Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Shen Ninghua didn't expect that her words would cause Baili JinChuan to have a lot of thoughts. Although she had told Chu Junyi about the situation in the city, she still had to find an extra helper just in case. In terms of timing and strength, Baili JinChuan was the perfect candidate.

As a prince, Baili JinChuan was able to control his emotions in the shortest amount of time. He suppressed his emotions and changed the topic, "Ninghua, do you have someone you love?"

Hearing this question, Shen Ninghua paused for a moment before raising his brows, "Does this question have anything to do with the Second Prince's decision?"

Baili JinChuan gently smiled, "It doesn't matter. However, this is not the first time we are cooperating. Consider this question as a question that I asked as my friend. I don't know if you can tell me."

Shen Ninghua snickered in her heart. What's going on with these people? They're all paying attention to her life and death matter now.

"Got it."

Baili JinChuan's eyes lit up as a dark cloud appeared in his heart, "Can you tell me who it is?"

"It's inconvenient to tell."

Baili Jinchuan did not insist on an answer. Hearing her words, he did not ask any further, "I've already made up my mind."

"Oh? Which one does the Second Prince choose? "

"I choose the former. As long as my reputation is established, I will not have to worry about not being able to control Jiangnan. "

Shen Ninghua looked at the high-spirited Baili Jin Chuan and smiled, "Since that's the case, then Second Prince, you should prepare yourself. Can I go back now? "

"I'm afraid it's still not enough. I've said that my royal sister is inviting you. If you go back after a while, you can easily find out if someone checks."

Shen Ninghua nodded her head and said, "Since that's the case, I'll stay here for a meal before leaving. I don't have the opportunity to eat the things in the palace often."

Baili JinChuan smirked, "Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities." What wouldn't she eat when she married him? In the future, when he ascended to the level of a great treasure, even dragon liver and phoenix pith would be within his reach. As long as she wanted to, he could find them for her.

Shen Ninghua didn't even lift an eyelid as she thought in her heart. These princes were too conceited, thinking that with their high status, it was only right for others to cry and shout for them to marry them? She really didn't care that much about it. It would be better to just find a random student to marry to avoid spending so much effort on it.

After Hundred Miles Jin Chuan left, Princess An Jing sat opposite Shen Ninghua, seemingly a little reserved. She said, "Miss Shen, do you have anything you'd like to eat? I'll get someone to bring it over to the kitchen."

Shen Ninghua smiled and said, "Being able to eat the imperial cuisine has already been a blessing in disguise for several lifetimes. How could Ninghua dare to pick and choose again? It's enough for Princess to make a decision."

Baili'an nodded his head. After he finished instructing the palace maids, he lowered his eyes. The uneasiness in his heart could not dissipate no matter how much he lowered it. Due to the strange smell on her body, apart from the personal servants and wet nurses that had been serving her since she was young, she rarely got close to anyone else. Even her royal brother, Baili JinChuan, wasn't familiar with her.

Moreover, she didn't know why, but even though Shen Ninghua was only a direct descendant of the Prime Minister's Manor, she could feel waves of pressure coming from her body, making it even harder for her to let go.

Shen Ninghua asked, "The princess hasn't been in good health since she was born, right?"

Baili'an paused, lifting his head and glancing at her. He saw that Shen Ninghua's gentle expression seemed to carry a hint of concern, but he did not offend her, "Miss Shen, you want to say that I have a bad smell. It's true, I've carried it with me since I was born."

"Didn't the princess go to the imperial physician for a closer look?"

Baili An smiled bitterly, "The palace has invited all the imperial physicians that can be invited. Even the Chen Courtyard has been invited countless times, but no one has been able to find out where the stench came from." She had heard of foxes amongst the common folk, but they could still be covered up. Not only was the stench of her body extremely pungent, but it was also extremely strong.

Thinking of this, Baili Yu paused. Shen Ninghua had been sitting face to face with her for a very long time. Could it be that she didn't feel any discomfort at all?

"Miss Shen, you..."

Shen Ninghua's smile was gentle. "Princess, are you curious why I'm not affected?"

"Right, normally, just being by my side for a quarter of an hour wouldn't be able to take it."

Shen Ninghua stood up. "Princess, you should have heard that I went to the villa to recuperate due to ill health. I had to recuperate for nearly a year before I got better." "Although my body is in good condition, my sense of smell is a bit slow."

Baili An nodded, "Yes, I heard from second brother that you were poisoned?"

"That's right," Shen Ninghua nodded. "Back then, my skin was dark and my entire person was incomparably ugly. I was simply neither human nor ghost. However, later on, I met an old doctor who treated me in the manor and he said that I was extremely lucky. I asked him why, and he said that if it wasn't for my skin being so dark, I'm afraid I would have died a long time ago. "

"Why do you say that?" Baili An was confused.

