Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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The ingredients collected by the imperial government were sent to Jiangnan, but the Hua Jun Medicinal Store still followed the previous agreement and delivered seven days worth of ingredients.

Shen Ninghua watched as the guard distributed the medicinal herbs. She heaved a sigh of relief, thinking to herself, It should be about time now.

Baili JinChuan, who was standing beside her, said with a grateful tone, "Ningxia, I didn't choose the wrong one."

Shen Ninghua smiled slightly and said, "The Second Prince is very quick-witted, of course he's chosen the right way."

In his heart, he understood that when Shen Ninghua said he had two choices, one was to create trouble, and the other was to win back the hearts of the people. Originally, he wanted to choose the first option, because he had a lot of prestige in the army, and even if he were to hand over the military power, he could still command the three armies.

He didn't know why, but when he saw her pair of clear eyes that seemed to be able to see through his heart, he had unknowingly chosen the latter. Now it seemed that he had chosen the right one.

Shen Ninghua held the handkerchief to her mouth and coughed twice. Her face flushed red. "Cough, cough."

With a frown, Baili JinChuan gestured for the maidservants behind him to bring the cloaks over. He lifted his hand to help Shen Ninghua put them on, "The weather suddenly became cold after a rainy day. If you don't take good care of yourself, when we get back, Royal Father will punish me."

Shen Ninghua retreated a few steps to avoid his action. "How dare you, Your Highness, I'll do it myself."

However, Baili JinChuan stubbornly refused her action of taking out the cloak. He went up to her and draped the cloak over her, and even especially carefully tied the belt for her.

Shen Ninghua knitted her brows tightly, looking at Baili JinChuan with a scrutinizing gaze, "Your Highness has gone overboard."

"You are royal father's adopted daughter, so you can be counted as my little sister. Isn't it natural for brother to take care of his little sister?"

"His Highness' younger sister is Princess An Jing, not me, Shen Ninghua. Please take care of yourself in the future." After he had finished speaking, he turned around and walked into the mansion, the look of rejection on his face was clear.

On the other hand, Baili JinChuan smirked, the determination in his eyes growing stronger.

Bai Yan rushed forward to support her by her arm. "Miss, your health hasn't recovered in the last two days. Don't go too fast."

Shen Ninghua forcefully suppressed the coughing in her throat as her face flushed red, "Bai Yu, the rain has stopped and the plague has stabilized. We don't need to worry about Jiangnan, we can pass the message to the palace and go back."

"Then what about the Second Prince?"

"Don't worry about him," once the situation in Jiangnan stabilized, Baili JinChuan naturally relaxed as well. Once this person relaxed, it was easy for him to have other thoughts.

"Yes, Miss. This servant will immediately send a message to the capital."

"Mm, my body isn't feeling good. I don't want to see anyone these two days. If the second prince and the others come over again, then just push them away." It was best not to meet Baili JinChuan before going back.

Bai Yan hurriedly replied, "Yes."

It was a pity that Shen Ninghua's plan was not bad, but Baili Jin and Chuan were much more persistent than she had imagined.

In the room, Baili JinChuan was sitting on a chair at the head of the hall, sipping a cup of tea slowly.

"The tea here at Congee City is especially elegant."

Shen Ninghua looked indifferent. "Second Prince is too kind. I've heard that the Second Prince's consort is from the Zhou Family. The Zhou Family is a family of the Way of Tea, so the Second Prince's consort should have already passed on the news."

Baili JinChuan followed her gaze and suddenly smiled, "Do you mind about the Second Imperial Consort?"

"I don't understand what His Highness means?" Shen Ninghua frowned.

A smile appeared on Baili Jin's face, "Ning Hua, your intelligence is unimaginable, how could you not understand my meaning?"

"Please explain, Your Highness." Baili JinChuan stood up, his tall body had a faint imposing aura, "Ning Hua, is my meaning not obvious enough? You'll be old in a few months. How about marrying me? As for the Second Prince's consort, you don't have to mind. I won't let you be bullied at all. Besides, with your intellect, it won't be easy for her to bully you. "

Shen Ninghua coldly laughed in her heart. It seemed like this leather bag was really useful. In her previous life, her face was ugly and she was disgusted by being used as a gift by Baili Jinze. But now, someone was rushing to marry her. However, the person in front of her was not her good person.

"The Second Prince wants to marry me?"


Shen Ninghua smiled, and her black eyes were filled with an icy aura. "The Second Prince's consort is your principal wife, marrying her is what you call marrying her. Other women, including the secondary consort, are all concubines, worthy of the title 'Acceptance'. Your Highness Second Prince, although my mother has passed away, her identity as the direct daughter of the Xia Clan will never change, but even though my father is imprisoned, he is still an extremely important subject. As the direct daughter of the Shen Clan, as well as the Emperor himself bestowing the title of Crown Prince, do you think that I will ever be your concubine? "

However, Baili JinChuan did not care about the coldness in her voice, and instead seriously said: "You want to be the first wife? Don't forget, your mother came from a noble family, but the Xia family has already fallen, and the Shen family is already dead. I will grant you the position of secondary wife. In the future, I will give you the honor of being the imperial concubine, and you will be placed in the same position as the secondary empress! "

Shen Ninghua looked coldly at Baili JinChuan. A hint of disappointment flashed across her eyes as she said, "Your Highness, you should go back. I, Shen Ninghua, will never be someone else's concubine."

