Minister Family's Black Belly Woman

Chapter 526

Da'an army station is quiet. Tu Ying is wrapped in black and touches the water source of the garrison.

There was a river not far away from where Daan troops were stationed. The whole army used water from the river. Soldiers guarding the river patrol day and night to protect the safety of the river. They were afraid that someone would do something in the water.

At this time, the soldiers guarding the river did not find that someone had touched the river by taking advantage of the shade of night and vegetation. Because he was afraid that killing these guards would arouse the suspicion of Da'an Guo, Tu Ying could only crawl in the grass and quietly open the box in his arms.

There is no blue light in the eyes of Tu ran. As long as you help the queen finish the task today, you can also be regarded as a relief. You don't have to suffer from the inner suffering all the time.

Thinking, take out the jade bottle. As soon as the ice on the jade bottle touched his hand, it quickly spread upward along his fingers. It was only a moment, and Tu Ying's hand was covered with blue frost.

Tu Ying only felt that his internal power was rapidly consumed, and his mind began to become unclear. He looked a Lin, quickly opened the lid of the jade bottle, and was about to pour the contents of the jade bottle into the river.

Just at the moment of his action, dark shadows sprang out of the river, leaping up high and stirring up waves. At the same time, the black sleeve arrows shot at TU Ying's hiding place like lightning.

Tu Ying suddenly stepped back a few steps, avoiding a branch of sleeve arrows aimed at his vital point. He said in his heart that it was not good. Da'an kingdom had been on guard for a long time!

All of a sudden, a burst of air behind him suddenly sounded. Tu Ying wanted to avoid it, but because of holding the jade bottle in his hand, he was a little slow. The next moment, he felt a pain in his back and was shot by a feather arrow.

He narrowed his eyes and threw the jade bottle into the river. Although the people who know Da'an country have found out, he still has to insist on completing his task.

The jade bottle crossed a parabola and was about to fall into the river. Suddenly, a slender figure rose in the air like a sharp arrow leaving the string. The jade bottle was caught by the box thrown aside by Tu Ying, and the cover was suddenly closed, and the box was handed over to the bodyguards.

Tu Ying's pupil shrinks. It's too late to think about any action. Before long, Tu Ying faints. Before he is in a coma, he smiles bitterly. Although he hasn't finished the task, his life is returned to the queen.

However, he did not expect that, after a short time, he even woke up again, moved his limbs to get up, but found that he was tied up in all kinds of clothes.

Bai Li Jun Yi was accompanying Shen Ninghua to study what poison was contained in the jade bottle in the box. Suddenly, he heard his movement and turned his head and looked at it: "hmm? This is waking up. "

Shen Ninghua glanced: "this poison is really powerful. If we didn't just read it in the book of the imperial concubine, we would have suffered a lot this time." A small bottle can make the army of Da'an lose more than half.

Tu Ying moved his body and tried to kill himself by biting the poison sac in his teeth. However, he found that the poison sac had been removed. Moreover, he was still weak and could not kill himself by biting his tongue.

Bai Li Jun Yi looked at himself for a long time and couldn't help sneering: "you are the people around the empress Jin's, or she won't send you to do such an important thing."

Tu Ying was silent, and his empty eyes had no waves.

"If it's going to be light today, empress Jin should think you've got it. I'm afraid there will be an attack tomorrow. When that happens, I'll send someone to arrest her, and then you should be able to open your mouth."

Tu Ying's indifferent eyes finally moved. He turned to look at Bai Li Jun Yi: "you are the son of Princess Yun Qing, and you have something to do with Da Yue."

"Hehe, my mother's concubine has betrayed her country and left Dayao. I have nothing to do with it. It seems that you really care about empress Jin, and judging from your appearance, you should not be just her subordinates... "

Tu Ying closed his eyes and did not want to talk to Bai Li Jun Yi.

Bai Li Jun Yi didn't care: "you don't want to talk about the relationship with empress Jin. Can you say the relationship with Bu Linglong?"

Tu Ying did not move, but his closed eyes turned slightly.

Bai Li Jun Yi picked up the corner of his lips, and his heart already knew: "Ninghua, let's go. Empress Jin sent us such a big gift. We should prepare to return the gift."

The empress Jin sent people to inquire about the situation in Da'an kingdom until the spies reported that the garrison of Da'an kingdom made a fire for cooking in the morning, but at noon, the scale of the fire was reduced by two-thirds. With a smile, Jin stood up and looked at the generals waiting below: "send out the troops!"

With the roar of killing, the cavalry of the state of Yue led the army, followed by the infantry, and rushed towards the garrison of Da'an Kingdom like a tiger.

It seems that the vanguard troops of Da'an kingdom are scattered, retreating and fighting at the same time. In fact, they are constantly leading the soldiers of Da'an kingdom to go deep.

Bai Li Jun Yi has already set up an ambush with Han Qi, Qu Yi and others in advance, waiting for the army of the great Yue kingdom to step in.Shen Ninghua went up to the tower of Suicheng. Here, you can see the scene of two armies rushing to kill.

