Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Mrs Zhao lifted her head to look at Shen Ninghua who was approaching in the opposite direction. For a moment, it was as if she was infatuated. "Elder Sister …"

Shen Ninghua's pupils constricted abruptly. The person who could make Zhao Yunxiang call her big sister must be her mother, Xia Jingyan. Her eyes flashed and she immediately asked, "Why are you sitting on the ground?"

Mrs Zhao trembled, her expression was still unclear. "I... I... Elder sister, why are you back? Didn't you go to rest in peace? Are you blaming me for not following what I promised, not blaming me, not blaming me … "

Wen Qiu forcefully shook Mrs Zhao's arm. "Madam, what's wrong with you?"

Mrs Zhao abruptly snapped out of her daze. When she clearly saw the person in front of her, her face instantly paled. "Shen Ninghua!"

Shen Ninghua shot a glance at Wen Qiu, a hint of pity flashed across her eyes, but quickly calmed down. "Greetings mother. You still have a little brother in your stomach. You must be careful. Wen Qiu, go out and bring some bird nest for your mother to quell her shock." It seemed like Mrs Zhao must have known the cause of her birth mother's death. Since that was the case, she was in no hurry. She had many ways to uncover the truth from Mrs Zhao's mouth.

"There's no need to carry the bird's nest. Even if I had the dragon's liver and phoenix marrow, I still wouldn't be able to eat it. Shen Ninghua, are you happy now?" Mrs Zhao looked at her with hatred, wishing she could use her gaze to poke a hole in her body.

Shen Ninghua walked to the side and sat down on a chair. Bluebird and Bi Zhu stood behind her on both sides, saying, "Mother, what are you talking about? Why don't I understand?" When I heard that my father and brother Xuan Ye were called into the palace, my heart was filled with worry, Mother, don't misunderstand me. "

"Would I misunderstand you?" Mrs Zhao glared at her, "Shen Ninghua, this is all your scheme. You're trying to kill us, aren't you?"

Shen Ninghua coldly looked at her. She got up and arranged her dress before saying, "Mother, since you have nothing important to say, I'll enter the palace first. The Emperor has summoned me."

"How dare you!" Mrs Zhao furiously picked up a porcelain bottle from the table, and smashed it on Shen Ninghua's back. The little bluebird turned around and kicked the bottle towards Mrs Zhao, smashing it ruthlessly at her feet.

Mrs Zhao inhaled sharply, gritting her teeth as she howled, "Shen Ninghua, you bastard! I should have let the old master strangle you to death that time!"

Shen Ninghua stopped and turned around, her voice cold and without the slightest trace of emotion. "It's a pity that I didn't die back then, so the one who died now is you."

"You … "You bitch!"

Shen Ninghua sneered, "Mother, you'd better take care of your body and think of a way to protect the Shen family."

Mrs Zhao's entire body was limp as she sat on the ground. Her face was completely devoid of blood as she watched Shen Ninghua's departing figure. Shen Ling Han ran into the house, and when she saw Mrs Zhao's appearance, she panicked: "Mother, what's wrong with you? Did Shen Ninghua do something to you? This slut, I will settle the score with her! "



"Stay at home obediently. I'll make a trip to the Zhao Family. If your father and brother come back, you can let them tell me." Mrs Zhao stood up and walked towards the door with a deathly pale face.

Shen Ling Han stepped forward to support her, "Mother, I will go with you to beg Grandmother, she will definitely help us."

Mrs Zhao looked at her and for the first time felt that she had raised her too inexperienced. "Grandmother? "Ling Han, I am only a concubine in the Zhao family." Once they reached a crisis, they would be the first ones to be abandoned. Did they really think that the Zhao Family cared so much about them? If they really cared about it, the Zhang Clan would not have brazenly provoked them!

In her heart, she had always been a proud daughter of heaven. In fact, she had always thought of Empress Zhao Huiying as an example and thought of her as the first person under Empress Zhao. She had never thought that she would one day lose everything.

"Mother, go and beg the Crown Prince. He will help us."

Mrs Zhao abruptly stopped her steps, "You mean the crown prince?"

"Yes." Shen Ling Han gritted her teeth. "Back at the palace, the crown prince gave me the jade pendant himself. He said that he could marry me as his secondary wife, and with the crown prince and empress, we'll definitely be able to survive this calamity."

Mrs Zhao pondered for a moment, then turned around and walked out.

Outside the south gate of the capital, the wailing of horses could be heard.

He was so anxious that his horse galloped all the way into the capital. A peddler on the street who could not dodge in time was knocked down, and he did not even dare to cry out in pain. He hurriedly crawled to the side to hide.

A guard stood solemnly at the entrance of the palace, his long spear gleaming with a cold light. When he saw a horse galloping towards him from afar, he held his weapon tightly and wanted to stop it.

"Eight hundred li of emergency, open the palace door!"

The cavalryman on top of the horse held a gold medal in his hands and rushed over without the slightest decrease in speed.

When the guard saw the gold medal, he quickly made way, and the heavy door of the palace slowly opened. The cavalrymen galloped in, galloping in the direction of the Hall of Acceptance.

Moments later, the heavy drum sounded out: "Dong!" Dong! "BOOM!" One heavy and one urgent. The entire capital was silent, and only the heavy sound of a drum could be heard resounding through the capital.

The officials moved out one by one. Even Prince Gong and Prince Zhi, who had long been absent from court, ignored their elderly bodies and put on their court uniforms before rushing to the palace.

