted, forming a confrontation for the time being.

It's estimated that they were frightened by Ning Shu's ferocity. Some girls were rubbing their chests, some were pulled down by Ning Shu, and their faces were printed with palms.

Ning Shu stares at these people and looks at them. The people who contact with Ning Shu's eyes move their eyes involuntarily. They dare not confront Ning Shu.

Ning shubah. I feel that my face is hot and my skin has been scratched.

Ning Shu took a look at them and limped out of the toilet. The people in the toilet could only watch Ning Shu go out and dare not follow him for a while.

I bared my teeth and felt the pain on my face. I was numb with pain on my head. When I touched it, there were blood beads. Women always scratched their hair and splashed in fights.

I really envy Ling Xue. It's so elegant and charming to start with, and I don't need to get close to each other to solve it at all. Just like before, I used my aura to crush an Rong into a coma.

Fortunately, she has the foresight to exercise and learn Taekwondo. Otherwise, she will be beaten down today. Although she won the lottery, she also let those who usually bully the original master win the lottery. Her face is as swollen as a pig's head.

Ning Shu limped to the school doctor's office. He had to deal with his face. If he broke his face, the original owner would go back to his body and see a face that was full of traces. It is estimated that it would collapse.

The school medical office is still overcrowded, and sick are all female students, suffering from the same disease, flower mania.

People looked at Ning Shu's miserable appearance, and all of them showed their faces. What kind of spirit is that in order to let the handsome school doctors see doctors and get out so freely.

Ning Shu:

When it was Ning Shu's turn, Ning Shu sat on the chair and said, "take care of my face."

The school doctor looked at Ning Shu with an eyebrow raised, picked up the cotton swab and stained it with disinfectant alcohol, and asked, "what's the matter this time? The head is still swollen. Why is the lottery hanging again?"

"I know I'm popular, but there's no need to spoil myself, yo, it's all over." "School medical cotton swab pokes Ning Shu's face," this is how cruel the heart can go to such a heavy hand to his face

The wound was rubbed with disinfectant, the painful Ning Shu's face was twisted, and there was a narcissistic school doctor talking."Shut up, you're so tired. I'm beaten, not caught by myself." "That's enough," cried Ning Shu.

The school doctor helped his eyes, which reflected a bright light. He didn't speak, and his hands were even harder.

Ning Shu broke down and said, "I'm wrong. Please take it easy."

Ning Shu sighed and looked at the band aid on the face of the mirror. Every scratch should be pasted with the band aid. Ning Shu felt that he would be ruined by the school doctor.

Is there a feud between the original master and the school doctor.

It's not easy for Ningshu to go to class with such a face of band aid. He goes back to his rental room directly, but he doesn't want to walk out of the school just to see the person who looks like Lingxue's back, getting into the alley, as if he is mysterious.

Ning Shu wants to keep up with her, but she thinks that Ling Xue is a cultivator with sensitive consciousness. She must be able to feel someone peeping at her.

But seeing Ling Xue's mystery, Ning Shu's heart was itchy, and finally decided to follow her quietly.

Ning Shu was afraid to make any sound. After thinking about it, he took out a towel from his bag and wrapped his feet around it, so that the sound of shoes touching the ground would be smaller.

Don't ask Ning Shu how to know this method, it's all about watching third rate detective films.

Ning Shu quietly around the past, stretch out to look at the alley, see Ling snow is and a man said, Ning Shu ears are not clear what the two people are saying.

All of a sudden, Ning Shu saw Ling Xue put her hand over that man's head, and then the man's face showed a look of extreme happiness, floating and unconscious.

Ling XueBei is facing Ning Shu. Ning Shu can't see Ling Xue's expression clearly. She only sees her hair and clothes flying. It seems that there is a wind blowing Ling Xue's body around.

But Ning Shu can't feel the wind. This scene is very strange.

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