My Disciples Are All Villains

My Disciples Are All Villains

Author:mou sheng ren zhuan peng
Chapters:1739 | 4.1


Lu Zhou woke up as the world's most powerful and oldest demon ancestor, there are nine vicious, powerful disciples of the world. The first disciple of the Underworld Church master under thousands of demons, the second disciple of the sword devil to open a killing ring at the drop of a hat ...... Without a cultivation, how to teach these villains? The first disciple Yu Zhenghai: "I've been invincible in my life, except for the master his old man, no one wants to ride my head." Seventh disciple Si Wu Ya: "Master does not die, we can not sleep and eat peace!" ...... Ninth apprentice disciple Iris: "I will definitely remember my master's words and be a good person." Book Club: 586414482 Welcome to chat and fart. The synopsis is feeble. Please read the content.

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