Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Shen Ninghua's eyes turned serious as she stepped onto the light boat. The small boat approached the main building in the center of the water's surface at a steady pace.

The closer they got to the main building, the more obvious the refreshing feeling became. When Shen Ninghua walked into the main building, the shock in his heart became even more intense. This was not a bamboo building, but a jade building!

The two-story building was not made of bamboo, but a green jade similar to bamboo, made from a piece of jade carved into the shape of bamboo. Inside the jade building, there was white jade on the floor. The tables, chairs, chairs, and other items were all expensive and exquisite. They were all carved out of various types of jade and even the cups used to drink tea were with Tian Baiyu.

The waiter who had served the tea had already left. Shen Ninghua looked around before saying in a deep voice, "I wonder who it is that wants to see me, why haven't you appeared yet?"

The sound of steady footsteps came from behind the jade screen. Shen Ninghua looked over and saw a slender man in green slowly walking out. He was tall and handsome, with a scholarly air around him. His eyes were especially warm.

The man smiled faintly as warmth filled his eyes. "Please forgive me for the intrusion, Miss Shen."

"I wonder why the young master has invited me here?"

"I am Ye Yi, Miss Shen, you can call me by my name. I wonder if I can call you congealed? "

His voice was gentle, carrying a trace of gentleness and pampering. He believed that as long as it was a woman, she would not be able to reject his request. However, Shen Ninghua was not an ordinary woman.

The man who called Ye Yi paused for a moment and no longer continued to pester her. His expression was still warm as he said, "Miss Shen, I presumptuously invited you here this time to ask you a question."

"What is it?"

Ye Yi slightly paused, a trace of helplessness flashed across his handsome face: "I believe Miss Shen has also heard. The city was flooded, and the people were displaced, the weather is now very hot, if there is no effective way to save the disaster, perhaps a great disaster will happen right in front of you. Could it be that Miss Shen wants to watch as thousands of citizens perish?"

Shen Ninghua slightly raised her brows. "I'm just a lady from a pavilion, I can't save the lives of tens of thousands of commoners."

"Why are you being modest, Miss Shen? If you are willing, you can definitely save us."

Shen Ninghua sneered, "The king has decreed that the relief should be done by you. I don't have to be so impatient to let you down. If you have nothing else to say to me, I will take my leave."

Ye Yi's smile remained on his face as he waited for Shen Ninghua to reach the door before he spoke, "This place is surrounded by water, and the boat will only be here after an hour. Why don't Miss Shen sit down and chat with me?"

Shen Ninghua turned around to look at him, a chill flashing through her heart. The fingers inside her sleeves moved slightly.

Ye Yi held the teacup, and slightly lowered his head to admire the smoke rising from the teacup, his voice carried a gentle tone, "I know Miss Shen is good at using poison, but don't act rashly. These jade stones are not ordinary jades, they have been specially made with medicinal water, and can cure a hundred poisons."

Shen Ninghua sneered and asked in an indifferent tone, "Really?" Did Lord Ye feel anything strange? "

Ye Yi raised his head, his deep eyes staring straight at Shen Ninghua. "Miss Shen is talking about the kind of powder that would make one's entire body feel powerless? Why wouldn't Miss Shen believe me? I've said it before, poison is useless to me, so you don't have to worry about it. Shall we talk about the city? "

Shen Ninghua was in a stalemate with him for a short while. Seeing that the Muscle Meridian Powder really had no effect on him, he walked back and said, "Like I said earlier, I can't do anything about Ping Cheng. You found the wrong person."

"Miss Shen is actually unwilling to interfere in the matters of Ping City. Then how about the rare medicinal formula that the Shen family gave to the Emperor recently?"

"You also said that it was contributed by the Shen family. Such an important secret is even more unclear to me." Shen Ninghua frowned.

"Miss Shen need not be modest. Since I invited you here, it means that I have investigated the truth of the matter. Since you were the one who provided the medicine for the Shen family, then you definitely know of the prescription, and I will not beat around the bush. If I want the prescription, then just speak of it."

Shen Ninghua laughed and said, "Lord Ye is too arrogant. I am now the direct descendant of the Shen family, and you can do what I can't? If you are really that powerful, you would have just snatched the prescription from the Shen family or the royal family and even used all kinds of methods to kidnap a weak girl like me? "

"Very well, let me put it this way. First, do you think you can destroy the Hundred Miles Faction?"

Ye Yi's expression changed, "Hundred Miles?" You have enmity with the royal family? Although Great An is in turmoil right now, it can still be considered a peaceful country. It is impossible for you to overturn the imperial government. "

Shen Ninghua smiled and said, "Then let's change another one. Is it possible for you to destroy the Zhao Family?"

"The Zhao family has the support of the empress. The empress is in high spirits right now. If …"

"Then let's change another one and destroy the Shen family. There won't be any problems with this, right?"