Those above the fifth-grade were all allowed to enter the palace and wait for orders in the Main Hall. Those who did not have the qualifications to enter were all forced to kneel at the entrance of the palace at noon. The commoners knelt behind the officials and surrounded the palace in a dense circle, with the palace as the center.

As long as the drum rang, as long as the big and small officials still had breath left, they would enter the palace. Who would hesitate to kill, this drum only rang once during the war with the Great Yue State, which fought for two years, caused hundreds of thousands of casualties, and took ten years of rest to recover eighty percent of the country's vitality. And this time, it was the second time the heavenly drum had been sounded.

When the drum rang out, Shen Ninghua was in Princess Tranquil East Palace. Hearing the sound of the drum, Princess An Ran abruptly stood up before kneeling in the direction of the Hall of Acceptance. After he finished kowtowing and bowing, he immediately changed into a new set of princess attire and led Shen Ninghua outside. "Ninghua, the drum has struck. If we don't settle this well, the world will really fall into chaos."

Shen Ninghua looked in the direction of the Palace, his expression indifferent, "Princess, rest assured. With the Emperor here, and the few princes and princes present, this world will not be thrown into chaos."

Princess Ran nodded and forced out a smile. "I hope so."

Within the Duty Hall, Emperor Baili Qingfeng sat on a golden throne. The aura around him was ice-cold, and carried a faint sense of violence. The civil and military officials were kneeling on both sides of the hall, while Shen Dong, Zhao Kun and Shen Xuanye were kneeling in the middle of the hall.

Baili Qingfeng's gaze was like a huge mountain as it pressed down on everyone's heads, causing them to even gasp for breath carefully.

"Jiang Nan plague, over a hundred thousand citizens are in danger. I've raised you for many years, and now is the time to use you. Who can tell me what to do?"

Silence reigned in the hall as the officials were completely silent.

"Why, are you all silent? You guys usually don't talk too much, but what's wrong with you guys today?

"This humble official deserves to die ten thousand times for his crimes."

Baili Qing Cang laughed coldly, "Since you say that you deserve to die a thousand times for your crimes, then I will have my men drag you all out and kill you all. This will save you a bunch of useless people!"

The civil and military officials who were kneeling shouted loudly, "Your majesty, please calm your anger! Your majesty, please spare my life!"

"Since you don't know how to solve this, then think carefully. When will you be able to think of a time to wake up?" Baili Qingfeng frowned as he took the order with a cold voice.

The Crown Prince, Baili Jinyi, stepped forward, "Father, your son has something to say."


Reporting to royal father, the Shen family and the Zhao family have jointly researched out a prescription for the treatment of plague. The formula has an effect in the early stages, and only after two days did the symptoms of discomfort start to cause serious consequences, which means that the formula still has some effect. In that case, why don't the two families take out the manuscripts for the whole hospital to study, perhaps they can find a way to improve it and save the citizens from fire and water?

Hearing this, the officials all agreed:

"The Crown Prince's words are reasonable."

"Yeah, the best way now is to find the antidote."

"That's right, that's the truth."

Baili Qingfeng frowned slightly as the officials below instantly quietened down.

"The crown prince's suggestion is not bad, Shen Dong, Zhao Kun, you two should agree with what the crown prince said, right?"

If he had not been greedy and studied the recipes back then, he would not have what he was doing today. But now that he had been forced onto the cliff, he had to take a step back to reach the top of the abyss. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and say, "Reporting to your majesty, the research manuscript for the prescription is in this humble subject's residence."

"Mm, if that's the case …" Before Baili Qing Cang could finish his sentence, a report came from the attendant at the door.

"Report!" "The Prefecture Overseer of the capital seeks an audience."

Baili Qing Cang frowned, "Xuan."

"Reporting to the emperor, this servant passed Prime Minister Shen on his way to the palace. I heard that the Prime Minister's study was on fire, and all the manuscripts for researching medicinal formulas were completely destroyed."

Shen Dong, who was originally kneeling on the ground, almost dropped to the ground upon hearing these words. The manuscript has been destroyed, how could it be so coincidental?

Blue veins started popping out of Baili Qingqing's forehead. He was bursting with anger, "Good, this is really very good!"

"Your majesty, the prescription is my son, Shen Xuan Ye's, in the wine and cigarettes. He can recount the research process, Xuanye, isn't it?"

Being eagerly looked at by Shen Dong, Shen Xuanyi hurriedly nodded her head and said, "Reporting to your majesty, this servant can indeed repeat it."

However, Chen Jun shook his head. "Your Majesty, pardon this humble subject for speaking frankly. This is the first time I've studied the formula for curing the plague. It can be said that I have no clue at all." Shen Xuanye has told us whether she was right or wrong, and this subject has no way of knowing. "

The eyes of the Second Prince, Baili JinChuan, suddenly narrowed as an ice-cold killing intent flashed in his heart. If this Shen Xuanye wanted to drag her into the water, she deserved to die a thousand times over!

Baili Qingfeng frowned as he recalled the child he had seen the last time. An unfathomable emotion flashed across his eyes as he said, "Shen Ninghua."

A loud and clear announcement resounded throughout the palace, "Promulgate Shen Ninghua!"

Shen Ninghua got up from Princess An Ran's side. She raised her head and looked in the direction of the Hall of Acceptance as smoke billowed from her eyes.

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