Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Chu Junyi's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her bright eyes. She forced herself not to laugh. She took out an envelope from her pocket and handed it over.

Shen Ninghua opened the envelope and inside was a thick stack of banknotes. The denomination at the top was a thousand taels. "Is this the profit of Jiangnan Hua Jun Medicine Company?"

"Yes, it's the profits from these three months. "We'll split it evenly. Twenty thousand silver for each of us. Not much, you go ahead and use it."

She only earned a fifth of the profit, making a profit of 40,000 silver taels in three months. But, don't forget, in these three months, Jun Hua Medicine Company had just opened up their store, and the fees for setting up their own trading companies were already huge. Even if these fees were removed, it would still earn them 40,000 silver taels.

Chu Junyi smiled. "I've been busy these past three months. I haven't really made any money, so why don't you have some pocket money for now."

Shen Ninghua unceremoniously kept it, "I'll be busy with my wedding ceremony for the next few days. I'm afraid I won't have much time to look at the others, so I'll have to trouble you."

Chu Junyi nodded with a smile. "Hmm. Don't worry. I will be here for the rest of my life. I won't waste any time. Leave the rest to me." Xiao Hua, have you thought about what I have to say carefully? Those berserk butterflies are all staring at you, if you want to not be disturbed by them, you should find yourself a flowerkeeper first. "

Shen Ninghua shot him a glance. He had just gotten down to business, but this man lost his composure once again. "If I want to find my home, I'll definitely give you priority. Alright then."

"Haha, that's what you said. I'll remember it." Chu Junyi was overjoyed. She got up and straightened her clothes before walking out of the room. "I'll go prepare a present for you. I'll be leaving first."

Shen Ninghua called for the Jade Pearl and gave her the banknotes to take care of. Then, she returned to her own courtyard to rest.

The next day …

Bai Yan stood by the desk and carefully blew the ink dry on the invitation written by Shen Ninghua before placing it in a box at the side. Hong Ling walked in with a dessert in her hands. "Miss, please eat and rest. This has been written for more than half a day."

Shen Ninghua shrugged and placed the brush to the side. "Today, I will finish writing the invitation. Tomorrow, send someone to deliver it to me."

"Yes, miss."

Shen Ninghua had just finished eating a piece of dessert when a woman came to the door and reported, "Princess, the young mistress of the Xiao family is here to pay a visit."

The young mistress of the Xiao family? Xiao Huan Xi? Why would she come here …

"Invite her to the parlour, I'll go there after I change."

"Yes, princess."

Xiao Huan Xi followed the maid who was leading the way as they walked through the front yard and into the Flower Hall. She looked around at the magnificent scenery and sighed in her heart.

When Shen Ninghua arrived, she was sitting on a side seat in the parlour drinking tea.

At this moment, she wore a faint smile on her face, causing her exquisite face to appear even more amiable and enchanting. She didn't have the slightest haughtiness on her face like the other young misses, only giving people the feeling that the jade pearl was radiant and warm without any flaw.

The servant girl beside her happily chatted with her, feeling flattered.

Shen Ninghua's gaze paused for a moment before he walked into the parlour. "I've made Miss Xiao wait for a long time."

The pupils of Shen Ninghua's eyes shrunk like needles as she looked over. Shen Ninghua was dressed in a golden muslin dress with a white dress embroidered with white butterflies and flowers. Although it was an eye-catching outfit, it was in contrast with her beautiful face.

Xiao Huan Xi stood up and bowed, "Greetings, Princess Zhao Hua." Her voice was gentle and measured, like pearls or jade, clear and pleasant to the ear.

Shen Ninghua supported her and said, "Miss Xiao, please forgive me for not welcoming you."

The two secretly sized each other up. In just a short period of time, their thoughts had already turned back and forth a few times.

"I wonder why Miss Xiao suddenly came?"

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Xiao Huan Xi's face, "Nothing much, I just heard that the princess and big brother Jun Yu have a good relationship, but I've never come to visit the princess before. Furthermore, your wedding is about to be held, let me see if there's anything I can do to help."

"Even though the ceremony is tedious, we still have the help of the Internal Affairs Division. There isn't much work for me to do, but I still have to thank Miss Xiao." A gentle smile appeared on Shen Ninghua's face as he softly spoke.

Xiao Huan Xi smiled as she played with the silk bracelet on her wrist. She looked a bit uncomfortable as she said, "I was overthinking it. Please forgive me, Princess."

"How can that be? I can't thank Miss Xiao enough for coming here to inquire about it. When I see your brother another day, I will definitely express my thanks." "Bai Yan, go and get the invitation I wrote." After waiting for Bai Yan to pass the invitation over, Shen Ninghua took it over and passed it to Xiao Hanxi. "It's my honor to be able to invite Miss Xiao to watch this. Please give me your appreciation."

Seeing that the invitation card was so soft and yet not filled with calligraphy, Xiao Huan Xi praised, "What a good handwriting! Since the words were appropriate, I could be considered to have witnessed it. This word had a character of its own, not to mention a princess. I will definitely come to the wedding, and then I will personally present the gift. It's getting late, so I won't disturb the princess any longer.

Shen Ninghua got up and walked her to the door. Only then did he turn around and return to his seat. His eyes were filled with playfulness.

"Miss, this young mistress of the Xiao family suddenly came to visit. Why does it feel so strange?" Bai Yu frowned.