Ye Yi's expression was still warm, but the temperature in his eyes dropped. "Miss Shen never thought of giving me the prescription at all, right?"

"Wrong!" Shen Ninghua stood up and looked at him coldly, "The three conditions I mentioned, if you can do any of them, I'll hand over the prescription with both hands. It's a pity, you don't have the ability, and yet you want to pretend to be a ghost instead. Why don't you call your backer out?"

The gentleness on Ye Yi's face also disappeared. "What do you mean, Miss Shen?"

Shen Ninghua scoffed, "At the beginning, I really believed that you were the real owner of this Jade Tower, but unfortunately, you were too anxious later on." Although the room was decorated extravagantly, the various types of jades still gave people a feeling of elegance and comfort. It was clear that the owner was a naturally gentle person. At first, you pretended very much, but then you exposed yourself. "

"Just by this alone, you can confirm that I'm not the real owner of this place?" Ye Yi raised his eyebrows with a look of unwillingness on his face.

Shen Ninghua spoke again, "Do you still need to prove anything?" Then I'll just say a few more words. There was a faint sandalwood fragrance in the room and there weren't many incense sticks left in the incense burner. This meant that the incense had been lit for at least two hours. When you came out, you didn't smell like any spices at all. Also, when you were sitting at the table, the stool was clearly too far from the table, and you even moved a little forward. This room was so exquisite, and the servants it served were extremely meticulous in their manners. It couldn't be that they were confused about the position of the stools and the master's habits, right? The most important thing is that every time you talk to me, even though your eyes are warm, you are still looking at the screen beside us. "

"Alright." A gentle voice came from behind the screen.

Shen Ninghua looked over and saw a man in white clothes walking out from behind a screen. His white clothes looked ethereal, and his handsome face had a jade-like hue to it. For a moment, he just stood there quietly. It was as if his entire person could shine, making it hard for anyone to forget him.

Shen Ninghua stared blankly for a moment before immediately saying, "So I was thinking of what kind of master would use so many precious jade stones to decorate their house. Now I know, that's the only way you can use these magnificent jade stones to your advantage."

Ye Yi had already stood up and respectfully stood at the side. The white clothed man slightly waved his hand and hurriedly left.

The man sat on the stool and personally poured a cup of tea before handing it to Shen Ninghua.

The joints of his ten fingers were clear like jade. Holding a teacup made out of white jade, he forcefully fought over the jade color. "Please, Miss Shen."

His wide sleeves were placed in one corner on the table, and the sleeves were embroidered with gold and silver threads that formed a hidden cloud pattern. As his actions moved, a noble aura spread out, and it did not have an overbearing aura, making one feel ashamed and not dare to offend him in the slightest, lest it tarnish the eyes of the person in front of them.

Shen Ninghua frowned in her heart. The man in front of her was indeed breathtaking, but other than that, she felt a sense of familiarity with him. She had definitely never seen this person before, but why was there such a familiar feeling?

"May I know how to address you, young master?"

"Mo Junqing." The man watched her as she spoke. The smile on his face slowly revealed itself. The gentle smile combined with his incomparably handsome face instantly made the surroundings feel as if they were in a beautiful sea of flowers.

The familiar feeling in his heart became clearer, but he could not think of anything. Shen Ninghua asked, "Have we met before?"

The man's fingers tightened around the teacup. "Why do you say that, Miss Shen?"

"I just feel that you're very familiar with it."

Mo Junqing smiled, but started to talk about something else, "Miss Shen must have met someone just now. Ever since Old General Xiao went on the rescue, everyone's attention was focused on the Shen family. Although you entered the palace under the protection of Princess An Jing, anyone who wants to know about it will know, why don't you choose a most advantageous partner, Miss Shen."

Shen Ninghua looked at him. "The most advantageous opponent?" "Is Young Master Mo talking about himself?"

"No, I'm talking about General Xiao's adopted son, Chu Junyi."

Chu Junyi? Shen Ninghua's heart skipped a beat as he raised his head to look at Mo Junqing.

"Why is Miss Shen looking at me like that?"

Shen Ninghua gave a cold laugh. "No wonder I'm so familiar with you. We've actually met before." "How long are you going to keep pretending?"

Mo Junqing was puzzled, "What is Miss Shen talking about?"

He looked confused, but Shen Ninghua didn't seem to care. Shen Ninghua spoke affirmatively, "Chu Junyi, you're quite capable to make such a face. I've seen your true face, and if you didn't trust my feelings, I'd have let you fool me. Say it, why did you go to so much trouble to find me?"

"Mo Junqing" met Shen Ninghua's gaze. After a long while, he dejectedly put down his teacup and said, "I've already disguised myself to this extent, you can tell?"

Shen Ninghua snorted coldly, ignoring his words.

"Hmm? Speaking of which, Xiao Hua, you discovered that it was me so quickly, and even said that you believed the feelings in your heart. Could it be that I hold a special place in your heart?

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