Missing You Deeply

Missing You Deeply

Author:dan xi
Chapters:1138 | 2.3


After accidentally provoking a certain devil, she became his possession and lived a shameless and impatient life from then on ...... Legend has it that he was cold-blooded and ruthless in the shopping mall, but at home he doted on his beloved wife to the bone. One day the reporter interview: "Mr. Pei, do you have dissatisfaction with Mrs. Pei?" Mr. Pei's dark eyes narrowed lightly, to say unsatisfactory only ...... So, Mr. Pei said boldly: "Two hours of charging, lasting five minutes." Su Weiwei's cheeks quickly reddened, slander: this damn rogue! The reporter asked again, "Mrs. Pei, what about you?" Mrs. Pei replied through gritted teeth, "Charge for five minutes, last for two hours!" That night Mr. Pei persisted for four hours and then smiled evilly: "Is this satisfied now?"

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