Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


Shen Ninghua frowned. She had just brought the Xiao family home, yet the Zhao family had come to visit. This news was really well-informed. It seemed that the mansion's servants had to properly sort it out, so that some people would not be able to recognize who was the master!

"Let's go take a look."

Within the Songtao Courtyard, Matriarch Zhao didn't feel awkward staying in other people's residences at all. She sat on the golden silk sandalwood chair, her expression exceptionally unsightly. Mrs. Zhang, who was standing next to her, had an arrogant expression on her face. She led a room full of maids and scolded in a dissatisfied tone, "How did you all become servants? As a maid, do you not know how to serve others? "He really has no rules."

Shen Ninghua strode in. Surprisingly, no one wanted to report her arrival, and all of them had their heads lowered as they listened to Lady Zhang's lecture. Shen Ninghua's eyes turned cold, "Aunt, are you dissatisfied with the maidservants of the Prefecture Lord's Mansion? "Speaking of which, these people were all given to me by the Emperor from the Department of Internal Affairs. If they were bought from outside, I would have definitely dismissed them all."

Zhang Shi's eyes flashed with disgust as she raised her head to look at the elegant Shen Ninghua. "Are you looking down on me for talking too much?"

"Why would the Countess think that? I didn't say that. " Shen Ninghua walked over to a nearby chair and sat down, and Bai Yan immediately brought a cup of tea over.

Shen Ninghua lifted the teacup and lightly sipped on it. She lowered her head and took a sniff of the tea's fragrance, her posture appearing exceptionally elegant and refined.

Madam Feng suddenly hammered the ground with the cane in her hand, and spoke with a cold expression: "Is this your upbringing? How could he address his aunt as the wife of a duke? You don't even know how to greet your elders? "

Shen Ninghua raised his gaze and smiled mockingly, "I remember that in the past, Matriarch Zhao had said that I wasn't qualified to call you Grandmother. "Oh right, I have to remind you. First, I am your sovereign, and then I'm an elder. Now that I'm the emperor's adopted daughter and have personally bestowed rewards upon you, it's time for you all to pay your respects to me!"

He was now enemies with the Zhao Family and there was no need for him to maintain the peace on the surface. Moreover, this Matriarch Zhao was the one who relied the most on her seniority. If she had submitted and acknowledged her as her grandmother, she would have forced her to serve tea in the future! Ever since she had left the Zhao Family, she did not want to swallow her anger.

Madam Feng's face sank, the flesh on one side of her face quivering. Shen Ninghua was of the first rank, but this rank was also very rare. Which official of the first rank would dare to challenge a member of the Royal family? Even if the other party only serves the emperor's servants, you still have to serve him well.

"Ninghua, you are a princess, but Old Madam Xiao is your biological grandmother. Is this how you treat her?" Madam Feng said, using her eyes to signal Madam Zhang.

Mrs Zhang quickly walked to the front of the bed and lifted the quilt from her body. A foul stench immediately spread out, causing people to frown uncontrollably.

Shen Ninghua raised his head and coldly looked at the terrified maids before slapping the table and said, "How dare you!"

The maidservants hurriedly kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, "Your servant is guilty. I ask that the princess punish me."

Shen Ninghua's expression was cold as she replied, "I told you to serve Grandmother, but you didn't even do such a small thing well. You still have to wait for Matriarch Zhao and the Duke of Wei to point it out, I don't dare to use this kind of slave. Bluebird, take out the indenture contract for these few people. I'll immediately report this to royal father and send them back to the Internal Affairs Division."

"Princess, please spare our lives. When Matriarch Zhao and Matriarch He entered the room, the servants were preparing to clean up the mess for the Countess, but they insisted on not letting the maidservants do it. They had to wait for the princess to come up with her theories and theories, so they were delayed."

Shen Ninghua turned to look at Madam Feng with a puzzled expression. "Matriarch Zhao, why didn't you allow these servants to make a move just now?" "I was just thinking, since Grandmother had just returned for less than an hour, even if the maidservants had been negligent, it should still have taken some time. Why are you toiling so much for me to deal with it?"

She didn't think that Shen Ninghua would be so unyielding. Originally, she had thought that by manipulating the rumors in the capital, she would be able to put the reputation of being unfilial to her, but before she could make a move, she heard that Shen Ninghua had brought back the Xiao Clan. How could she say that she was unfilial?

In any case, the Xiao family already did not know how to speak, and the crime was still to be said as she pleased. It was a pity that this Shen Ninghua did not give in at all, and did not even want to show his reputation. He actually wanted to take back the maid that was sent by the Internal Affairs Division with great fanfare!

Seeing Madam Feng's constantly changing expression, Shen Ninghua's heart was filled with joy. She picked up the cup of tea and drank a mouthful at a time.

Lady Zhang couldn't bear to see her so arrogant. She said, "Princess, as the foster daughter of the emperor, you should cultivate everything to the point where you don't care about the reputation of the imperial family. You should pay extra attention to everything you say and do."

