Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Baili Qingqing's expression did not change much. However, his domineering, sword-like brows furrowed together. He brought with him the aura of a storm as he said, "Hand over the letter!"

Shen Ninghua felt her heart tighten. When the court lady passed by her with the letter in her hand, she noticed that the words on the envelope were exactly the same as her own. However, she had definitely never written these letters before. In the end, who was behind all this, and even imitated her so much.

Shen Ling Han forcefully suppressed the smile on her face, but she couldn't hide it. Shen Ninghua, you think you won just because the emperor bestowed you the title of County Lord?

Baili JinChuan's eyes turned cold as he looked at Shen Linghan's twisted expression. Shen Dong was indeed a worldly man, but unfortunately, he had neglected the backyard and raised a vicious woman like Shen Linghan. It was really sad.

After opening the letter, Baili Qingfeng's face looked worse and worse. Finally, his face turned completely black, "Shen Ninghua, Baili Jinchuan … "I really didn't think that the contents of these letters would be so interesting!"

The Crown Prince lowered his head and the nervousness in his eyes slowly disappeared. This step was a success!

The Third Prince was overjoyed. Baili JinChuan was only one year older than him, but he was suppressing him step by step, making him unable to display his strength. He had long wished for this person to die faster.

Fifth Prince Baili Jinze, however, looked sad. He walked to the center of the hall and cupped his hands, "Imperial Father, Second Imperial Brother and Shen Ninghua have not known each other for long. Logically speaking, they shouldn't have done anything intimate. Is there some misunderstanding?"

The Third Prince looked down on Baili Jinze for acting like a fake good man. He raised the corner of his eyes and said disdainfully, "Fifth Brother, don't speak carelessly if you don't know about the situation. How do you know that the Second Imperial Brother and Shen Ninghua are not mutual friends? "Hehe, this man has feelings, and this woman has intentions. What won't happen?"

Many of the old officials frowned. These words were said without shame, especially from the mouth of a prince. It was easy to tell that they were of no use.

Baili Qing Cang didn't say anything, but the coldness on his body became even stronger.

Baili JinChuan raised his head, "Royal father, this son has always had respect for Ning Hua and has never had a shred of other thoughts. Furthermore, Second Prince Consort, the Zhou family, has a very deep affection for this son of mine, and this son is also not willing to disappoint them. As for those letters, this son has never written them before.

Baili Qingfeng did not reply. Instead, he looked at Shen Ninghua and asked, "Ninghua, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Shen Ninghua slightly bent down and bowed, "Reporting to your majesty, it's just as the Second Prince said earlier, there isn't the slightest bit of excessive etiquette between the two of us, much less writing a letter. Your Majesty, can you let me take a look at those letters? "

With a wave of his hand, Baili Qingfeng summoned the attendants over and brought the letter on the table to Shen Ninghua.

Shen Ninghua carefully read the letters. Each letter had a different date and time, she carefully recalled. These times were just right for her. Usually, it was during the night when she had nothing to do, she wouldn't find a witness to help her. The contents of the letter were even more explicit. The first few letters were filled with hidden expressions of love, and the last few were all about how she and the Second Prince had conspired to scheme against the Shen family, and also how they framed the Zhao family and then set up the Crown Prince.

Shen Ling Han's face was burning with pain, but her heart was filled with joy. She wanted to see Shen Ning Hua's panicked expression, but she also wanted to see her crying, "Shen Ning Hua, these letters are enough as evidence. What else do you have to say for yourself?"

Shen Ninghua slightly creased her brows, "Little sister, how are you so sure that these letters can be used as evidence?"

Shen Ling Han pursed her lips, with her purple face, she had a strange expression on her face, "The handwriting on this letter is from you and the Second Prince, and the letter also shows the adultery between you and the Second Prince. It also shows your ambition of conspiring to murder the Crown Prince, the Shen family, and the Zhao family.

"Based on the fact that these letters are fake!" Shen Ling Han's eyes were deep, and her cold gaze was like a cold blade, piercing people's hearts.

"Created?" The words on it were clearly written by you and the Second Prince. What right do you have to say that it was fabricated? "

"You know that my words are understandable, but how do you know the words of the Second Prince? Could it be that you've seen the words of the Second Prince?"

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow and asked, "Oh, when did you meet her?"

"Last time I entered the palace, I saw the words the Second Prince mentioned on the pavilion in the imperial garden."

"Did you say the poems that the emperor ordered the princes to bring up in the imperial garden pavilion?"

Shen Lingghan had a bad premonition, but she could not refuse to answer. She could only nod and say, "That's right!"

Shen Ninghua's eyes were as cold as ice. "Your majesty, Ning Hua has a way to prove her innocence. May Your Majesty allow a few princes to cooperate with me."

Baili Qingfeng nodded, "Alright."

Shen Ninghua had the attendants bring paper and pen over and passed them to the princes. "Please write a few sentences. One, clear your mind, turbid your heart, the other, natural order, repayment for your actions!"

The Third Prince held the quill, almost breaking the quill as he furiously wrote with the quill. He then threw the paper in front of Shen Ninghua.

