Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Mrs Zhao was released, she became the mistress of the Shen family's backyard, and relied on the child in her belly to suppress the anger of all the aunts.

Everything seemed to return back to how it was when Shen Ninghua first came to the Shen family. At least, the First Madam's people were once again acting arrogantly. A few of them even tried to use this opportunity to disrespect Shen Ninghua, trying to make things difficult for her from time to time. As the crowd watched this scene, all sorts of thoughts ran through their minds. Many of them chose to rely on Mrs Zhao to help her suppress Shen Ninghua.

Bai Yu wrapped Shen Ninghua's ten fingers with a thin white gauze, moving extremely carefully.

Hong Ling opened her mouth and looked at him. She couldn't help but shake her head and sigh. "Ah, only big sister Bai Yan can do such a thing. If I was trembling, I would have made Miss's dyed nails blur."

Bai Yu was startled by Hong Ling's sudden outburst. Fortunately, the white muslin had already wrapped itself around Bai Yu's head, so nothing had happened. After washing his hands, he directly poked a finger at Hong Ling's forehead.

Hong Ling took in a cold breath and covered her forehead in grief: "Isn't this nothing, I saw you were about to finish wrapping the gauze before I spoke."

Shen Ninghua smiled at them and let them play around by the side. She carefully sized up the porcelain bottles on the table, carefully planning out which medicine to rub on her nails later.

Bi Zhu brought in the bird's nest and said, "Miss, your servant will go and fetch your bird nest today. I just happened to meet with First Madam's people and even her nest was taken away. This is something that this servant once again ordered someone to do."

Bai Yan and Hong Ling immediately stopped laughing and their faces turned ugly.

"Miss, in the next few days, whenever I meet with the head lady's men, there will always be some trouble."

Shen Ninghua laughed without a care, "The First Madam is pregnant with her child. With this protective talisman, why wouldn't she be arrogant when she has the qualifications?"

Hong Ling curled her lips, "Miss, what you said is true, but why do we have to suffer her anger all the time? You don't even know how infuriating those servants are, if I didn't see last time, the cloud brocade that Miss left outside would have been defiled by them."

Shen Ninghua was not the least bit angry, "Those servants' eyes are still shallow. How many smart people would act like the First Wife?"

Hong Ling was stunned for a moment, and then began to think carefully.

There had been many servants and servants messing around with the madame recently, but most of them were still respectful towards the young mistress, even fearful of her.

"The First Madam thought that with her pregnancy, she would be able to call the wind and summon the rain in the Shen family's backyard, but it is a pity that she can't see the abyss beneath her feet. If she was smart, she would be able to endure in seclusion at this time. After the child was born, she could properly save her father's heart. Perhaps, she might really be able to regain her former glory. Unfortunately, she was too impatient. Right now, the child in her stomach is only a little more than a month old. It's not certain if she will be able to give birth to a boy or a girl. Shen Ninghua said coldly.

Hong Ling nodded her head again and again, extending her head in front of Shen Ninghua and saying in a small voice, "You're right, Miss. Do you want me to get rid of that child?"

Shen Ninghua raised a hand and pushed her head to the side. "Although I hate the First Wife, it's unlikely for me to make a move against an unborn child." There was hatred in her heart, but it was not enough to make her lose her sense of nature. If it wasn't for the fact that Shen Ling Han caused her to die miserably, she wouldn't have taken her life since they both had the same blood in the Shen family.

There was a thread in her heart. If she didn't step on that line and remained motionless, if she stepped on it or even crossed it, she would definitely make that person pay, no matter who it was! Feeling the baleful aura coming from Shen Ninghua's body, Hong Ling's heart trembled. "Miss, your servant said the wrong thing."

Shen Ninghua suppressed her emotions and said, "It's alright, it's not like the First Wife can let her be as arrogant as she likes. Go tell the kitchen that the mother is pregnant with a child right now, so we should pick the best food. I heard from Wang Fu that there's a good perch today, so the kitchen can pick the biggest one to send to the mother."

Hong Ling smiled and nodded. "Yes, this servant will go now."

Noon, Shen Ninghua had just woken up from her afternoon nap, when she heard a hubbub of noise coming from the courtyard. Not long later, Hong Ling ran over happily.

"Miss, master is angry and beat up all the servants in the first wife's room."

A trace of a smile flashed across Shen Ninghua's eyes. "Tell me about it."

"Yes," Hong Ling began to describe the situation vividly, "As instructed by the young mistress, I told the kitchen to give the biggest bass to the first lady. When the old lady was having lunch at noon, she saw that the bass fish on the table were much smaller than usual, so she asked about this matter. I didn't expect the servants in the first wife's room to eat the biggest bass together. They chatted and laughed as they ridiculed the old lady for being handicapped and so on. The old master got angry on the spot and all the servants were beaten up. "

Shen Ninghua sighed and said, "Father, what a coincidence." The first wife could not smell the fishy smell at the moment, so she naturally did not touch the bass. The first wife could not smell the fishy smell at the moment, so she naturally did not touch the bass. As long as the arrangements were made, the First Wife would not benefit.