The sound of the horse's hooves is clanking, and the sound of the flag is strong. Even after such a long distance, it seems that we can still hear the sound of swords intersecting.

Qingque followed Shen Ninghua and put on a cloak for her: "Niang, let's go back. The wind is strong here, and the emperor will surely return triumphantly."

Looking far away, Shen can only see that the two armies are oppressed by each other, just like two torrents intertwined. The front one falls down and the back one makes up.

The battle lasted two days. Two days later, Baili Junyi returned to the station with a bloody smell.

Shen Ninghua had received the news and was waiting for him at the gate of the barracks.

Bai Li Jun Yi rode on his horse with armor on his horse. He jumped off his horse a few steps away from Shen Ninghua, and strode forward to hold him up: "Ninghua, we have won!"

Shen Ninghua laughed: "congratulations to the emperor."

Bai Li Jun's face was full of smiles, and his heroic fighting intention did not dissipate. The whole man was like a sword with iron and blood: "in this battle, the great Yue kingdom will not dare to offend our Daan again within ten years!"

His voice is full of confidence and pride. It is so powerful that people dare not give birth to any doubt.

Behind him, the black soldiers raised their halberds and spears and drank: "long live the emperor, long live, long live Da'an!"

Shen Ninghua thought that the war would win, but he didn't expect the result to be so amazing. Listening to the loud voice of soldiers, her eyes full of worship and pride, this is her husband, this is the emperor of Da'an!

In this battle, the army of the state of great Yue lost more than half of its strength, and about 20000 people were captured. In addition, due to the serious domestic consumption, it would take at least several decades to recover its strength.

The loss of the state of Dayue was so miserable that not only half of the personnel were injured, but also the few grains and grasses left were destroyed by Qu Yi and his men.

At the beginning, there were also personal guards who were protecting empress Jin and princess Yonghan. But after a few days, when it was difficult to eat, the loyalty of these guards gradually declined.

A few days later, on their way to escape, they were informed that Da'an Kingdom offered a reward to Princess Yonghan. As long as Princess Yonghan was handed over, Da'an kingdom would no longer pursue and kill the remaining men and horses of Dayue state.

Some of the guards moved their minds. They were loyal to the empress Jin, but they had little affection for the princess.

Hearing the news, bu Yonghan knelt down directly in front of empress Jin: "empress mother, you can save me. You can't hand me over."

The empress Jin was holding the memorial tablet of the emperor of the state of Yue in her arms. Her eyes were slightly stunned. When she heard her cry, she looked down at her and said, "this palace can't protect itself now. What can you do?"

"Empress mother, no, the whole state of Dayue is under your control. As long as we go back, we will certainly be OK. As long as we are finished, we will be able to fight against Da'an again and recover today's humiliation."

Jin's family suddenly burst out laughing, and finally he couldn't stop laughing. Bu Yonghan is afraid. She has never seen her mother like this.

After a while, Jin stopped smiling. She wiped the tears from her smile and looked at Bu Yonghan, who did not know why: "what do you think the empress mother relied on to control the state of Da Yue?"

"Naturally, it's because of her mother's intelligence..."

"No," Jin carefully wiped the memorial tablet in his hand with a handkerchief. "It's your father and emperor who can control the kingdom of Yue."

"Why, my father, he has never asked about government affairs. You are the master of many things..." Bu Yonghan did not say clearly, and his words were full of disapproval.

"Ha ha, you don't ask about government affairs. If he really didn't ask about anything, there would be no way to stand out among so many princes and become the monarch of the great Yue kingdom! Yonghan, you always thought that the Empress Dowager controlled the whole kingdom of Yue, but you never thought that the reason why the empress mother was able to do so was the connivance of your father. The empress mother has come to this day step by step. Without the acquiescence and support of your father, the empress mother would be nothing! "

Bu Yonghan shook his head: "no, it shouldn't be like this."

"At the beginning, if it wasn't for you and bu Jinglan, the empress mother would take your father back with him. Maybe he would not have died. Today, he would not have come to such an end!"

"No It's not like this. Mother, you have to think of a way. There must be other ways. "

"Go back." Jin looked at her indifferently, and there was no love in her eyes. "The water poured out by the married daughter has already become the De Qin Princess of Da'an kingdom. Since Da'an Kingdom has released the words, this palace has no reason to keep you."

Bu Yonghan's eyes flashed a trace of fear: "no, mother, I will not go..."

Jin's indifference to the outside bodyguard ordered: "come on, take the princess down, well tidy up, send the princess back."


Bu Yonghan is full of panic, pulled by Pro Wei, but constantly crying: "mother, I am wrong, I know wrong, you don't do this to me, I am your favorite daughter, you loved me so much before, why are you so cruel to me now?"Jin rubbed the memorial tablet in his hand and whispered in a soft voice: "emperor, my concubine has spoiled Yonghan..."

Bu Yonghan was sent to Da'an country overnight. Bai Li Jun Yi looked at Bu Yonghan with a trance and haggard face, and a cold smile appeared in the corner of his lips: "Ninghua, do you want to see how to deal with it?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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