Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Looking at Shen Lingghua's retreating back, Shen Ninghua smirked and looked at her with an indifferent expression. She didn't want to bother with Shen Lingghan right now, but if she came here to seek death, she wouldn't mind cleaning herself up.

The house that Shen Dong rented was not too big, and the original Shen family couldn't even hold a single person. Mrs Xiao was still better off as she lived alone in a room in the east wing.

When Shen Ninghua arrived at the door, she coincidentally bumped into the Sixth Madame who had just come out of her room.

When the Sixth Madame saw Shen Ninghua, she suddenly froze for a moment. "Young miss."

Shen Ninghua nodded and walked past her into the room. The furnishings in the room were quite clean. There were only broken pieces of porcelain scattered on the floor and the smell of medicine wafting out. Shen Ninghua's nose moved a little and her eyes turned cold.

"How is Grandmother these days?"

Hearing the voice, Lady Xiao turned her head, her turbid eyes wide open. Other than her arms, she was completely unable to move. Even when she spoke, she could only vaguely spit out a few words, "Ning …" "Condensing Flowers …."

"Grandmother, you don't look too good. That's true. After all, this place can't be compared to the Shen Residence. How can I live comfortably here?"

With much difficulty, Lady Xiao raised her hand and waved it in the air for a long time. Finally, she grabbed onto the hem of Shen Ninghua's clothes. Good granddaughter … Belt... "Take me with you..."

Shen Ninghua looked down at her withered fingers and sighed emotionally, "Although His Majesty allowed me to leave the Shen family, I still have the blood of the Shen family on me. Since Grandmother was willing to follow me back, I'm naturally extremely happy.

"Yes, Princess."

A ray of light flashed through Madam Xiao's murky eyes. She grabbed Shen Ninghua's hand and shook it. She wanted to pull out a smile, but only drool flowed from her face. She did not succeed.

When the Sixth Madame, who had been standing by the door, heard Shen Ninghua's words, she couldn't help but run in after some thought. She kneeled on the ground and said, "Eldest Miss, please take Yulan away as well."

Shen Ninghua lowered her eyes and looked at her. "Hong Ling, help the Sixth Madame up. Although her identity is that of a concubine, she has served her father for so many years. I can't accept this bow of yours."

No, Young Miss, this servant knows that there is nothing that Eldest Miss thinks of right now, but seeing that Shen Yulan still has some use, you should take her away. Although Yulan has a reckless personality, she is still young and innocent. Shen Ninghua was already a princess. Relying on the love the emperor had for her, she could also become a dragon in the shape of a phoenix. Even if she were to use Shen Yushi Lan to rope in a good relationship, it would definitely be better for her than staying here.

The Sixth Madame was quite smart. She didn't say anything about the bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood, but the word 'useful' was rather pleasing to the ears. "Sixth Madame's heart is filled with love for her daughter, but I'm afraid that Yulan won't be able to understand this feeling."

"No, Yulan is much more sensible now. As long as First Miss sends someone to teach her, she will definitely listen to him."

Shen Ninghua did not speak. Instead, she raised her head and looked towards the door.

Shen Yu Lan ran in indignantly, and upon seeing the Sixth Madame kneeling on the ground, her eyes flashed with disgust and disdain: "Aunt, what are you doing? Why are you kneeling down? Hurry up and get up. "

Sixth Madame's face paled. "Yulan, kneel down. I beg your eldest sister to let her carry you back."

"Beg her? Auntie, you're crazy, I'm not asking her to do that. Although my father has been reprimanded, he will definitely be able to rise again. I don't want to follow a bereaved star. You better hurry up, don't embarrass yourself here. " The Sixth Madame paled, her heart filled with desolation. She was kneeling on the ground, begging a young girl for her daughter's future, but her own daughter was looking down on her, even calling her "Aunt!" She was her own mother!

Shen Ninghua's eyes became increasingly indifferent. "Sixth Aunt, it seems like she isn't as sensible as you claimed."

"Eldest Miss, listen to me …"

"This hairpin is worth at least five hundred taels of silver. You can sell it to earn some silver to protect yourself, or you can bring it to my prefecture lord's mansion to seek help when you're in a good mood. If I'm in a good mood, I'll help you out."

The Sixth Madame opened her mouth but still wanted to plead, but when she met Shen Ninghua's emotionless eyes, she forcefully swallowed the words that were about to escape her lips back down her throat. She knew that Shen Ninghua being able to give her this golden hairpin was due to the fact that she could still be considered smart. If she was not tactful, it would most likely arouse some people's disgust.

Seeing that she understood his meaning, Shen Ninghua nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to leave the room. She was willing to deal with smart people, and if the Sixth Madame was determined to teach Shen Yulan a lesson, she wouldn't mind helping her.

Shen Dong didn't personally send Shen Ninghua off. He just stood at the entrance of the main hall and looked in the direction of the yard's gate. Shen Ninghua instructed Bi Zhu to give him a thousand taels of silver before leaving the courtyard.

Upon seeing Shen Ninghua come out from the carriage, Shen Xuanlin who was watching over the passing of time let out a hearty laugh and hurriedly jumped down from the carriage to welcome him. The cyan sparrow stopped him, preventing him from moving.

Shen Ninghua got on the horse carriage and flicked his forehead a few times. "You still have the skin of a monkey right now. Do you feel any pain from the wounds on your body?"

"It doesn't hurt anymore. It doesn't hurt at all when I see big sis."