"Hehe," Hong Ling laughed, "It's not that the old master can make it in time, it's just a coincidence from the old mistress' plan. The First Lady is mad now. "

"Mm, there's no need to worry about this matter."

Just as they were talking, Bai Yu came in with an invitation. "Miss, someone from the palace just came. He said that Princess An Ning is inviting you to the palace to attend a party. He even sent an invitation over."

Princess An Ning? Shen Ninghua took the invitation and looked at it. He muttered to himself irresolutely, "Bai Xiang prepared some gifts. Tomorrow, I'll bring them to Princess An Ran and give them to her as thanks for taking care of me."

"Yes, miss."

Shen Ninghua's entrance into the palace went without a hitch, to the point that she was somewhat surprised by the success. When the guards at the entrance found out her identity, they only glanced at her for a moment before letting her go without examining her. When they arrived at Princess An Ning's palace, there were palace maids waiting at the door. They welcomed her with smiles on their faces.

"Xiao Hua, you're here." Princess An Ning was sitting at the head of the table, dressed in palace attire. When she saw Shen Ning Hua enter, she greeted her with a smile.

"Your servant's daughter Shen Ninghua greets Your Highness."

Princess An Xi didn't approach. Instead, she instructed the palace maids to personally help Shen Ninghua up, arranging for her to sit down before serving her hot tea.

He wrinkled his brows, but didn't say anything. He only took out the gift that he had brought with him into the palace, "Last time I was under the princess's care, I had always wanted to express my gratitude, but I can't enter the palace as I please. I can only use the opportunity when the princess invites me to attend the banquet to bring the gift up."

After the palace maid received the gift, she let them leave. "I am truly sorry to have the audacity to invite Miss Shen here. Actually, it was not a banquet that I held, but someone wanted to see you."

Shen Ninghua smiled. He was afraid that Baili Jinchuan wanted to see him.

"May I know who is the one who will trouble the princess?"

"It's me. Miss Ning Hua won't be angry with me for seeing you in such a manner, right?"

Shen Ninghua's eyes glimmered, "I'm curious. Isn't it more convenient for the Second Prince to see me at the Shen family? Why did he have to put in so much effort and work so hard for Princess Tranquil East?"

"Special periods are often inconvenient, please forgive me." Baili JinChuan immediately called Shen Ninghua by his name.

"Special?" Shen Ninghua raised an eyebrow.

Baili JinChuan let out a heavy sigh, "Ning Hua should be able to sense it by now. Right now, the people are not worried about the upheaval in the country. There are many things that need our attention before doing."

Shen Ninghua interrupted him, "Even though there are some areas of Great An that are not peaceful, it can be said to be Hai Yan Qing. Second Prince's words are too serious."

This morning, Old General Xiao personally requested for orders from royal father that he would head to Ping City to provide relief. I feel that this matter is very unusual. If it were not for the fact that something big would have happened in Ping City, General Xiao would not have personally stepped in! " Baili JinChuan looked at Shen Ninghua. The spot between his eyebrows was like a green mountain, giving off an intimidating vibe.

Shen Ninghua sighed inwardly. It was truly a pity that such a person had died at the hands of Baili Jinze in the end.

"Shouldn't the Second Prince discuss this with his trusted aides? I am a woman, how can I understand the affairs of these countries. "

Shen Ninghua's expression slowly changed, his pitch-black pupils darkened as he asked, "What is the result that the Second Prince wants?"

"Result?" Baili JinChuan's eyes lit up, did she really know what to do?

"That's right, the result." Shen Ninghua's smile was faint, and there wasn't even the slightest ripple in his eyes. "Do you want to relieve the chaos, save thousands of people, and win the hearts of the people? Or do you want to create a chaotic world, take advantage of the situation, and use the nation's influence to scheme a great scheme?"

Baili JinChuan clenched his fist and asked in a suppressed voice, "What's the difference between the two?"

"If you choose the former, then support Old General Xiao in his investigation of the situation in Ping City." If you choose the latter, you would naturally stop him and let the situation in Ping City continue to develop. "

"I still don't understand."

Shen Ninghua laughed lightly. "The former saves the common people by saving the water and burning the fire, once your achievement spreads, it will be respected by all the people, and your prestige will also be of great help. If you compete with the other princes, you can compete with them by relying on your people's hearts! The latter might have been killed by the common folk, but he could use the chaos to meddle in Jiangnan. "Jiang Nan is a bounty of wealth. He can fill up one-third of the treasury just by paying a salt tax. He can basically control the throat of the entire country. Even if things fail in the future, he can still win by force and achieve his goals!"

Baili JinChuan's heart skipped a beat. He had many advisers under his command, so these two situations had naturally been mentioned before. However, Shen Ninghua was the first person who could move him like this! Looking at that peerlessly beautiful face, a ray of light flashed across his mind. This kind of girl could not fall into the hands of others!

The smile on Shen Ninghua's face deepened. Her beautiful smile was like a captivating poppy, "Prefecture Lord, have you decided? What are you going to choose? "

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