Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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In the room, Shen Ninghua was in the midst of examining the account books when Bai Yan led the pale faced Madam Zhang in and said, "Princess, the Duke of Wei's wife has arrived."

Shen Ninghua raised her gaze, her attitude was neither warm nor fire as she replied, "Greetings Madam."

Zhang Shi looked solemn and solemn as she glanced at the maid beside her. With a stiff voice, she said, "Princess, I would like to talk to you alone."

"Bai Yan, you can leave now."

"Yes, princess."

Shen Ninghua got up and sat down on a nearby seat. She slowly opened her mouth and asked, "Madam, what would you like to talk about with me?"

Zhang Shi carefully stared at Shen Ninghua, the veins on her neck constantly bulging. Her voice tightened as she said, "Shen Ninghua, you treated those disabled commoners because you wanted to show it to me, didn't you? "Now that I'm here, you don't need to spend so much effort to probe me. Let me be honest, what kind of condition do you need to have to agree to save Ying'er?"

Shen Ninghua lowered her head and smiled. Her long eyelashes trembled as she asked, "What condition? Can I destroy the Zhao Family? "

Suddenly, her body tensed up, and she became like a bowstring, "Zhao Yunxiang caused the death of your mother, and you hate the entire Zhao Family? What's wrong with you? "

"Vengeance?" Shen Ninghua tilted her head and looked at her, "Killing the mother and eliminating the children and grandchildren of the Zhao Family is still not enough. Don't tell me that this hatred isn't enough for me?"

The corners of Lady Zhang's mouth twitched. "Rumor has it that Zhao Yunxiang is the most heartless person in the world. In my opinion, you're the most heartless." The commoners even spread the rumours that Shen Ninghua was a good person. With her vicious personality, where could she find a trace of kindness in them?

"Having been around for such a long time, naturally, I have learned a few of the Zhao Family's true inheritances. "If my birth mother had taught me since I was young, I would have been gentle and kind right now." Right now, her character was being forced out by the Zhao Family to bear the consequences. This was their retribution.

Mrs. Zhang was so angry that she couldn't control herself, but she had to remain calm on the surface. "What do you want to do before you agree to save our Little Sister?"

"You can let me save her, but you must agree to three conditions."

"What condition?" Mrs Zhang gritted her teeth. Shen Ninghua's conditions were bound to be very harsh, but as long as she could save her daughter, she would agree!

Whether it was Mrs Zhao or Mrs Zhang, they were ruthless to outsiders, but they indulged their own children to the utmost. They also developed a personality that made it hard for them not to know how high the heavens were and how deep the earth was. They truly did not know whether to love or harm them.

"The condition is very simple. First, Zhao Ruyun will marry the Fifth Prince, Baili Jinze. Secondly, all of the medicinal ingredients required for the treatment will be provided by you guys. In addition, you will have to pay me five hundred thousand silver taels.

"You …" Mrs Zhang's entire body trembled, "This is simply a lion's mouth! Zhuo'er is the direct descendant of the Zhao Family, and naturally of the Queen's lineage. If you let her marry the Fifth Prince, wouldn't that make the Empress and the Crown Prince suspicious? Also, where would I find five hundred thousand taels of silver? And lastly, who knows what kind of conditions you will propose in the future? "

"Zhao Ruyun set me up multiple times, constantly finding trouble with me. If it was anyone else, they would have wished for her to die long ago. I saved her life, allowing her to move as freely as a normal person, this is already something I am especially forgiving of.

She had already secretly invited the imperial physicians of the capital over, and even Chen Ying to attend to her. Unfortunately, no one could treat Ying'er, and if she hadn't personally witnessed Shen Ninghua curing a few people, she wouldn't have believed that a little girl could have such abilities. The person who could cure Ying'er was right in front of her. She couldn't afford to miss this opportunity:

"I can agree to it, but do you have a way to make the Fifth Prince willingly marry Lin'er?" Her daughter was too stubborn, while the Fifth Prince was gentle. Although his background was a bit lacking, such a person was easy to deal with. Xing'er wouldn't suffer any losses. After a good deal of conflict, the empress and the crown prince should be able to handle it.

A trace of a smile flashed quickly across Shen Ninghua's eyes. "I have my ways to get him to agree, don't worry."

Zhang Shi struggled in her heart for a long time before finally choosing the most advantageous path, "Okay, I promise you. But I will need a few days to raise the five hundred thousand silver taels. Write out the prescription first and I will prepare the ingredients in advance." As for the third condition, if Shen Ninghua brought it up too far, he would just go back on it!

Shen Ninghua nodded and said, "Sure. Bluebird, bring me the prescription that I wrote."

Seeing the Cyan Bird's attire, she remembered that this was the best out of Shen Ninghua's four maidservants. She never thought that she would hide herself in her room, afraid that she would harm Shen Ninghua. What a loyal dog!

When the cyan sparrow took the prescription, Zhang Shi stood up and took it from him with large strides.

Bluebird originally wanted to snatch the prescription away, but seeing Shen Ninghua shake his head at her, she took two steps back and stood next to her. "Miss, the prescription is very detailed. If the Zhao Family concocted it themselves, wouldn't that ruin your plans?"

