Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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This time, not only Shen Dong, even Madame Zhao raised her head in shock. They all knew that Shen Xuan Ye was currently researching about the prescription, and the Zhao Family had the empress, so it wasn't strange for them to know about it. However, asking Shen Xuan Ye to show the formula to the Zhao Family was wrong!

Shen Dong's expression was stiff, "Mother, the treatment method for the plague, the royal family ordered the entire hospital to study it for more than 10 years, but there has been no progress until now." Although Xuan Ye learned some medical skills from Master Chen, she still can't compare with the imperial physician. He … "

"Young Master Shen, I never speak empty words. Since I dared to speak out, I already know a few things, you are currently the prime minister, but you are only a prime minister. Whether or not you can eat some things depends on your own appetite."

Shen Dong's eyes sank, "What do you mean?"

"The recipe to cure the plague can save thousands of people. Once the people know that the prescription was from your Shen family, the Shen family can definitely rely on the gratitude of tens of thousands of people to jump up. It's not impossible for their reputation to surpass our Zhao family's." Madam Feng looked coldly at the sunlight shining in from the door. "At that time, how could the Imperial Family possibly sit idly by?"

Shen Dong slightly clenched his teeth. He knew that the Feng Family's words were reasonable, but how could he be willing to accept such a massive contribution?

Seeing that he seemed to have changed his mind, Madam Feng continued, "But our Zhao Family is different. Our Zhao Family is a royal relative, and the Empress is also the daughter of the Zhao Family. If the Empress is fine, our Zhao Family can be good, but you, who married us, can progress further."

Shen Ninghua lightly stroked his sleeves as a glint of light flashed across his eyes. Such thick skin. He obviously did the acts of a bandit, but he just had to put on a shiny outer shell. Truly shameless!

Shen Dong slightly shook his head: "Mother, if Xuan Ye was able to develop a cure for the plague, there would naturally be no problem, but it's a pity that his abilities are limited, and he still doesn't have any clues." Even if they had to compromise, they had to obtain the final benefits!

The smile on Madam Feng's lips was instantly smoothed over. "Since that's the case, then there's nothing else. Goodbye." You don't know what's good for you!

"Mother, I have prepared a feast. Why don't you leave after you're done eating?"

"I don't have that kind of luck, just ask Yun Xiang and Ling Han to send me off." With a cold snort, Madam Feng led Madam Zhao and Shen Ling Han away under the escort of a group of serving maidservants.

Shen Dong sat on the chair and rubbed his forehead tiredly. Shen Ninghua personally poured a cup of tea and served it to Shen Dong. "Father, have some tea and rest up."

Shen Ninghua's voice was neither slow nor slow, seemingly bringing with it a sense of comfort. Shen Dong raised his head to look at her and said, "Ninghua, I've wronged you for what happened today."

Shen Ninghua smiled and shook her head. "Grandmother misunderstood me, which is why she had such a prejudiced opinion. I can understand that." Understandable, but never forgiven.

"En," Shen Dong nodded his head in a gratified manner, then drank a mouthful of tea, "I originally knew that continuing to study the prescription would cause others to be envious, but I didn't expect others to not have any reaction. The Zhao Family couldn't hold back any longer. Once the medicinal formula is developed, it would be equivalent to stepping onto a grand path, and in the future … " Seemingly feeling that he said too much, Shen Dong abruptly stopped talking and raised his eyes to stare at Shen Ninghua.

"Father, don't worry too much. It's better to take care of your health. You are the master of the Shen family, and also the Emperor's servant of the Emperor's humerus. Now that our country is in danger, you should take care of yourself, in order to save thousands of lives."

Shen Dong nodded and looked at Shen Ninghua with a sigh. "Ninghua, you and your mother are becoming more and more similar."

Shen Ninghua's heart skipped a beat as she tried her best to keep her tone as calm as possible, "Mother, she … What kind of person is he? "

After a while, he raised his head and looked very tired: "You can go back now, the mansion hasn't been peaceful for the past two days, you should pay more attention to it."

Without hearing news of his mother from Shen Dong, Shen Ninghua felt a surge of anxiety. However, this was not the time to be impatient. She could only force herself to endure.

When she returned to Moon Lodge, the cyan sparrow and Hong Ling had already gotten up and were cleaning the house. Upon seeing her enter, all eyes lit up as they looked at her, "Miss, you're back."

Shen Ninghua paused, "Why did you guys get up? Relying on your good health, you dare to mess around?" You don't want this martial arts anymore, right? "

Hong Ling lowered her head, "Miss, we're not by your side, I'm afraid you're not used to it."

"Then I have to thank you?"

Hong Ling knew that Shen Ninghua was truly angry, so she immediately ran over to her and grimaced in pain, "Miss, please don't be angry. We heard that those people who hit us were all killed yesterday, so we were very happy inside, so we wanted to serve Miss and express our gratitude."

Shen Ninghua glared at her. "Alright, there's no need for you guys to express your gratitude. Hurry up and go back to your bed and apply the medicine twice more."

After settling down the four maidservants, Shen Ninghua sat on the soft couch by the window with a frown on her face.

Bai Yu's face was still pale. When he saw Shen Ninghua's worried expression, he asked softly, "Miss, did something happen in the front courtyard?"

"Nothing much, the matriarch of the Zhao Family, Madam Feng, is here."

"Zhao Family? Wouldn't that mean that the first and second young miss were going to be proud? "

Shen Ninghua did not answer, but Bai Yu and the rest could guess the outcome. The anger in her heart could not be quelled. How many things had Shen Linghan done to frame the young lady just because she had the Zhao Family backing her?

