Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


After the New Year, the capital, which had been silent for a long time, began to become lively once more. It had been three months since the end of the plague in Jiangnan. The citizens seemed to have gotten out of the haze of the plague and no longer mentioned it from time to time.

At this moment, in the southeastern part of the capital, at the gates of Shen Mansion, there was a large crowd of spectators, occasionally pointing out to them.

At the top of the red lacquer door, there was a golden red plaque with the words "Royal House of Shen" that had been tied up with a rope. After a slogan, it was abruptly pulled down.

The heavy plaque fell on the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust and causing the people to cry out in alarm. The guards at the entrance, however, paid no attention to them. The two of them casually pulled away the broken signboard.

Soon, six people came carrying a red silk plaque with serious expressions. The guard guarding the door quickly cleaned up the area and hung the sign up slowly with cautious movements.

The commoners stared at the red cloth with curiosity. Three months ago, the Shen family had been demoted by the emperor to a commoner, and their property was taken into the treasury. The imperial palace was also taken back by the royal family. At that time, many people came to watch the search. It took them three whole days to finish moving all the gold and silver pieces, which made everyone speechless. In three years, the Procurator's House would have a hundred thousand taels of snow silver, not to mention the Shen family who had been the prime minister for six years.

After the signboard was set up, someone immediately went forward to hang the long firecrackers. After the gong sounded, a loud voice sounded, "Your Majesty ordered that Princess Zhao Hua places great importance on filial piety and thoughts of old friendship. She specially bestowed the former residence of the Shen family upon the princess as her mansion, to present her with this letter!"

The sounds of firecrackers rang out in his mind. The eardrums of the commoners kneeling on the ground, listening to the imperial edict, went numb.

In the capital, who didn't know of Princess Guanghua's reputation? Not only was she beautiful, she was also kind-hearted and had helped so many people in Jiangnan. A few days ago, the people of Jiangnan had specially sent a umbrella over them.

At the corner of the street, there was a girl wearing ordinary clothing and a veil. She was staring at the silk cloth on the plaque, the hatred and anger in her eyes wanting to burn it down. Back then, she was caned 20 times in the palace, and her injuries were very serious. She had to rest for 3 months before she was able to move freely, but her legs and back were still riddled with wounds. Every time she looked at those scars, she really wanted to grind Shen Ninghua's bones into ashes.

A team of escorts approached, and the civilians quickly moved to the sides of the road. Shen Ling Han was stomped on by someone, and cursed angrily as she pushed that person away. When she raised her head again, she just happened to see Shen Ninghua getting off the luxurious carriage.

In these three months, Shen Ninghua's appearance had become even more beautiful. She wasn't wearing the princess' attire, but a simple, water-blue, embroidered peony dress, and the ornaments on her head were even simpler. She only used a white, carved jade hairpin to pull up her hair.

It was obviously an extremely simple outfit, but when matched by her incomparably gorgeous face, it instead revealed an unmatched magnificence, fresh and elegant, and eternal and luxurious.

Behind the crowd, Shen Ling Han's eyes were filled with venom, and her heart was bleeding with hatred. Shen Ninghua was a lost star. If it wasn't for her Shen family, she definitely wouldn't have turned into such a state!

The guards at the entrance lined up in two rows and bowed respectfully towards Shen Ninghua. "Greetings, Princess Zhao Hua."

"No need for formalities," Shen Ninghua's voice was gentle. Perhaps it was because she had gone to the Shen family, but it was much more relaxed. "Thank you for your hard work."

The guards said repeatedly, not daring to do so.

Shen Ninghua stepped forward and pulled on the red silk cloth that hung from the plaque. With a slight tug of force, the red silk cloth opened with a 'shua' sound, revealing the words on the plaque in a grand and imposing manner, 'Prefecture Lord Zhao Hua Mansion'.

Shen Ninghua smiled happily, "Although I didn't prepare a lot, it's still considered rare. Jade Beads, send it to the surrounding commoners, let's all enjoy the feeling of happiness."

Bi Zhu hurriedly replied, "Yes, princess."

The commoners did not expect to see the benefits of watching the show here. Before they saw what Shen Ninghua was going to post, they had already become a little happier.

The guards carried the six large chests up and placed them on the ground with a dull thud. Bi Zhu opened the boxes. Inside each of the boxes, there were neatly stacked medium-sized boxes. Bi Zhu ordered the guards to maintain order and slowly sent down the gifts.

Shen Ninghua opened the plaque and entered the mansion. Hearing waves of joyous cheers coming from behind her, a hint of a smile flashed across her eyes.

Bai Yu followed beside her and said happily, "The emperor knows that the young mistress wants to live here. He ordered her to change it three months ago. The scenery here is much more exquisite than before."

"It does look a lot better than before," Shen Ninghua sat down in the pavilion beside the water. Immediately, someone brought up a charcoal brazier and a curtain to block the wind. Not long later, the pavilion became warm, "Have you heard news of my father?"

Bai Yu paused for a moment, "After hearing that the old master has been demoted to become a commoner, I used some silver coins from me to rent a house in the outskirts of the city. I am currently living there with Shen Xuanyin, Shen Linghan, Shen Xuanlin and the other old people of the Shen family."

Bai Yu tried to probe him, "Miss, I heard that young master Xuan Lin was very close to you, and Miss Ling Han couldn't hold back her anger. She often found reasons to beat him up, and a few days ago, she broke his forehead with a piece of wood.

