Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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There were many merchants and merchants from Jiangnan, especially from the capital. When they found out that the Zhao and Shen families had found a cure for the plague, they broke down in tears. Every day, they would gather in front of the two palaces. Some would kneel down, kowtow to express their gratitude, and some would offer their treasures. They wished that the two families could have a new parents.

Many citizens came to thank them for their influence. The Shen family and the Zhao family also sent people to explain everything. They told the citizens to leave, but not only did the citizens not leave, they even gathered more and more.

Inside Moon Facing Residence, the injuries of the four maidservants were already much better, especially for Bluebird and Hong Ling. Originally, their bodies had already recovered, but with the best medicine Shen Ninghua had given them, they were already back to normal.

When Hong Ling heard the scene at the door, she hurriedly ran over to Shen Ninghua and reported, "Miss, you don't know, the door is filled with commoners. It's almost completely filled up the front door, and right now, even the commoners are gathered at the back side. The court was escorted out by the guards. "This is too crazy."

Shen Ninghua smiled, "What's there to be surprised about? Father has given us a prescription to treat the plague. If such a great merit is placed outside, it will be dedicated to the everlasting memorial archway for generations to come."

Hong Ling turned her head. "But why do I feel like these citizens aren't here simply to thank the old master?"

The smile in Shen Ninghua's eyes deepened. "You're not stupid today, to actually be able to guess it."

"Miss, did you really let me say that?"

"I told you to report the situation outside these few days. Why can't you tell me? "Bai Yu, you've given in to my orders, haven't you?"

Bai Yan, who had been called out, stood up and gently held Shen Ninghua's shoulder. "This servant said that if it's wrong, I ask Miss to enlighten me. After listening to Hong Ling's report for the past two days, this servant discovered that whenever the crowd at the entrance showed signs of dispersing, there would be people jumping out to announce the tragic situation in Jiangnan, or coming to cry about how their hometown had been destroyed and displaced, leading the people to stay, there would be people constantly talking about how great the contributions of the Shen and Zhao Families were, what should be, what should be, and so on. As a result, not only did the people not leave, they gathered more and more. "

Shen Ninghua nodded, "Bai Yu is right. Then, can you guess who is controlling the commoners from behind the scenes?"

Bai Yu thought for a while and said, "If nothing goes wrong, there should be people from the Second and Third Princes. The Zhao and Shen Families could now be said to be supporters of the empress and the crown prince, threatening the two princes the most. The fourth prince had always been at peace with himself and did not want to get involved with these matters. Miss, is this servant right? "

"You're right, but why didn't you guess the Fifth Prince's identity?" Shen Ninghua looked at her.

Bai Yu paused. "Fifth Prince? "The Fifth Prince has always been obsessed with poetry and books, and has always treated others gently. Moreover, his mufei passed away early, and her status was too low as well, raising her by Empress Concubine Duan. As a descendant of the empress, the Fifth Prince and the crown prince have long been bound together. Miss, do you think there's a role for the Fifth Prince behind this matter?"

Shen Ninghua shook her head in amusement, but she didn't explain. "Just watch." Baili Jinze had been trying to weaken his own sense of existence. He had indeed managed to do it. Did he really think he could become the yellow sparrow behind him just like that? Hmph, if you want to be a oriole behind a hunter's back, you have to see if the archer will agree or not.

Hong Ling's curiosity was piqued, but no matter how much she asked, Shen Ninghua would not speak. She could only try her best to pay close attention to all kinds of news every day, afraid that she would miss anything.

In the evening, an azure-feathered bird landed silently in Shen Ninghua's courtyard. The bluebird whistled softly, and the light feathered bird landed in her hand. The Cyan Bird retrieved a small slip of paper from its leg and hurriedly sent it to Shen Ninghua.

Shen Ninghua finished reading the contents of the letter. After a long while, a smile appeared on his face. "Bluebird, bring the things I've prepared and we'll enter the palace to pay our respects to the Princess of Tranquil East."

"Yes, miss."

The last time they came out of the palace, Princess An Xi had given her a command medallion in order to make it convenient for Shen Ninghua to enter the palace to treat her illness. As a result, this trip to the palace went smoothly.

Hearing that Shen Ninghua had entered the palace, Princess Ran had long since tidied up and waited in the main hall.

"Greetings, Princess."

"Xiao Hua, you're here. Quickly sit down and talk. Come, serve tea. "

The palace maid quickly served the tea and then left gracefully.

Seeing her uneasy and full of hope, Shen Ninghua smiled and nodded, "That's right, I've already prepared the antidote for the early stages."

The smile on Baili Ang's face blossomed, his beautiful face appearing exceptionally radiant. "That's great, that's great."

Shen Ninghua no longer bothered with suspense and took out a jade bottle from her sleeve. "There are 15 antidotes in here. Princess can take one every day. After using it, you might feel uncomfortable, so I ask Princess to persevere."

