Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Shen Ninghua's eyes flashed fiercely, "Greetings, Young Noble Mo."

Baili JinChuan introduced him enthusiastically, "Ninghua, Young Master Mo Junqing is a disciple of the Mo family who came out to gain experience. When he heard that the pestilence in Ping City was serious, he specially rushed over. With the Mo Clan's help, we can go even more smoothly this time. "

Shen Ninghua sized up Chu Junyi. Mo Clan? Chu Junyi really dared to say so.

In the Great An Dynasty, the Mo Clan was known by everyone. When the current emperor, Baili Qingfeng, was still a prince, the Mo Clan suddenly appeared, supporting him in seizing the throne. When Baili Qingfeng ascended to the throne, and when everyone thought that the Mo Clan would be conferred a title of marquis, the mysterious Mo Clan Patriarch announced that he would live in seclusion, no longer having a Mo Clan disciple in the imperial court.

Chu Junyi, on the other hand, had a smile on her face. She held a plain fan in her hand and said elegantly, "I've heard that Princess Ning Hua is adept in medicine. That would be great." "However, I've heard that the citizens of Ping City seem to be very resistant to the medicine given by the imperial government. I wonder if they are willing to drink it."

Baili JinChuan smiled, and looked at Shen Ninghua with eyes full of praise, "Young Master Mo need not worry about this. The moment Ning Hua entered the city gates, he had already solved more than half of this problem."

The people did not want to believe that the prescription was effective, mainly because the previous injury had caused them to lose their trust. As long as they could regain their trust in the imperial government, the rest would not be a problem.

Shen Ninghua said, "This time, we're the first to come to Ping City. We can't rush here with the herbs we sent in. We can only make preparations in advance."

Baili JinChuan opened his mouth, "Ninghua, you know the prescription the best. As for what we should do, you will naturally be the one to make the arrangements."

Shen Ninghua did not decline either. Her prescription has already been taboo, no matter how much she tries to avoid suspicion, it's useless. She might as well just take the credit, "Then I won't decline. The city of Pingcheng is close to the mountain, and the mountain is rich with medicinal herbs. I will write down all the necessary medicinal herbs so that the soldiers and guards will recognize each other. If there is not enough, we will go up the mountain and harvest them.

"Mm, this is an excellent suggestion." Baili Jinchuan nodded.

Shen Ninghua continued, "We've just arrived in Jiangnan, so we naturally have to contact the Old General Xiao who came here to provide assistance. He should be aware of the situation in Ping City. I have a feeling that something has happened."

"Alright, I'll get someone to contact them." The Second Prince agreed.

Shen Ninghua looked at Chu Junyi and said, "Young Master Mo, I'm afraid I'll need your help with the rest of this matter."

Chu Junyi smiled at Shen Ninghua and nodded obediently. "Of course, if you have anything to say, please instruct me, Princess."

"Tomorrow, the imperial physicians and I will hold a consultation, so I would like to ask Young Master Mo to help gather the commoners and maintain order."

"Alright, I'll follow your instructions, Princess."

The Second Prince did not stay for long. After discussing a few details with Shen Ninghua and the imperial physicians, he contacted Xiao Jingran.

Not long after Shen Ninghua returned to the temporary courtyard, a white silhouette appeared in her room.

The cyan sparrow's expression turned cold. With a 'shua' sound, the sword in its hand landed in its palm and pierced towards the figure.

As soon as Chu Junyi landed on the ground, she felt a sudden sense of danger. She slammed the fan against the bird's hilt. The fan was made of bamboo, but when it intersected with the sword, it produced a metallic screech.

"Princess, is this how you treat your guest?"

Shen Ninghua watched as Chu Junyi dodged the cyan sparrow's attack with ease. He pursed his lips to the side and said, "There's a guest who left the main entrance at the entrance, why is he climbing in through the window?"

Chu Junyi turned around and knocked the sword out of the cyan sparrow's hand with a bang. The sharp blade stabbed into a pillar at the side, nailing it deep into the wood. Only the handle of the sword remained quivering slightly.

Shen Ninghua knew that the cyan sparrow was no match for Chu Junyi, so he stopped her. "Bluebird, stop right there."

The cyan sparrow stopped moving, but its eyes were still fixed on Chu Junyi. It was afraid that Chu Junyi would do something unfavorable to it.

"It's fine, he won't hurt me. You guys can leave first."

Bai Yu disagreed. "Miss?"

"No worries, I've known this person for a long time."

Seeing the resolute expression on Shen Ninghua's face, Bai Yu and the rest slowly withdrew.

Chu Junyi sat down on a chair next to Shen Ninghua and tapped her folded fan against her palm. "I've brought you good news."

Shen Ninghua's eyes lit up. "You found Yun Chuan?"

Seeing her joy, Chu Junyi felt an indescribable discomfort in her heart. "Ning Hua, why are you so concerned about that kid?"

"Where is he?"

Chu Junyi looked embarrassed. "I did find him, but he didn't trust me. No matter what I said, I'll think of a way to escape. I was too busy investigating the situation in Jiangnan, so I missed it. By the time I found him, he was already infected by the plague. Two days ago …"

Shen Ninghua's pupils constricted and her face turned deathly white all of a sudden. "You …" What did you say? " Yun Chuan died? How could he die?