There was a movement at the door, and a vigorous figure suddenly jumped into the room.

"Brother Flowing Cloud, you're here?" Seeing the newcomer, Hong Ling immediately shouted in joy.

The man was dressed in a black warrior's robe, and his every move was vigorous and forceful. "Greetings, Miss."

Shen Ninghua smiled gently and replied, "Yes."

Liu Yun stood up and looked at Bai Yu's pale face, his eyes filled with concern. "Is Lady Bai Hou alright?"

"No matter how calm and composed Bai Yunxiao was, he still blushed." It's fine now. Thank you for your concern, Brother Flowing Cloud. "

Liu Yun nodded, and his tall stature gave off an awkward feeling: "It's fine … …" I helped you last night. I helped you guys vent your anger, those who were responsible for the caning were all eliminated by me. "

"Alright, you have to put in a lot of effort to teach Xuan Lin. Teach him some life-saving items, don't get implicated in the future."

"Yes, miss."

After Liu Yun left, Hong Ling giggled and teased Bai Yan, who glared at her several times.

Shen Ninghua, on the other hand, walked to the window and looked at the side of the courtyard. Mrs Zhao had been sent back, followed by two mama, Qian and Wu, who were left behind by Madam Feng.

"Miss, do you have something on your mind?" Bai Yu asked gently.

Shen Ninghua looked at Mrs Zhao's radiant face with emotionless eyes, as if she was an outsider. "With the Zhao Family here, as long as Zhao Yunxiang and Shen Linghan don't break the heavens, the Zhao Family will help them."

Hong Ling unjustly said, "Then did all of our hard work before go to waste?"

Bai Yu shook his head at her. At this time, it was better not to say anything to pacify her. Bi Zhu consoled her, "Miss, don't worry too much. Although we can't do anything to them now, they can't do anything to us. We'll just deal with them slowly in the future."

Shen Ninghua shook her head, the fire in her eyes seemed to reflect as she said, "Quick, slash this mess. I don't want to be trapped in the backyard of the Shen family. The only way for me to get out is to flatten this place."

"Miss, have you thought of a way?"

"The affairs in the imperial court are ever-changing. Compared to a prestigious Prime Minister, the Emperor is more fearful of the power of the outer court. Since the Zhao Family has a tyrannical power, then I'll destroy this day for them and see if they can withstand it or not!"

Bai Yan and the others felt a cold chill coming over, but their eyes were filled with determination. If Miss wanted to do something, they would do their best.

For the next seven days, the Shen family seemed calm on the surface, but in private, they were in a state of turmoil.

The atmosphere in the imperial court was getting colder and colder. The emperor, Baili Qingcun, had been furious many times. The officials were trembling with fear. Each and every one of them were like a flock of quail that had been drenched by the rain.

Chen Hu, who was staying in the Imperial Palace all day, had almost read all the medical books in the Imperial Court. However, even after exhausting so much energy, he still could not find any effective way to do so.

The pestilence in Pingcheng was getting worse and worse, and the number of casualties was uncountable.

After Shen Ninghua received the news, her brows tightly knitted together. The longer this dragged on, the more dangerous the city became. It was time for her to make her move.

After another two days, the entire atmosphere of the Great An Dynasty became anxious. Most of Jiangnan was already in danger, and the refugees were fleeing everywhere, hoping to find a way out.

The Zhao Family suddenly revealed a shocking piece of news. With the help of the head of the Zhao Family, Shen Xuan Ye had finally found a cure for the plague. As soon as this news was released, the emperor immediately summoned Zhao Kun, Shen Dong, Shen Xuanye, and other officials of various departments. After a day and a night, Shen Dong and Shen Xuan Zhu finally returned to the Shen family.

Shen Ninghua and the Su Family were sitting in the garden. When they saw the two people walking towards the study room with large strides, they both turned their heads around at the same time.

Only after a long while did the Su Clan raise the teacup and speak. "I just saw Big Brother and Xuan Ye's nephew. Presumably, the Shen Clan's happy occasion is about to happen."

Shen Ninghua raised her head. The Su Clan had a smile on their face, but that smile was extremely faint. If one were to carefully analyze it, they would be able to see the hidden worries behind it. "Aunt's expression doesn't seem happy."

Su Shi's finger swayed and some of the tea was poured onto the table. She said in a cold voice, "Heh, you're living a good life. But you insist on going to the hotpot to suffer. How can you make me happy?"

Shen Ninghua watched as the droplets of water on the table slowly dispersed before being dried by the wind. "Father wanted to use the wind to push himself upwards, but he forgot that sometimes, this wind is too strong and takes a person's life."

Su Shi sighed: "I heard that the Zhao Family wanted to get the prescription from Xuan Ye, and then there was no news about it. I thought it was Shen Xuan Ye who could not find the prescription, I didn't expect to hear such shocking news right after relaxing."

"The things that the Zhao Clan wants are things that can be found in the Deep Palace. The amount of water in the Shen Clan is not enough for the Zhao Clan to see." How could Madam Feng be willing to let the Shen family take all the fat in front of them and send people to pester them, while Shen Dong did not dare to truly fall out with them, and could only try his best to gain benefits. Seeing that it was really time, the news of the formula was revealed, and the two families had a good plan in mind.

Madam Su looked at the peonies flourishing by the stairs and faintly sighed. "That's right."

Shen Ninghua's lips curled up slightly, her beautiful face turned transparent under the sunlight. "I'm fine with being greedy, but don't hold back when you eat this big biscuit. Aunt need not worry too much, just watch.

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