He bent down to pick up the paper and then picked up the papers that the other princes had finished writing. She walked to the side and folded a few pieces of paper.

"Since you can tell from the handwriting that the letter was written by the Second Prince, then pick out the ones written by the Second Prince from these papers."

Shen Ling Han looked at the few pieces of paper in front of her, and couldn't help trembling in fear. These words were like a drum drum that continuously echoed in her ears, making her uneasy. "Shen Ninghua, what kind of trouble did you come up with this time?"

"What's wrong? Didn't you say that you could tell from the handwriting that the Second Prince and I were having a secret relationship? If you were to pick out a few, which one of them is the Second Prince's handwriting that you wouldn't be able to pick out? " Shen Ninghua looked at her coldly, his voice full of ridicule.

Shen Ling Han clenched her fists, and cold sweat covered her entire body. A few pieces of paper were like mountains, pressing down on her so heavily that she almost couldn't breathe.

Seeing her expression, Shen Ling Han laughed coldly in her heart. Shen Ling Han and the rest were imprisoned in the Sky Prison, so the Crown Prince was able to go in and deliver some information, so he must have made some mistakes in his arrangements. Since he couldn't tell if the letter was real or fake, he might as well find another way!

"How was it? Did you finish your selection?"

Shen Ling Han subconsciously looked towards the direction of the crown prince, only to see the stern face of Baili Jinyi, her heart slowly sank.

Seeing that Shen Ling Han could not pick one out, Baili Jin Chuan spoke coldly: "Shen Er xiaojie, do you have a good opinion of him? royal father is still waiting for your reply! "

Shen Ling Han's body trembled, and she wished she could faint. Under the gaze of Baili Qing Cang and the rest, she picked one out with trembling fingers: "This was written by the Second Prince."

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

"That's right, I'm sure!"

When Chen Jun saw the paper she had chosen, he could not help but sneer. "What a joke!" Chu Junyi pursed her lips and looked at Shen Ninghua with a doting look in her eyes. Shen Ninghua was indeed someone he valued. He was truly a dexterous and quick-witted person!

Seeing the attitude of the crowd, Shen Ling Han's heart trembled, "No, no, I was wrong. It should be the one beside us. This is the one written by the Second Prince."

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "Are you sure this time?"

"I... "I'm sure!" Shen Ling Han gritted her teeth and admitted it.

Shen Ninghua confirmed again, "You're not changing it anymore?"

"I'm not changing!"

"Since you're not going to change, I'll have to ask. Little sister, why are you always framing me?"

Shen Ling Han raised her head, "What did you say? When did I frame you?"

Shen Ninghua waved the paper in his hand, "You've picked it twice. Didn't you notice that there are no words written on it for the Second Prince?"

Shen Ling Han's eyes widened as she stared at the five pieces of paper on the floor in disbelief, "Impossible, how is this possible?" She had clearly seen the Second Prince's handwriting.

Shen Ninghua took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and placed it in front of Shen Ling Han, "When I messed up the paper, I hid the word 'Second Prince' away. The first word that you chose was written by someone else."

"I... "I …"

"Little sister, now I want to ask you, what exactly do you and I have against each other that makes you want to kill me?"

Shen Ling Han turned to look at Shen Dong and Mrs Zhao, begging in her eyes, "Father, mother …"

Mrs Zhao quickly went forward to embrace her, her eyes flashing with resolution. "Your Majesty, everything was planned by this servant. It has nothing to do with my poor child. Please let her go."

Shen Ninghua frowned. What was Mrs Zhao trying to do?

Shen Ling Han looked at Mrs Zhao in shock, "Mother …"

Mrs Zhao pulled Shen Ling Han behind her to block her. She crawled to the foot of the stairs and said, "Your majesty, since it has come to this, this servant will not hide it anymore. This servant has planned all of this."

Baili Qing Cang narrowed his eyes, a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes, "Truthfully speaking!"

Mrs Zhao stood up and looked at Shen Ninghua with hatred, "I want Shen Ninghua dead, I want to kill her!"

Shen Ninghua looked at her and asked, "How did I offend you?"

A tyrannical aura swept over. Baili Qingfeng frowned, "You said that you killed Xia Jingyan?"

"That's right," Mrs Zhao smirked, "After she became pregnant, I bribed the doctor who treated her, and put ice poison into her baby protection drug. This kind of poison has a slow effect, but it makes one's body weak and cold.

Shen Ninghua felt a sharp pain in his heart. The eyes that he looked at Mrs Zhao with were filled with murderous intent.

"Haha, to be honest, that bitch of a Xia Clan was lucky. She died in childbirth and did not experience the viciousness of the Icy Mushroom Poison, but the Icy Mushroom Poison was brought to the fetus in her womb. All of Shen Ninghua's body was jet-black and cold when she was born, just like a stillborn baby." As if thinking of that scene, Mrs Zhao's smile became even more proud, "That's why I wanted to take good care of Shen Ninghua and let this little bitch live. Watching her suffer, it's a pity that the heavens have no eyes, she actually managed to cure the poison! "Therefore, I had no choice but to make another move …"

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