"As long as I can get rid of this stench, I can endure anything." Princess An Ning stood up and took the antidote. She didn't ask anyone to test the medicine, but directly poured out a pill and swallowed it.

Shen Ninghua was slightly surprised by her actions. However, when he thought about the fact that she wanted to cure the poison, he understood. Regardless of whether it was real or fake, the feeling of being trusted by others was not bad.

"Princess, aside from giving me the antidote, I have another request."

Bai Linan swallowed the pill and felt it melt in his mouth. His entire body felt warm, and he was in an extremely good mood as he said, "Ningxia, if there's anything you need, just say it. As long as I can do it, I'll definitely help you."

The smile on Shen Ninghua's face faded. "Princess, you've probably heard that the Pingcheng Plague has already spread to more than half of Jiangnan. The citizens are now in water and fire, and all the citizens hope for this calamity to pass."

"You're right. A few days ago, Imperial Father and Second Brother both lost a lot of hair. Fortunately, the research on the medicinal formula was done, and it was all thanks to your family."

Shen Ninghua frowned slightly, "The doctor who cured me was a recluse expert. When he passed away, he left me some things, and most of the pills were made. My second sister broke her leg, so I gave the pills to her to save her." After father found out about it, he took away quite a few medicinal bottles. My younger brother Shen Xuanyin had learned medicine from Grandmaster Chen and had researched quite a few medicinal formulas. "

Princess An Jing widened her eyes. "I thought that they found the missing medical books or that some skilled doctors had thought of a way, but to my surprise, it turned out to be an analysis of the medicine you gave them. "Why are you so stupid? Aren't you letting those people off for nothing?"

Shen Ninghua's expression turned slightly serious. "Princess, I've never thought about fighting for the credit. If there's nothing else, I would never tell you about it. I'm just worried …" "I'm worried that there's a problem with the prescription!"

I've never had the chance to see the formula that my father and second brother came up with. Only a few days ago, when the Zhao Family sent people over to discuss the formula with father, I found the chance to see the formula by chance. If it was earlier, I could have prevented the emperor from releasing the formula.

"After royal father got the prescription, he asked the imperial court to study it. The imperial court only said that the formula was exquisite, but did not know if it was really effective against the plague, and only knew that it was harmless to the human body. In order to pacify the people, royal father immediately ordered people to collect the medicinal ingredients. Xiao Hua, what's wrong with the prescription? "

However, the people of Jiangnan are more close to the water source and eat fish meat and seafood. If you use the recipe, you will experience severe diarrhea after two days, and your body will be very weak, so why are you hollowed out? "" I don't know.

Princess An Jing stood up and paced around the great hall anxiously, "Ning Hua, what should we do about this matter? There are so many people in Jiangnan, we can't just sit by and watch as something happens to them."

With a solemn expression, Shen Ninghua nodded his head and said, "We'll first look for His Highness the Second Prince, then he'll lead the way to look for the Emperor."

Looking at Shen Ninghua's complicated expression, it was hard to tell what kind of contribution he had made in treating the commoners of Jiangnan. Shen Ninghua seeking her second brother was equivalent to giving this credit to the Imperial Family, so why did she do this?

Shen Ninghua smiled faintly and said, "Princess is curious why I didn't personally go to the Emperor and obtain this achievement?"

"That's right, I've heard about it too. Although you are the direct descendant of the Shen family, your situation isn't good. With this contribution, you no longer need to be looked down upon."

Shen Ninghua's smile didn't seem to mind at all. "If you're not valued, then you won't be used. It's quite relaxing."

Baili'an raised his head abruptly, looking at Shen Ninghua's carefree smile. Suddenly, he had the same feeling. She was also not being pampered. Although she was resentful at times, she was still glad to see the other sisters who were used to marry each other. However, as a princess of the royal family, she should shoulder her responsibilities and take things one step at a time.

"Xiao Hua, I will send someone to get the Second Imperial Brother. Please wait for a moment."

The sound of steady footsteps came from the door. Baili JinChuan walked in with a serious face, "There's no need to look for me. I'm here."

Shen Ninghua's eyes flashed. He was not the least bit surprised that he would appear at this time. "Greetings to His Imperial Highness Second Prince."

Baili JinChuan walked in front of her, seriously looking at Shen Ninghua, as if he was trying to engrave her appearance into the depths of his heart.

Shen Ninghua maintained a half-squatting posture. If Baili JinChuan didn't scream, she would maintain her posture without moving at all. Only the faint, crisp sound of the footsteps above her head could be heard.

Baili JinChuan looked carefully at the young girl in front of him. She had bowed to him with a respectful attitude, but he felt empty inside. She was clearly in front of him, yet he felt as if she was far off in the distance. Even though the etiquette was perfect, it didn't mean that the person was obedient at all. It was impossible for people to touch, grasp, or grasp it tightly.

"Shen Ninghua, come with me to see the emperor."

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