"Ning Hua, what happened to you?" Seeing Shen Ninghua's strange expression, Chu Junyi's heart skipped a beat.

"Xiao Hua, I was just joking with you, don't take it seriously, that Yun Chuan brat is fine, he's still alive and kicking." Seeing Shen Ninghua's expression, Chu Junyi felt a twinge of regret. She knew she cared about Yun Chuan, so she shouldn't have made fun of him. At the same time, he was also getting more and more curious about the relationship between Shen Ninghua and Yun Chuan.

Shen Ninghua turned to look at him, his eyes still slightly red. "Yun Chuan is fine?"

"Un, it's fine. I can see that you care so much about him, so … " Un, I'm a bit angry...

Shen Ninghua almost threw the teacup beside her onto his face.

Seeing her angry expression, Chu Junyi couldn't help but smile. "Alright, I've just joked it over. Princess, please don't be angry anymore."

If it weren't for the fact that Shen Ninghua didn't bring along any medicines to protect himself from the rain, he would have sprinkled the powdered medicine on Chu Junyi's face long ago. She almost burst into tears. When she was reviving, there were two things that remained in her heart. One was revenge, and the other was repaying the debt of gratitude.

Shen Ling Han, Baili Jinze and company had caused her so much pain that she wished she were dead. She must repay them many times over, and for those who had given their lives for her, she must give them a peaceful life, a life of peace and joy.

Chu Junyi noticed Shen Ninghua's blank stare and felt even more uncomfortable. Shen Ninghua had always been a black-hearted girl, why would she care so much about Yun Chuan? Could it be that she couldn't even compare to him? As he thought about it, he changed the topic.

"Ning Hua, I've pretty much finished preparing everything. Since you're here to prepare for disaster relief, I'll start to clean up the mess."

Shen Ninghua's attention was drawn to his words. "You want to reorganize Jiangnan's influence?"

"Mm. It would be too much of a pity to miss out on such a good opportunity."

After discovering that the situation in Ping City wasn't all that good, Shen Ninghua had a premonition that Xiao JingRan was doing this on purpose to suppress the Jiangnan forces. She didn't understand why he was doing this, but it seemed like he was doing it for Chu Junyi, but why would Xiao Jingran help him?

"The influence of Jiangnan is a complicated one. If I was clear about it, not only could I control more than half of Jiangnan, but it could affect the entire Great An Dynasty. Chu Junyi, you aren't thinking of rebelling, are you?"

"Rebel?" Chu Junyi chuckled. "I have nothing better to do than to try and find the truth in Jiangnan. Qinghua, I'm in a cooperative relationship with you. Now that I'm strong, I can help you out a lot. This is a worthwhile business."

Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow, "This deal might even cut off one's head. I can't see how it's worth it."

Chu Junyi restrained her smile and said seriously, "Don't worry. I'll protect your life no matter what."

Shen Ninghua, however, didn't mind at all. "Forget it, I don't want to know why you want to control Jiangnan either. Right now, it's more important to control the plague first."

"Well, go ahead and do it. I should also make some arrangements. "


Shen Ninghua's eyes turned cold as he watched Chu Junyi leave. Chu Junyi was the adopted son of the Xiao family, but she dared to claim to be from the Mo family. She approached the imperial family while trying to recruit Jiang Nan.

"Wei Yi, continue to supervise Jiangnan and ensure the safety of Patriarch Xiao."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Wei Er and Wei San's men covered the net, pushing all those worms from the south to the front of Baili Jin Chuan! With this kind of fast blade, there's no need to waste it. "

"Yes, Mistress."

"Wei Si, Wei Wu, and Wei Liu secretly collected the herbs to help Shen Ninghua stabilize Jiangnan. I will give her a chance to become famous throughout the world."

"Yes, Mistress."

Chu Junyi's eyes were warm. "Congealed Hua, don't you have to repay this debt of gratitude? I've given you a huge favor, how are you going to repay me?" Was he going to repay her with his life? When he thought of this possibility, he realized that he did not reject it at all. He felt even more happy. However, when he thought of how she was still over a year old, his happiness was reduced by a few points.

"Wei Qi, send a few people to protect Shen Ninghua's safety in secret. Don't let anyone harm her."

"Yes, Mistress." Wei Qi agreed exceptionally happily. The other people in the row couldn't help but look at him with envious eyes.

However, they did not receive any orders, and did not dare to inquire about it in private. When they heard that Miss Shen had come to Jiangnan, they were secretly delighted for a long time, and wanted to have a chance to contact her, but did not expect that Wei Qi, who was ranked as the oldest, would actually snatch the opportunity away.

The next morning, the people had already lined up in a long line as soon as Shen Ninghua came out of his shack. They immediately surrounded him in a cacophony.

It took a lot of effort for the guards to maintain order in the crowd.

Shen Ninghua did not waste even a minute. She took out her pulse pillow and immediately called for her people to go up and take her pulse check.

"There's nothing wrong with your body. You're not suffering from any major ailment. It's just that your stomach and spleen are a little cold when you're not eating properly. Just go to the side and receive the medicine."

Shen Ninghua was about to say something when she heard a ruckus from the crowd. The two of them lifted a shelf and placed a corpse in front of Shen Ninghua, then pounced towards Shen Ninghua and tried to grab her.

"You liar, return my brother's life!"

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