My MCV and Doomsday

My MCV and Doomsday

Author:hei an li zhi
Chapters:698 | 3.6


The end times are coming, Jiang Liushi accidentally got a black technology that can make the vehicle modification and upgrade. Scan it, and it can be modified immediately. What, you think this is my medium bus? In fact, I am a super base car that can rampage through monsters and zombies, and can also transform. Not only is it bulletproof and zombie-proof, it also has a bedroom, kitchen, shower, and can generate electricity. The end times are suffering, but Jiang Liushi is living a free and easy life, let outside zombies like a tide, Jiang Liushi has a big meal to eat, have a soft bed to sleep, let you live a beautiful school girl, come up to live a few days will also be full of hope for life.

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