Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Shen Ninghua cast a cold glance at him and said, "The First Madam has been looking for trouble with me. Now that you've sent my information to her, I'm afraid she's waiting for me at Moon Pavilion with her people."

Chu Junyi smiled mysteriously. "Congee Hua, we are in a cooperative relationship after all. How could I possibly harm you?"

Shen Ninghua looked at his peerless face and furrowed her brows out of habit. "That face of yours is really too flashy."

Chu Junyi looked at him helplessly. "Congee Hua, this is my true appearance."

"Impossible," Shen Ninghua frowned. "Didn't you show me your true appearance that day?"

Chu Junyi walked up to Shen Ninghua and placed her hand in his. With a mocking glint in her eyes, she said, "Can't you identify it for yourself?"

Shen Ninghua carefully probed it with her hand and asked with interest, "How did you do it?" You lied to me back then? "

"At first, I was not lying to you. Rather, I was using you to test out my disguise skills." Chu Junyi was quite proud of her success in tricking Shen Ninghua.

"What is your relationship with the Qi family in the Southern Wilderness?" It was said that for generations, the Qi Family had studied the art of disguising themselves. Since the birth of the child, the parents had changed the child's appearance, and when the child grew up and changed his own appearance, some people had never even seen his true appearance before.

Chu Junyi smiled, "You'll find out soon enough. I've asked you to meet someone. Ye Yi, come out."

Shen Ninghua turned to look at the person who walked in. Ye Yi had actually disguised himself to look like Chu Junyi was in the Xiao family.

"Greetings, mistress Shen. Greetings, Miss Shen."

Shen Ninghua understood Chu Junyi's intentions immediately. "You made Ye Yiyi act like you were before, that is, temporarily taking over your activities in the capital. You intend to go to Pingcheng yourself?"

"Right." Chu Junyi stood by the window, and the incoming breeze caused him to squint in satisfaction. His words caused Shen Ninghua's heart to sink. "The pestilence of the city has already begun."

"What?" Shen Ninghua was taken aback. "It's only been ten days, how could he be so fast?"

"The Pan River had destroyed the mountain, and many of the animals on the mountain had drowned. Even if people died, they wouldn't be able to bury them, let alone the animals. "The plague is caused by the carcasses of animals. I estimate that by tomorrow at the latest, news will be sent back to the capital." Chu Junyi turned to look at Shen Ninghua with a grave expression on her face. "Ninghua, I need the real prescription."

Shen Ninghua remained silent for a while before turning around to walk behind a nearby desk. She picked up a brush and quickly wrote on it. A quarter of an hour later, she stopped writing and said, "This is the complete prescription. It won't be a problem to treat the plague."

Chu Junyi's eyes lit up as she accepted the prescription.

Shen Ninghua said, "The first prescription is the most complete one. There are a lot of different types of herbs, causing the water in Ping City to be seriously affected. To gather all these herbs in one go will take a long time." The second was a simplified version of the prescription. The medicinal effects were slightly worse, but the medicinal ingredients required were also simple and could temporarily alleviate the symptoms. The third medicinal formula is the simplest, and can only be used as a precaution. "

Chu Junyi looked at the three papers in her hands as though they were precious treasures. "Ninghua, I don't know how to thank you." The recipe for the plague was priceless. If Shen Ninghua could be handed over to the emperor, who knew how many benefits he could get.

Shen Ninghua laughed without a care, "Since we are cooperating well, I'll give you the prescription." I don't need your thanks, I just hope that you won't bring me any trouble. "

Chu Junyi put the prescription away carefully. "Don't worry, this won't just be a disaster, it'll also be a great merit. I can see that your heart is no longer with the Shen family. But sometimes, a family is not something you can break away from just because you want to. If you want to safely escape from the Shen family, then you need a brand-new identity. This is a good opportunity. "

Shen Ninghua shook her head, "I understand what you mean, but I don't need any other identity." The higher her status was, the more troublesome it would be for her. She could easily obtain an identity with the help of the royal family, but she did not want to be tied up with the royal family.

"This matter is not urgent. We'll act after the city has settled down." Chu Junyi looked out at the sky. "It's about time. Let me show you what a good show it is."

"What good show?"

"You'll know when we get there." Chu Junyi instructed Ye Yi to return to the Xiao family before grabbing Shen Ninghua by the waist and leaping down from the building.

The wind whistled past his ears, and Shen Ninghua's heart skipped a beat. She tightened her grip on Chu Junyi.

Feeling her emotions, Chu Junyi's eyes warmed. She chuckled softly and said, "Hehe, I'm not afraid."

Shen Ninghua landed on the ground with a tense expression on his face. He pushed Chu Junyi aside and walked towards the door. Chu Junyi chuckled softly and followed her at a leisurely pace.

At this moment, on the road leading back to the Shen family, two carriages were smashed to pieces. The reins of the two carriages were cut off and the horses that were pulling them had disappeared without a trace.

The ground was littered with blood. The sound of weapons clashing could be heard as a group of people continued to fight.

Chu Junyi had hidden Shen Ninghua in a nearby attic. He frowned as he looked at the scenery below. "Did you arrange for that carriage to carry the Shen family's insignia?"

