Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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In the capital city, the streets and alleys were filled with commoners. They gathered together to discuss in whispers the most lively scene of the day, the Prefecture Lord's Mansion.

"This gift from Vice Minister Shen is really valuable. That chest of gold and silver jewelry, I'm afraid it could even be used for a few years every day."

"That's nothing. You didn't see the wedding gift from Princess An Ning, that's what you call a rare and precious gift."

Many commoners gathered to fight for the treasures, as if they had all seen them with their own eyes.

Inside the Canton Courtyard, Shen Ninghua sat in front of a mirror. She removed the rest of her accessories and wore a simple white dress. After that, she draped her long hair over her shoulders.

Hong Ling carefully touched her hair and said in amazement, "Miss, some people say that her hair is as beautiful as silk. I don't believe it, but when I see your hair, I know it's wrong to say that. Your hair is like water, and I'm afraid my hands will be damaged if I touch it."

Shen Ninghua laughed at her teasing, "Seeing how sweet your mouth is today, it seems like you want to extort a big red packet from me."

"Of course not, I'm just speaking the truth."

"Sure, I believe you are sincere."

Bai Yan walked in with a tray and a pair of plain embroidered shoes. "Miss, the guests in the front courtyard have already been seated. Second Madam has asked this servant to invite Miss over."

Shen Ninghua put on her shoes, folded her hands slightly in front of her and said, "Let's go."

Due to the Shen family's matter previously, Shen Ninghua couldn't possibly have no elders when she was young, so she invited her second uncle Shen Liang and her second aunt Su to be the main guests. The two of them stood on the steps of the main hall, smiling as they looked at the figure slowly walking in.

Naturally, the guests who came to watch the ceremony had all heard of Shen Ninghua's beauty. However, when they thought of getting rid of all the decorations before they reached the age of fifty, many people had the thought of watching a good show. This was especially true for the young mistresses of some aristocratic families. They had always paid attention to their looks, and Shen Ninghua had stolen the title of the capital's number one beauty.

However, when Shen Ninghua appeared, everyone present was shocked. She was wearing a white robe with her hair loose. Other than that, there was nothing else on her body. However, her elegance did not diminish in the slightest. On the contrary, her lack of other accessories made her look even more shocking. All eyes were on her beauty.

She carefully drew her eyebrows with Dai Shi, and her two long brows made her pair of bright black eyes look like a pool of green water. It was as if the best color in the world was condensed within them, and there was nothing else that could be compared to them.

The ceremonial official was stunned for a few seconds before regaining his senses. He hurriedly raised his voice and said, "Let the guests take their seats. The wedding ceremony shall begin!"

Everyone returned to their senses and escorted Shen Ninghua into the main hall.

Su Shi sat in the main seat. The bluebird held the basin of water for her to wash her hands, and then she handed the comb over.

Shen Ninghua smilingly stepped forward and knelt on the already prepared prayer mat. "Thank you Uncle and Aunt for coming to help me host."

Su Shi smiled and looked at her: "The family doesn't talk about two things. My eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law are in trouble and can't personally come to help you complete your etiquette. You're the main character today, so you just need to sit there and enjoy your life. The other aunts have already arranged everything. "

Shen Ninghua revealed a sincere smile. In her previous life, she was practically transparent in the Shen family, and no one even remembered her due to her age, let alone celebrating so unrestrainedly. This regret had been made up for today.

"On the auspicious day of the month, start the Canadian Army uniform. Abandoning the wisdom of youth, he had become a deity. A longevity test is a blessing in disguise. "

In the midst of the ritual officer's singing, Mrs Su carefully coiled Shen Ninghua's long hair and used an exquisite jasper hairpin to coax it.

On the other hand, Shen Liang held up the red coronet and draped it over Shen Ninghua's body.

Shen Ninghua was dressed in luxurious clothing, and her piercing eyes were filled with an imposing aura. She was so beautiful that she could not be measured.

The guests couldn't help but praise him one after another, as their praises filled the entire hall.

With a smile on his face, the ceremonial officer loudly announced, "Praise, please come forward."

Everyone's eyes were focused on the entrance of the hall. All of the admirers were friends, brothers and sisters of the middle-aged. Shen Ninghua had invited her brother, Shen Xuanhua.

However, he hadn't thought that the person who'd come in wearing formal attire would be Princess An Ning.

"Ning Hua, you don't need to worry about me stealing your little brother."

Shen Ninghua smiled and said, "Not only do I not mind, I also want to thank you, Princess An Ning. This time, I've done well."

"Hur hur, you were the one who said that." Baili An walked forward, looking at her incomparably exquisite face, and couldn't help but sigh in his heart. No wonder his second royal brother was so obsessed with her. Her appearance was simply too captivating. As he was thinking, he gently held the jade hairpin. "Congratulations, Xiao Hua."

Shen Ninghua nodded her head in thanks before respectfully kowtowing in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

At this point, he had finally finished most of his "wedding".

"The imperial edict has arrived!"

Shen Ninghua had just finished saluting and hadn't even gotten up when the attendant who had issued the decree walked in with large strides.

Everyone hurriedly knelt down to receive the order.

"With the blessing of the heavens and the imperial edict, I am very pleased that Princess Yaohua managed to pass her years of age today. I have ordered the Internal Affairs Division to forge a hairpin as a congratulatory gift, forgetting that my son will be safe and sound in the future!"

This imperial edict was somewhat out of place. Rather than calling it a decree, it was more accurate to say that the Emperor wanted to say something to Shen Ninghua. Such a cordial tone made people more aware of Shen Ninghua's place in his heart.

"Thank you royal father. Long live your father, long live your father, long live your father, long live your father."