"This person is not simple." "Logically speaking, if she came to my place, not only would she not pay a visit in advance, she would at least bring a greeting card with her. After all, I am the princess bestowed by the Emperor, and she had someone report me to come straight in. Firstly, she relied on the power of the Xiao family, and secondly, she wanted to tell me that my position as a county lord was not fair."

Bai Yu was startled, and immediately understood. "That's right, this servant forgot about that. If it were any other princess, she wouldn't have dared to be so rude to me." "I think he was right, he knew that Miss wouldn't make a big deal over this."

"That's right. Moreover, when I come, she would respectfully bow to me. If I were to flare up, I would appear to be too petty." Shen Ninghua picked up the cup of tea and took a sip.

"Furthermore, she said that it was because I had a personal relationship with Chu Junyi that she decided to come and see if I could help prepare for the wedding." Besides, she said that it was because Chu Junyi had a personal relationship with me, so she kindly came to see if I could help with the wedding. "Firstly, she wanted to tell me that she knew about my relationship with Chu Junyi, and secondly, she wanted to hint at the decline of my family. Secondly, she wanted to tell me that she knew about my relationship with Chu Junyi, and secondly, she wanted to hint at the decline of my family.

Bai Yan was so surprised that he didn't know what to say. "I really didn't know that there was such a profound meaning behind this."

"There's a lot of things you didn't think of." Seeing how she was being humiliated, Shen Ninghua laughed, "You saw that bracelet she was playing with just now, right? That silk entangled jade bracelet is a product of Jiangnan's Myriad Treasures Store."

Bai Yan was puzzled. "Miss, so what if it's from the Treasure Pavilion?"

"Don't you understand? "The items from the Myriad Treasures Store are sold in pairs. The bracelet and a silk wrapped jade pendant are a pair for the purpose of making love between men and women. I presume that jade pendant is with Chu Junyi."

Bai Yu was still in a bit of a daze, but Hong Ling suddenly understood and cried out: "Miss, that Xiao Huan Xi came to declare war on you? She fell in love with her sworn brother? "

Shen Ninghua nodded her head in amusement. "I didn't think that you would be the first one to guess. You're actually more spirited than Bai Yu."

Bai Yu glared at Hong Ling. "Miss, then how should we deal with this? Xiao Huan Xi and Chu Junyi had been together for many years, so naturally, their relationship was very close. If Xiao Huan Xi were to say bad things about the Lady, it was likely that Chu Junyi wouldn't secretly cause trouble for the Lady … "

Before Bai Yan could finish his sentence, Hong Ling burst out in laughter. "Haha, big sister Bai Yan, why are you so stupid!"

"I'm worried for the young mistress right now, why are you interrupting me!" Bai Yan pinched Hong Ling's ears, his face filled with anger.

Hong Ling quickly shook herself off, rubbing her ears and laughing non-stop, "No wonder Brother Liu Yun is so helpless all the time. If I were to meet big sister Bai Fei like this, I would be so worried to death."

Bai Yu was about to pinch her, but Hong Ling stopped herself, "Don't do anything, don't do anything. Sister Bai Ji, did you not realize that Chu Junyi likes our young mistress? That's why Xiao Huan Xi came to embarrass her."

Bai Yu was stunned. After pondering for a long moment, he thought of something. "So it's like that."

Shen Ninghua couldn't help laughing out loud. Bai Ning Hua was good in every way, calm and meticulous in her treatment of emotions, but she had been pursuing Liu Yun for a whole year now, and she could feel it. She didn't know what to say to him.

"Alright, since she has chosen to use such an obscure method, she must have her own misgivings and temporarily doesn't need to bother about her." "Hong Ling, have you found the person I told you to look for?"

"Miss, please ask me to find the paralyzed ones. I will find a total of five people according to the conditions."

"En, alright. Arrange for those people to come to the Snowfall Pavilion next to the servants' rooms. Tonight, I will begin to treat them."

Hong Ling walked up and carefully asked, "Miss, do you plan to use this to heal these people to attract the Zhao family?"

Shen Ninghua nodded and said with certainty, "Yes, you're really getting smarter and smarter."

Hong Ling giggled. "I'll get people to clean up those people and wait for Miss to make a move."

A trace of a smile flashed across Shen Ninghua's eyes. Zhao Ruyun had been injured by a rock on the ground when she fell from a high place, so she couldn't move. The delay was not short either. Wanting to cure her was actually not easy.

However, she just so happened to have an extremely effective acupuncture technique in her hands. When combined with pills and soup, although she couldn't remove the root, it could at least allow her to move around freely. It all depended on what the Zhao and Zhang families were willing to exchange for. Previously, they had taken advantage of the Xia Clan's property, but now that she had a handle on it, she had to hand over something in exchange.

Xiao Huan Xi frowned as she returned to her house. Just as she entered, she was met with a cold stare. She immediately froze on the spot. "Big brother?"

"Where did you go?" Xiao Feng was clad in black, her sword-like eyebrows were like mountains, and her body was emitting a biting cold aura.

"I didn't go anywhere …"

Xiao Feng twisted the center of her brows, a trace of disapproval could be seen on her cold face as she said, "Don't go look for trouble with Shen Ninghua again."

"Big Brother, I'm not!" Xiao Huan Xi quickly said.

Xiao Feng Jue stood up and walked out without the slightest hesitation, "There is no next time."

Xiao Huan Xi bit her lips until they bled.

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