"If the Zhao Family is really like this, then they are courting death." Shen Ninghua smiled confidently, "The herbs used for the prescription are all precious and great tonics. Mixing them together to make a medicinal bath can stimulate one's body's potential. However, the human body was extremely complex, and to stimulate one's potential was extremely difficult. One had to use a method of acupuncture to guide it. If the Zhao family were to use the medicinal formula without permission, they would only take Zhao Ruyun's life. "

"So Miss had already planned this out."

"Miss!" Hong Ling hurriedly ran in. "There's a lady surnamed Xia at the door, she said it's your aunt."

Shen Ninghua's expression shook a little. "They're finally here …" I'll go take a look. "

Xia Jingqiu sized up the surrounding scenery, her mouth full of praise. "Your Majesty really loves and adores Ning Hua. To actually bestow such a good courtyard, it really makes one envious." Xue'er, although Ning Hua is your younger cousin, you have to pay your respects to her. Don't forget your mother's teachings. "

The young girl observing the surroundings suddenly frowned. "Mother, although Ning Hua is my cousin, her status is higher than mine. I naturally know that I have to bow. If you remind me again, it would seem like I won't be polite."

Yang Yingxue pursed her lips and revealed a faint smile as she turned her head arrogantly.

Bai Yu's eyes swept over her smile, and an indescribable feeling surged up in his heart. To think that this Miss Yang's smile was somewhat similar to that of a princess …

Xia Jingqiu's heart was filled with pride. Back then, when the Xia Clan hastily married her to Yang Shang, she was extremely unwilling, but fortunately, Yang Shang treated her gently and doted on her. After that, she gave birth to Yang Yingxue and Yang Yingchao. When the Xia family was exterminated and Xia Jingyan passed away, the only thing left in her heart was complacency.

So what if Xia Jingyan was a devastatingly beautiful woman? So what if she was the precious daughter of the Xia family?

Shen Ninghua walked over and saw Xia Jingqiu and Yang Yingxue. A slight frown appeared on her forehead as she asked, "You are my mother's little sister, Aunt?"

Xia Jingqiu felt a burst of dissatisfaction in her heart. What kind of attitude was this? Did she think he was a liar? He wiped the corner of his eyes with the handkerchief in one hand and held Shen Ninghua's arm with the other, saying, "I assume you're Ning Hua, my poor child. You've suffered so much because you haven't had a mother to protect you for so many years."

Shen Ninghua knitted her brows, a trace of unease flashing across her eyes. Other than someone with a pure heart, she had always disliked being too intimate with others. Xia Jingqiu's actions made it difficult for her to adapt for a moment.

Bai Yu realized that Shen Ninghua was not feeling well, and immediately went forward to help Xia Jingqiu up. "Madam, don't cry anymore. Miss just passed away a few days ago. It's bad luck to have tears these days."

"Look at me. I was too excited to see Ning Hua and even forgot the rules. Come, Xue'er, come quickly and meet your cousin."

Yang Yingxue took two steps forward and bowed as she said, "Greetings cousin. This is the first time we're meeting today. Since we didn't have time to prepare a greeting gift, let's give these two bracelets to cousin." As he spoke, he took out two bracelets from his wrist.

"Cousin, you're too polite. You and I are cousins, so we treated each other like strangers." Shen Ninghua smiled, but her heart was full of curiosity. This was clearly her first time meeting Yang Yingxue, but she felt a sense of déjà vu.

Yang Yingxue pursed her lips slightly, "Cousin, you don't have to be so polite with me. How can you not greet me when we meet for the first time?" As he spoke, he pulled Shen Ninghua's wrist up, putting the jade bracelet on her wrist.

"Dingdang!" Yang Yingxue was stunned for a moment as she lowered her head to look at Shen Ninghua's wrist. She discovered that there was a bracelet on her wrist.

The jade bracelet was red, and it glittered with a jade-colored light. From a single glance, one could tell that it wasn't worth much. What was most surprising was that the warm touch of this bracelet was actually a piece of warm jade that was hard to find even if one sold it for tens of thousands of gold. Her bracelet, which she thought was valuable, was instantly demoted to the ground. It was as though a fish's eye had touched a ruby. The difference in height could be seen with a single glance. It was all thanks to the fact that she treated the fish eye as a treasure.

Xia Jingqiu moved slightly, stepping forward and holding Shen Ninghua's hand just in time to let her sleeve fall down, covering the jade bracelet on Shen Ninghua's wrist. "Ninghua, I presume you don't know yet, your uncle was transferred to the capital, we didn't have a place to settle here, we didn't know …"

Seeing that Xia Jingqiu had changed the topic, Shen Ninghua smiled slightly. "Right now, Grandmother and I are the only people living in County Governor Manor. Aunt and Cousin Sis can also accompany me if they come to stay for a while. Bi Zhu tidied up the courtyard and let Aunt and Cousin settle down. "

"Yes, miss."

When he returned to his room, Shen Ninghua frowned slightly, as if she had something on her mind that she couldn't get rid of.

Bai Yu stepped forward and said softly, "Miss, what's wrong with you? If you don't like Lady Xia, you can just let her stay there."

"No," Shen Ninghua shook his head. "Bai Yu, do you think that Yang Yingxue looks familiar? I keep having the feeling that I've seen her somewhere before."

"Miss, did you not realize that Yang Yingxue is very similar to Miss? Even her smile and actions are very similar to Miss's."

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