My Girlfriend Archive

My Girlfriend Archive

Author:ban xian chen
Chapters:358 | 3.5


[One sentence synopsis] Reasoning is, pushing down the girl, clues to organize. [Serious Synopsis] The soul of the American mixed-race handsome man. Hot female boss, iceberg schoolgirl, arrogant air hostess, gentle nurse, timid white collar ...... Behind each heroine, there are unknown secrets. With unlimited reading files of Luo Nan, will unveil their mysterious veil one by one ...... 【Improper Introduction】 Reasoning is to push down the girl and clues to organize. Speaking of girls, I can't help but think of the many girls in this book, really a thousand charming, each with their own characteristics. At the beginning of this year, the Sino-US co-production of the Ronan Chronicles will be officially opened, I will continue to play the beautiful boy Ronan Bruce. I will use the artistic image of the beautiful teenager to try to create a positive image, the two blossoms of literature and sports, I hope you will support more. Q group: 962099175, I heard that the group does not race, no extra, really (serious face) robbed collection! Recommend! Reward!

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