"Ninghua, royal father bestowed you the title of a princess because you needed to come to Jiangnan to provide relief. At this time, I have to give you a stable identity, and when we return to the capital, the Shen family is about to question you, your position will become awkward. You shouldn't be bothered by rumors and slanders. I want to give you the best, so why don't you think about it carefully? "

"I don't need to think about it. Thank you, Second Prince, for your good intentions. I can't accept this, ah …"

Suddenly, Baili JinChuan stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Shen Ninghua's waist, tightly locking her in his embrace. His other hand then placed it on her lightly colored lips, "These red lips are as beautiful as flower petals, but the words they spit out are even more hurtful than ice. Ning Hua, do you have someone else in your heart?"

Anger was gathering in his heart. This person did not know when to stop! Shen Ninghua struggled with all her might, but she could not overcome his strength. Her eyes turned cold as she pulled out a golden needle from her sleeve and pierced it into the acupoint on his arm.

Baili JinChuan felt his arm go numb, and then weakly let go of Shen Ninghua, "What method did you use?"

Shen Ninghua took two steps back, his eyes brimming with rage. "You should be glad that I didn't have the time to apply poison on the needles!"

He felt that his strength was gradually recovering, and he was completely relieved and worried, "You should be enjoying the meticulous service of the maids and servants in the most luxurious palace. You should also enjoy the tea that is brewed right before the eyes, being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of flowers and worshiped by tens of thousands people … "As for all of this, I am the only one who can give it to you. Think about it carefully."

Shen Ninghua did not want to pursue this topic any further. She called out to the door and said, "Bluebird, it's time for His Highness to return. Help me escort him out." She really didn't expect that Baili JinChuan would be so domineering.

The cyan sparrow had long since heard the commotion in the room, but it did not dare to barge in without permission due to Shen Ninghua's order. Now that Shen Ninghua had spoken, it immediately gestured to Baili JinChuan, "This servant will escort His Highness the Second Prince."

Baili JinChuan gave her a deep look, then turned around and walked out. Just as he left the courtyard, Chu Junyi appeared in Shen Ninghua's room.

Raising his index finger, Shen Ninghua rubbed his forehead. For the first time, he gave up on his elegant movements. He revealed an impatient expression and asked, "Have you guys made a deal?"

Chu Junyi had a smile on her face, but it was clear that a storm was brewing in her eyes. "Baili JinChuan, you sure have some face. I didn't expect you to be his concubine."

Shen Ninghua softly sighed, the anger in his heart slowly subsiding. "I didn't expect him to say that either."

"There's nothing strange about this. Which member of the royal family isn't like this? They would think of ways to obtain what they want, and then quickly lose interest. In the end, it's just arrogance, selfishness, and selfishness."

Shen Ninghua's eyes flickered as he raised his head to look at Chu Junyi. This man had previously said that he had a feud with the royal family, and from the meaning of his words just now, it seemed that the royal family had stolen something from him. After some thought, she still couldn't figure out where Chu Junyi came from.

"I know my limits."

"I believe you have your limits, it's just a hundred families begging for it. You have an unparalleled beauty and are incomparably intelligent, especially when it comes to this disaster. When you return, you will definitely attract a lot of disciples from influential families, so what will you do then?"

"When the time comes, we will have a plan."

Chu Junyi lowered her head to look at her. "The best way is to find someone who's in love with you. When you have an owner, those berserk butterflies will naturally disperse on their own."

"Many thanks for your reminder, Young Master Mo. I will consider it seriously." This was indeed a good idea. She didn't want to become a bargaining chip between the crowd, as the best way was to pick a weak and easily bullied person to get married with. It's just that she had experienced the injuries of her previous life.

News of the pestilence in Jiangnan spread all the way back to the capital. The citizens cheered and celebrated, and the streets were decorated with lanterns and decorations. It was as if the entire capital had never slept.

On the same day that he received the news, he immediately ordered for Ping City and Yi City to be exempted … He would wait for the taxes to cover three years in more than a dozen seriously affected areas. Also, for Duke Xuan De, Elder General Xiao, Princess Ning Hua and the rest to return to the capital …

The entire capital was filled with a joyous atmosphere, while Shen Dong, the Zhao clan, and the others who were imprisoned in the Celestial Prison were completely silent.

When Shen Ninghua came back, the emperor immediately announced the punishment of the Shen family. How could they be happy?

At this moment, Shen Ling Han was about to go crazy. She fiercely threw the steamed bun in her hand onto the ground. It's all because of her that we're in such a predicament! "

Shen Dong's face darkened: "Shut up!"

Shen Ling Han suddenly raised her red eyes, she had been locked up in the Sky Prison for too long, her hair was stuck together, and stuck to her pale face made her look like an evil ghost, "Why do I have to shut up, could it be that I was wrong? Father, you're still biased towards that slut. Let me tell you, this was all planned out by Shen Ninghua. If it weren't for her, how would we have ended up in such a situation?! That slut should be dragged out and sliced into pieces! "

Shen Ling Han gasped for breath as she tore off the straw beside her. Everything was fine, but for Shen Ninghua's return, she would still be a beloved daughter of the Zhao and Shen families. How could she have fallen to this stage?!

Suddenly, a low and pampered voice sounded out, "Sir Shen is suffering here. Although Miss Shen's words are a little extreme, it's not without reason. Princess Ning Hua's actions are truly puzzling."

Shen Ling Han raised her head and her eyes lit up.

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