Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise

Author:jiu zhu he dan tou
Chapters:1591 | 3.7


Eight hundred years ago, three thousand void gates were opened in the sky all over the world, like three thousand pupils of different colors hanging in the sky, and countless monsters came out from them. There are giant species that can destroy cities and walls with a single blow, huge in size, feeding on human flesh; there are parasitic species that live in human bodies, feeding on human nutrition, controlling humans to serve themselves; there are blood-eating species that lurk in human cities, disguised as humans, feeding on human blood ...... Overnight, humans were reduced to creatures at the bottom of the food chain. The whole world, became a paradise for monsters ...... Eight hundred years later, a man named Lin Huang said: all the monsters in this world, as long as I want, will become my summoned beasts. [This is a note: This book is an otherworldly summoning stream, not a post-apocalyptic text].

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