"In the end, Shen Dong is his biological father, so no matter what, we can't lose a word of filial piety. You go prepare some silver coins and gifts, we'll go see father after you're done, and also see Xuan Lin. If he's willing to follow me, then let Flowing Cloud continue to be his master, and teach him well."

"Yes, miss." At first, she didn't like Shen Xuanlin much, but later on, she came to visit him more and more. That child's personality was stubborn, but if he treated you with all his heart, he wouldn't be like the others who kept needles hidden within their pants.

At this moment, in a yard in the outskirts of the city, Shen Ling Han was pinching Shen Xuan Lin's arm with a twisted look on her face, wishing that she could pinch a piece of his flesh, "Humph, I thought Shen Ning Hua would recognize you as my little brother. You're just a lowly bastard that no one wants, and you still want to play around with me, do you believe that I won't directly beat you to death here!"

Shen Xuanlin tightly pursed his lips, his black eyes filled with rage. "Big Sis will acknowledge me. She has said before that as long as I'm willing to follow her, she will acknowledge me as her little brother!"

"Haha, I'm just lying to a kid like you. Do you believe me? Shen Ninghua is a vile slut. In order to win over the people's hearts, she won't say anything. Such a person should be hacked into pieces." Shen Ling Han said as she kicked Shen Xuanlin's chest, knocking him to the ground.

Blood quickly seeped out, but he did not loosen his mouth as he continued to refute: "Big Sis's heart is the most kind, only your thoughts are vicious, if you fall like this today you'll only be asking for it, but who told you to frame Big Sis all day long! "You better beat me to death today. Otherwise, when I grow up, I'll definitely kill you to vent my anger on big sister!" Shen Ling Han gritted her teeth, "Fine, fine, a little bastard dares to talk to me like that, today I will break your legs, break your bones, and throw you to the side of the street. I want to see how you will kill me when you grow up!"

Shen Xuanlin clutched the clothes on his chest tightly as his eyes were filled with hatred.

Shen Ling Han picked up the pole holding the door open from the door, and smashed it onto the ground towards the unable to get up Shen Xuan Lin.

The wind whistled in his ears. Shen Xuanlin clenched his teeth as he prepared to endure the pain. Unexpectedly, he heard a clank, followed by Shen Ling Han's cries of pain.

He opened his eyes and saw the Cyan Sparrow in front of him. His eyes were immediately filled with bright light as he turned his head to look at the figure that had walked in through the door. He called out in pleasant surprise, "Big sister!"

Shen Ninghua looked at Shen Xuanlin, his heart filled with softness. This child was stubborn and stubborn, but he trusted her wholeheartedly. If this were the case, she definitely wouldn't let him down.

Seeing his big sister who was thinking about him day and night, Shen Xuanlin immediately crawled up without caring about the pain on his body. He quickly ran to Shen Ninghua and said, "Big sister, I knew you would come and pick me up. You haven't heard from me for a long time, I'm so worried about you. "

Shen Ninghua held onto his wrist to feel his pulse. Seeing that he was not injured, she was relieved. "Shen Lingghan has already gone mad. Just go along with what she says. Why are you so stubborn? You must have eaten a lot of meat."

Shen Xuanlin's face hardened, "I can't let him damage your reputation. Master Liu Yun said that a woman's reputation is the most important thing, not to mention that you're my big sister, I will naturally protect you."

Shen Ninghua patted his head. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the sound of flustered footsteps coming from the door.

Shen Dong walked over with large strides. When he saw Shen Ninghua in the room, he abruptly stopped in his tracks. A complicated expression appeared on his face as he asked, "Ninghua, why are you here?"

It had only been three months, but Shen Dong looked like he had aged ten years. He had a sense of being late, "Father, I heard that you lived here, so I specially came to visit you, and also brought some things to visit Grandmother."

When Madam Xiao heard that the Shen family had been raided, she couldn't bear the excitement and fainted. After waking up, she was paralyzed and now needed someone to take care of her three meals a day.

Shen Ling Han covered her wrist that had been injured by the Cyan Sparrow, and angrily walked in front of Shen Ninghua, "Shen Ninghua, what are you pretending to be good for, we are all doing this to harm you. I forgot, you are the noble princess now, are you here to make fun of us?"

Without her usual gorgeous clothes and silky jewelry, Shen Ling Han's original beauty had been reduced by thirty percent. Adding to that, she now had a ferocious look with venomous hate in her eyes, almost covering up all of her beauty.

Shen Ninghua completely ignored her words. She turned her head and warned the bluebird, "Take Xuanlin and wash up. Also, see if he has anything he needs to pack up, and bring him to the carriage to wait. After I've finished visiting Grandmother, we'll go back to the house."

"Shen Ninghua, you slut!" Shen Ling Han was so angry that her chest felt like it was about to explode. She then raised her palm towards Shen Ninghua.

Shen Ninghua pinched her wrist and said with a cold voice, "I don't want to argue with you, just obediently stay by the side. Otherwise, all you think about in the future will be my delusions!" She was not the Virgin Mary. When Shen Linghan had treated her like that before, even if she was eaten alive, it would be hard to quell the hatred in her heart. Now, it was already merciful to let her live.

Shen Lingghan abruptly pulled back her arm, turned around and ran out. Shen Ninghua, don't be too complacent. I will not accept this fate. Even if there is a glimmer of hope, I will make it so that you will live a life worse than death!

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