Hmm, from the moment your carriage entered the palace, there were already people following you. I had some people secretly watch over them and discovered that they were lying in ambush on the road leading to the palace, so I had them bring you to my residence. Then, I ordered people to use the carriage as a camouflage to continue heading back to the Shen family.

"Do you know who intercepted me?"

"We should know very soon." Chu Junyi looked down at the raging battle below. "I had some people leave him alive."

As the two drew closer, Chu Junyi's breath drifted to Shen Ninghua's ear. She felt uncomfortable, but when she turned to look at Chu Junyi, his eyes were focused on the battle below. He didn't seem to be paying attention at all, which made him feel like he was thinking too much.

"The Shen family must be in a mess right now. Send me back while you're still in a mess. If you find out the identity of the person responsible for the assassination, send someone to inform me."

"If you go back now, the First Lady will definitely have prepared a trap for you."

Shen Ninghua lightly smiled and said, "Right now, it has been about two hours since I left the palace. She received the message and then made the arrangements. It should be about time, and if we go back late, it won't be good. "

"Okay, then I'll send you back first. I'll get Ye Yi to send you some news when I get some." Chu Junyi grabbed her and jumped down from the roof, away from the street where the battle was taking place. They soon arrived at the Shen family's courtyard. "I'm leaving for Ping City tonight, so I won't say my goodbyes."

Shen Ninghua nodded and said, "Yes, I understand."

Shen Ninghua turned around and said, "I almost forgot. Pay more attention to the news about Yun Chuan and let me know when you find him." Chu Junyi's chest tightened, and as she finished her sentence, she sighed. With a smile, she said, "Be careful in the Shen household."

"Mm, I understand, you …" Have a safe trip. " After Shen Ninghua finished speaking, she strode around the wall and headed towards the back door of the Shen family.

Chu Junyi's lips curled up in a smile as she heard the last few words. Her white robe disappeared in a flash.

Shen Ninghua turned around to look at him before quickly leaving.

The back door was suddenly knocked. The boy dozing near the door was awakened and almost rolled onto the ground. He immediately scolded with his vertical eyes, "Who is it? Why are you knocking? You're trying to push us to our deaths!"

Shen Ninghua slightly widened the space between his eyebrows, staring coldly at the attendant who opened the door.

When the manservant saw Shen Ninghua, his legs went soft and he kneeled down, "Eldest Miss … Eldest Miss, please spare my life. This servant was blind and did not know that it was you who knocked on the door. "

Shen Ninghua looked at him with downcast eyes. He took out a silver ingot from his sleeve and threw it in front of him. "Is there any activity in this mansion?"

"Reporting to Eldest Miss, this servant only heard Lady Wen call the old master to Moon Facing Residence. There was no other movement."

"Mm, you should guard the back door properly."

"Yes, yes, your servant accepts the order."

Madam Zhao definitely thought that something had happened to her on the way, and that she couldn't go back at this time. Thinking about it, she suddenly had an idea and turned her head, choosing an empty path as she walked towards Second Wife Su's courtyard.

At this moment, within Moon Facing the Moon and the Great Madam was standing beside Shen Dong, whose face was gloomy. Bai Yu, Qing Que, and the rest were kneeling on the ground. The atmosphere in the room was tense.

"Master, now that Ning Hua's whereabouts are unknown, we should send someone to look for her. I'll have these servants be under my supervision first." Mrs Zhao stared at the Cyan Sparrow on the ground, uncomprehending. These little bitches had helped Shen Ninghua quite a bit. As long as it fell into her hands, she wouldn't be able to live any longer!

Bai Yu raised his head and said respectfully, "Master, it's only right that Miss An Ran was invited to a banquet. However, she's two hours late. Perhaps she has some matters to attend on her way back, so her whereabouts aren't unknown."

Mrs Zhao looked at her coldly: "Bai Yu, you have been serving Ning Hua the entire time, I thought you were sincere. I didn't expect you to be so disrespectful to your master. Master, I don't think I can keep these servants alive. If they were to stay at Moon Viewing Residence, they might cause some trouble. "

Hong Ling clenched her teeth. If it weren't for the little miss, she would have kicked the Zhao family out of Moon Pavilion!

"Master, Madam, this servant and the rest are very loyal to Miss, even if they die for Miss, they have no complaints." Master, Madam, this servant and the rest are very loyal to Miss, even if they die for Miss, they have no complaints.

Mrs Zhao's face turned red, she took a deep breath, suddenly held her stomach and leaned on Shen Dong: "Ah, my stomach..."

Shen Dong's face changed and he quickly ordered Wang Fu, "Go get a doctor."

Mrs Zhao weakly leaned on Shen Dong, her eyes filled with tears: "Old master, I, as your official wife, have always been thinking for the sake of congee. Now, you even dare to question me like this, what face do I have … …. "In the future, the child in my stomach will be born. I might even be ridiculed by others. If that's the case, I might as well not let him be born."

"What nonsense are you talking about? The child in your stomach is also my, Shen Dong's, son. I'll punish whoever dares to disrespect him!" Someone, drag these bold maidservants down and beat them up to thirty pieces!

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