"Did I become a painkiller?" Shen Ninghua was amused by this as her eyes brimmed with a smile.

Shen Xuanlin clutched his forehead which was riddled with bullets, a foolish expression on his face, causing everyone who looked at him to unconsciously relax.

Returning to the princess' mansion, Shen Xuanlin curiously looked around, his eyes were filled with surprise, "Big sister, this place has changed a lot."

"Hmm, do you have a courtyard that you like? Pick one for yourself."

Shen Xuanlin's eyes lit up, "I want to go to Qinxue Residence."

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow. "Why did you pick that place?" That was Shen Ling Han's previous residence.

"Because Qinxue is right next to elder sister's Moon Welcoming Residence."

Shen Ninghua smiled. "I don't live in Moon Facing Hall anymore. Instead, I live in the main hall, Rui Xi Hall. I'll let you live there."

Being able to live in the courtyard that elder sister used to live in, Shen Xuanlin smiled so much that even his teeth could no longer be seen. "Thank you elder sister."

"Don't just focus on being happy. Liu Yun can continue to be your master and teach you martial arts. Also, you must finish writing the big words for your daily practice. You must not relax." Shen Ninghua said in a serious tone.

"Yes, Big Sis, don't worry. I will definitely do it."

After Shen Xuanlin had made the arrangements, the people who came to pick up the Xiao family had returned. Shen Ninghua arranged for the Xiao family to stay at Songtao Garden as usual and ordered the maids to take good care of them. She did not have any ill feelings towards the Xiao family, but she definitely did not have any feelings for them.

Just as she reached the door of the study, she felt an aura emanating from within. Frowning, she pushed open the door and saw Chu Junyi leaning against the soft couch, reading a book.

When Chu Junyi heard the commotion, she put down the bored book in her hands. "You're finally back. I've been waiting for a long time."

"What are you doing here?"

Shen Ninghua sat down on a chair to the side. "Do you still need this little bit of joy from me?" After hearing that your good fortune is nearing, the Xiao family intends to betroth their eldest daughter to you.

Chu Junyi pursed her lips and looked at her beautiful face. With a gentle smile, she asked, "What's wrong? Are you jealous?"

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow. "I've always hated things that are sour, and people are the same as well. Don't mind me, I don't want to get dirty with anything."

Chu Junyi looked down at her spotless clothes. "I don't have a speck of dust on me. How am I unclean?"

Shen Ninghua's gaze swept across the scented sachet on his waist, a trace of her presence evident.

Chu Junyi took off the scented sachet and asked with a frown, "Is there something wrong with this scented sachet?"

"It's not a big problem. It's just that it will slowly weaken your body. Your martial arts are strong, so the contents of this scented sachet will not affect you for a short period of time."

She didn't have a deep impression of Chu Junyi in her previous life. She only remembered that this Duo Jue young master was extremely talented, and that he had indeed been recognized by the emperor for a period of time. The fifth prince had tried to rope him in, but later on, he seemed to have heard that Chu Junyi's health wasn't good and had gone to the capital to recuperate.

Initially, he had thought that Han Li had hidden away and did not wish to participate in the struggle between the princes. Now, it seemed that it wasn't the case. Could it be that someone had truly laid their hands on him?

"What will happen if I wear it for a long time?" Chu Junyi played with the scented sachet with her fingers. Her expression didn't look too good, but the killing intent in her eyes was clear.

"It contains plants that emit cold energy. If you use them well, you will be able to use them twice the effect with half the effort. If you don't use them well, it will damage your foundation and harm your body."

Chu Junyi narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous light flashed in them. "Ninghua, I owe you one more time. I really don't know how to repay you. How about you repay me with your life?"

Shen Ninghua glanced at him and said, "If I had known that you would start being so dishonest so quickly, I wouldn't have told you about the scented sachet."

"Haha, you're always so petty." Just like an angry cat, his hair would stand on end from the moment he touched it. To say that a cat was inappropriate, she should be a tiger. A tiger that could kill a person with one slap.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, I won't entertain you."

Chu Junyi sat by herself, paying no heed to Shen Ninghua's order to see her off. "I have important news to tell you."

"What news?" After spending some time with her, she had come to understand that Chu Junyi had some sort of special source behind her. She knew many secrets that could be discovered.

"There is still someone alive in your grandfather's family."

"Xia family?" Shen Ninghua was surprised. Back then, the Xia Family had been framed as traitors, and their punishment was a heinous crime that had been executed by the entire family. Other than the married Xia Jingyan, who else survived?

"Speaking of which, you should call her aunt. She is the daughter of Xia family's concubine and is sister to your mother. At that time, she made a mistake and hastily married to a sixth grade release officer, but she actually escaped. Just a few days ago, her husband was promoted and transferred to the capital.

Shen Ninghua frowned, "How could there be such a coincidence?" She had just moved into the princess' palace and was preparing to leave for the next day when she found some relatives of the Xia family.

"Speaking of which, it's really quite a coincidence. I've been investigating for a long time, but I still haven't found out who was behind this. It's as if it's really just a normal official transfer." Chu Junyi sipped on her tea and spoke with interest.

"I understand. Let's wait for them to return to the capital before we do anything else."

As soon as they finished speaking, Bai Yu, who was at the door, knocked and walked in with an anxious expression on his face. "Young mistress, Matriarch Zhao is here to visit the madame!"

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