"He said that some people who are poisoned do not necessarily die, because the poison may be special and there may be a certain way to release the poison. My skin was dark because the poison was on my skin, and it was this cushion that allowed me to survive. The old doctor also said that after being poisoned by the strange poison, there were many other symptoms. Some were bad at handling, some were foolish like children, and some had a foul smell to their bodies! "

"What?" Baili'an suddenly stood up. His sleeves inadvertently brushed against the teacup on the table, causing it to drop onto the ground and roll to the side with a 'peng' sound.

The palace maid's questioning immediately sounded from the entrance: "Princess, is there anything you need?"

"It's alright. I accidentally touched the teacup. I had an intimate encounter with Miss Shen so I was prepared to chat with her for a long time. Without my permission, no one is allowed to disturb us!"

"Yes, this servant understands."

Baili An slowly sat down and took a few deep breaths before asking with a trembling voice, "Miss Shen, is what you said true?"

Shen Ninghua had a faint smile on her face. "Why would you lie about something like this?"

"Then... That is to say, the reason why my body stinks is because I was infected by a strange poison? " Baili'an gazed at Shen Ninghua with an urgent expression, afraid that she would deny his words.

"Princess, if you don't mind, can you allow me to take a pulse?" Shen Ninghua asked.

"Naturally." Baili'an lifted up his sleeves, extending them in front of Shen Ninghua.

Shen Ninghua slightly smiled. She still took the handkerchief and placed it on top of her head before she climbed up to touch Princess Tranquil East's veins.

Baili An did his best to not let himself lose control, but the nervousness in his heart almost made her unable to maintain her expression. Just as Shen Ninghua retracted his hand, she impatiently asked, "Miss Shen, was I poisoned?"

Shen Ninghua paused for a moment before smiling and nodding, "Although my medical skills are shallow, but I can be sure that the reason why Princess has such a foul odor, is indeed because of the poison."

"Then is there a solution?"

"As long as there are medicinal herbs to concoct the antidote, it can be cured!"

Baili'an covered his mouth, tears rolling down his cheeks. Despite exerting all his strength, he could not stop his sobbing from coming out.

After so many years of bearing strange gazes, she was obviously a noble princess, but she was as lowly as mud. How could she not feel wronged? Today, hearing that she was poisoned and that the poison could be cured, she couldn't help but cry. However, when she thought of the palace maids guarding outside, she couldn't help but bite her sleeve and suppress her emotions.

After roughly a quarter of an hour, Hundred Miles finally managed to calm down.

"Miss Shen, I've let you down, I'm really too happy."

Her voice was a little hoarse from crying, but she had an extremely good expression on her face as she hoped to get rid of the worry in her heart.

Looking at the lively Baili'an, Shen Ninghua half-joked, "The princess has a noble identity. Don't be too agitated, otherwise, I won't be able to leave the palace."

"Although I am not favoured, I can still protect you. How could I let my benefactor be harmed?" Baili Ran dried his tears as he smiled and said.

"Right now, I still don't dare to accept the princess' thanks. You should thank me after I dispel the poison from your body."

"If you need any medicinal herbs, just write them down. I'll have someone prepare them for you."

"The medicinal ingredients required weren't too expensive, but the variety and process of detoxification required a very long time. Presumably the princess also knows that your poison isn't easy to cure. Otherwise, the imperial physicians wouldn't have failed to diagnose you as well. "

"Mm." Baili An nodded. She naturally thought of this, "How long would it take?"

"If the treatment is good, three months is enough."

Shen Ninghua smiled and said, "Then I'll thank the princess first."

The two chatted for a long time over lunch until the palace maid reminded them to send Shen Ninghua out reluctantly.

Not long after leaving the palace, the carriage headed towards a remote area.

Shen Ninghua's eyes turned cold as she coldly asked the coachman, "You're not going back to the Shen family, right?"

The coachman waved his whip to make the carriage travel faster, "Miss, do not panic. My master wants to see you. Everything has been arranged. The Shen family does not need to worry."

Shen Ninghua's heart skipped a beat. This person had an arrogant tone, the Shen family did not need to worry about it. If he was not too arrogant, or too confident, then who was this coachman talking about?

The carriage continued to move forward, and only stopped after an hour had passed.

The driver stepped forward and tapped the bronze bracelet three times. Immediately, a voice came from inside the door, "It's late. Who's knocking on the door?"

The coachman replied, "We will drink the water from the spring."

The door creaked open, and the coachman stepped back as he respectfully greeted Shen Ninghua, "Please, Miss Shen."

Shen Ninghua walked in with a calm expression.

The front yard was very ordinary, and looked no different from any other rich family. When she walked around the corridor in front of her to the back yard, she immediately stopped.

The water color was reflected into his eyes, and the sunlight shined upon him.

The backyard was extremely wide, and three-quarters of the area was filled with water, forming a small lake. At the center of the lake, about ten meters from the shore, a bamboo house could be seen.

Shen Ninghua stood still as a small boat came rowing over.

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