When Shen Ninghua heard this, she placed the teacup on the table. The bottom of the teacup made a muffled bang when it came into contact with the table. She lifted her eyes, moved her shoulders slightly, and straightened her back. A cold, inviolable nobility gushed out from her cold eyes.

She looked at Shen Ninghua in surprise, but managed to hold on for a few seconds before she turned her head to avoid her line of sight. The aura and aura she exuded made it so that no one dared to look her straight in the eyes.

Not to mention the Zhang Clan, even the Feng Clan was stunned.

Feeling that it was about time, Shen Ninghua finally spoke up, "Madam Duke of Wei, my words and actions came from the Imperial Family's teachings, so there's no need for you to worry. Oh right, I forgot. Is Zhao Ruyun alright?"

Zhang Shi abruptly raised her head, suppressing the trembling in her heart as she maintained her bearing, "Very good, there's no need for you to worry."

Shen Ninghua gave a slight smile, the corner of her lips curving into a perfect curve. "That's good. The two of you probably aren't used to my County Lord Manor's meals, so I won't be keeping the two of you here."

Madam Feng suppressed the anger in her heart and took a deep breath. She stood up and quickly left with Madam Zhang and the maidservants behind her.

Shen Ninghua's cold gaze swept across the kneeling maids. Her deep gaze seemed to be able to see through the hearts of others. Several maids were drenched in cold sweat as they lay trembling on the ground.

"These people are dereliction of duty. Bring their staff down and punish them for twenty years. Have everyone in the residence come and watch the punishment."

"Yes, miss." The cyan sparrow waved its hand, and a few of the women came forward and grabbed the crying maid.

"Grandmother, I kindly received you over here to support you, so you can rest in peace. It's best if you stay still, since the hatred between the Zhao Family and me is deep, we won't even need to fight each other for a long time, so you should watch a good show and maybe even see the day the Zhao Family is exterminated."

With that, Shen Ninghua turned and walked out of Songtao Court.

Bai Yan took the cloak and put it on her, "Miss, was that scene just now manipulated by the madame?" She already couldn't move, so how could she have so many thoughts?

Shen Ninghua tightened the cloak on her body and said, "She can't move her body, but her mind is still very active. She can't talk and there's still a speaking Xue Zhu. I was just testing her out a bit just now, but looking at Mrs Xiao's performance, she's really involved in this matter."

Bai Yu let out a sigh. "What a woman. She can't even move. Wouldn't it be great if she lived for a long time?"

The older a person is, the more obsession he has in his heart. Take Bi Zhu and clean up all the servants and servants in the Songtao Court.

"Yes, miss."

Shen Ninghua raised his head to look at the sunset. The red sky seemed to be covered by flames, turning bright red. Now that she had her own residence, the next step was to turn this place into an iron bucket.

When Madam Feng returned to the Zhao Family, she invited the imperial physician that very day. After Mrs Zhang returned to the courtyard, she first went to see Zhao Ruyun. Looking at her daughter lying on the bed, who was as thin as a stick, her heart felt as if it had been stabbed with a knife.

Zhao Ruyun blankly stared at the top of the bed as if he didn't hear the voice beside him.

Zhao Ruyun finally had a reaction. She stiffly moved her neck and barely turned her head. Her sunken eye sockets stared blankly as she said, "Scram!"

Zhang Shi bit her lips. "Ying'er, I'm your mother..."

"Scram!" Zhao Ruyun screamed, and his appearance became even more terrifying.

Shen Ninghua naturally knew some things about the Zhao Family. The news of Zhao Ruyun going crazy even came from time to time.

At this moment, she held the book and carefully read the pages. Feeling thirsty, she called out, "Bai Yan, serve tea."

Footsteps sounded as a cup of tea was placed beside him.

Shen Ninghua paused when she smelled the fragrance of the tea. It wasn't her cup of scented tea. She quickly raised her head and met Chu Junyi's smiling face.

"Why are you here again?"

Chu Junyi had spent the last few days reporting in and reporting on the event, and she had treated the place as if it were her own residence.

"It's been a long time since we last met. Naturally, I'm here to see you."

Shen Ninghua rolled her eyes at him. "If you have something to say, then say it. If you have nothing else to say, then hurry up and leave."

"Sigh." Chu Junyi sighed, clutching her chest as she sighed. "She's so heartless."

Shen Ninghua frowned and gave him a cold glare. "Bluebird, see our guest out."

"Wait, I only came because I have something important to attend to."

Shen Ninghua motioned for the bluebird at the entrance to withdraw, then she raised her teacup and took a sip. "What's the matter?"

Chu Junyi sighed with emotion. After such a long period of time, this black girl was still as cold as jade, unable to come up with a solution, "First of all, the things you wanted me to investigate had been investigated thoroughly by me. Ever since Shen Dong moved to the outskirts of the city, the servant girl served by the Xiao family was bribed by the Zhao family, and she was the one who secretly drugged the Xiao family.

Shen Ninghua nodded. That day, when she smelled the medicine on the ground, she sensed that something was wrong. She didn't expect it to be the doing of the Zhao Family.

"The second thing, I'll send you the money."

Shen Ninghua's eyes suddenly lit up.

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