An attendant had already brought in a tray, and on the tray, a jade hairpin and pearl hairpin sparkled brilliantly. This crown was extremely luxurious, and it was unknown how much effort had been put into it in order to seamlessly combine these precious materials.

Madame Su stepped forward and carefully took the crown, helping Shen Ninghua put it on. All of a sudden, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth seemed to have been attracted over, causing everyone to feel as if a heavenly woman was descending from the sky.

The flattery during the banquet was especially loud. Even the Emperor had expressed his love for Shen Ninghua. No one dared to find trouble with Shen Ninghua at this time.

"The Crown Prince sends a congratulatory gift."

"His Highness the Crown Prince sends a congratulatory gift."

"Third Prince, Fourth Prince, Fifth Prince …."

After Baili Qingfeng's royal decree, the congratulatory gifts of the princes were sent out one after another. The crowd was stunned for a moment.

The great hall was filled to the brim with all sorts of rare treasures, causing one to be unable to take their eyes off them.

Baili'an, who was standing to one side, exclaimed in a low voice. Her brothers must have emptied a third of their personal storage. This gift was simply too astonishing.

The hall slowly quieted down. Many people stared at the door, curious to see how many gifts this princess would receive.

A loud and clear announcement sounded out:

"Shen Lingghan sends a congratulatory gift."

Shen Ling Han? Wasn't that Shen Ninghua's second sister, the one demoted to a commoner a while ago?

Immediately, many people's eyes filled with bewilderment, secretly sizing up Shen Ninghua's expression.

Shen Ninghua turned her head to signal for him to go out and deliver the congratulatory gift that Shen Lingghan had sent to him.

Shen Ling Han followed behind Bai Yu, her cheeks were slightly red, and she looked a little embarrassed and ashamed. With her pair of big watery eyes, she had a pitiful expression on her face.

Bai Yu handed over the tray in his hand and lifted the red cloth. On the tray, several handkerchiefs embroidered with orchids were neatly folded.

"Greetings elder sister." Shen Ling Han kneeled down and saluted, then looked up at Shen Ninghua in embarrassment, "Congratulations, big sister. I should have prepared a big present, but... "Because of the special circumstances, I can only send a handkerchief embroidered by my own hands. I hope elder sister does not mind, and that in the future, elder sister will have a successful journey."

There was a murmur of discussion from the crowd. This invitation naturally referred to the Shen family being demoted to civilians by the whole family. Only Shen Ninghua himself, who was rewarded by the emperor, was given the title of a county lord. Not only that, he even received countless precious gifts on the day of his wedding. This difference was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Especially those last words of Shen Linghan's, 'I wish you all the best'... Shen Ninghua was naturally a rising star, while her family was still living a miserable life. This kind of contrast made one think a little too much.

Shen Ling Han lowered her head, her eyes beaming with pride. The more people in the world sympathized with the weak, the more difficult it was for her to win, while Shen Ninghua was being pursued. The more humble she was, the more sympathy she could get from others.

Shen Ninghua watched her performance with cold eyes, the temperature in her eyes becoming increasingly colder. In this period of time, she had improved quite a bit. Although this move was simple and crude, it was still very effective.

If it was anyone else, they would have been caught unprepared. However, she was not an ordinary person and would not have been forced by Shen Linghan.

"I am already very happy that my sister came. Even if I were to give her a feather, I would cherish it. Why would I turn my back on her?" "Bai Yan, take your sister to the backyard for dinner."

Shen Ling Han looked up, her eyes filled with tears, "Big sister, there's no need to arrange a meal. I can say that I am too shy to do anything, and I don't dare to embarrass my big sister."

"What little sister said isn't right. Not to mention that right now you are only demoted to a commoner by the Emperor, even if you are wearing a criminal uniform, my prefecture still welcomes you here." If it were not for the presence of the various madam and young miss here today, I would definitely have arranged a seat for you. "

When everyone heard that, they suddenly understood. Shen Ling Han was not the person who wore sin, but Zhao Yunxiang was.

In accordance with the law of the Great An Dynasty, the mother was convicted and the children were not allowed to enter the court for three years. It was a great disgrace for Shen Linghan to come today. If she was allowed to sit at a table and have a meal with everyone, it would probably spread across the streets and alleys tomorrow.

This was a bit lighter, but if we were to go any deeper, the Emperor had just handed down his verdict on the Shen family. Today, everyone was going to enter the banquet together with Shen Ling Han. Was he expressing his dissatisfaction with the Emperor's judgement? Or had he thought of something else?

Although they wanted to watch a show, they didn't want to stir up any trouble.

Shen Ling Han's face turned pale. She stood far away and almost wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Someone from the crowd started to mock her, "Shen Lingghan, the lord princess is very magnanimous to be able to let you in, but you better not push yourself too far."

"Yeah, is this a place where anyone can come?"


Shen Ninghua got up and walked in front of Shen Lingghan. He took off an emerald bracelet from his wrist and handed it over to her. "Younger sister, please listen to my advice and let Bai Yan take you out for a meal. When the banquet is over, I'll go with you to see Father. Take this bracelet and treat it as my gift of gratitude to my sister. "

"No, how can I take your things?" Shen Ling Han's face was stiff, but she had no choice but to maintain her smile. If she lost her face now, she would lose her chance of turning around.

Shen Ninghua, however, looked at her with disapproval. "You two are sisters. I hate to see a bracelet being too thin. Don't reject it, quickly put it on."

As she said that, she grabbed onto Shen Ling Han's hand, intending to put the bracelet on her wrist. Shen Ling Han fiercely struggled as her sleeves slid down, revealing a small wrist. On each of her wrist was a beautiful jade bracelet made of glazed jade, faintly emitting light as it shook, showing that it was clearly worth a lot.

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