Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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It was early in the night when Chu Junyi entered the Moon Pavilion. She complained as soon as she entered, "Ninghua, you're still living in your courtyard with Mrs Zhao. Are you not afraid that she'll frame you by asking me here so blatantly?"

Hearing this, he suddenly came back to his senses, "Just let her frame me. Right now, the piece of meat in her stomach is more useful, she doesn't dare to be too cruel with her actions. If she was careless and tossed away, would father not eat her?"

Chu Junyi couldn't help but chuckle. She stretched lazily and said, "You're still the most comfortable here. It's much better than my courtyard." As he spoke, he lay down on the soft couch beside him. "Why have you called me here?"

Shen Ninghua put down the book in her hands, her eyes filled with seriousness, "You should have heard about the flood in Ping City."

"Well, I know that, and I heard the whole city was flooded. Why are you paying attention to this? "

Shen Ninghua lowered his gaze and said, "There will definitely be a plague after the calamity. If I'm not wrong, something big will definitely happen in Ping City."

The smile on Chu Junyi's face slowly faded, and a look of novelty appeared in her eyes as she looked at Shen Ninghua. Shen Ninghua's superb methods could only be described as clever, but if she had a unique understanding of the country's affairs, then she could be praised as a wondrous woman!

"Xiao Hua, how can you be so sure?"

Shen Ninghua was worried, so he didn't notice the change in Chu Junyi's expression. "The Pingcheng Three-sided Ring Mountain, the Panghe Crossing the Center, the northeast flow, and the southwest flow … Although the amount of water has always been great, because of the mountain range's obstruction, it's quite stable. Even if there's a flood, it's not serious. But this time, when the mountain falls, it can no longer block the water from flowing above. The entire city is completely engulfed by the flood."

Chu Junyi nodded. "You're right. No one would've thought that the mountains to the northeast of the city would be cut by the current."

Shen Ninghua knitted his brows tightly, "There are forty thousand people living in Ping City alone. Under the Pan River, Yang City, Xi City, Hengzhou … "These cities are the grain depots of the Great An Dynasty. If anything happens to them, one third of the people of Great An will starve!"

"You're right, but it shouldn't be too serious. The river below the Pan River is extremely wide, and there are very few floods." Chu Junyi pondered for a moment.

Shen Ninghua sneered, "Pan River broke its banks at night, causing the entire city to be flooded. Half of the city's 40,000 citizens were killed or injured, and even though the weather is now in the autumn, the temperature is still very high. If there was a plague in Ping City, half of the city's southern region would be turned into a graveyard!"

Chu Junyi's eyes widened in shock. "You're just talking about the worst case scenario, that shouldn't be the case. The emperor has already sent out his officials to save the disaster, and the food and herbs will be sent in a steady stream. The plague won't happen easily, are you thinking too highly of yourself?"

Shen Ninghua turned to look at him and said, "It would be best if I overthink things. What if …?" In his previous life, there had been a flood in Ping City. Although a lot of people had died, no one had thought that it would be this serious. The plague seemed to have broken out overnight, and the cities were devoid of people within three months.

Back then, in order to gain a good reputation, Baili Jinze had secretly searched for a lot of capable people to research and treat the plague. She accompanied him for seven days and seven nights without sleeping, looking for solitaries in medicine. When she gave him the prescription, he naturally took it to save the people of Jiangnan. After the plague disappeared, the people of Jiangnan almost treated Baili Jinze like a god. His strength had increased tremendously and he now had the ability to seize power.

This time, she wanted to use the prescription to cheat Shen Xuanye and the Zhao family. She didn't expect that a flood would break out in Ping City earlier than planned.

Chu Junyi was silent. She wasn't afraid of anything, just in case what Shen Ninghua had said really happened. The entire Big An would be forced into a corner, and the weak countries would be bullied by other countries. If that happened …

"Xiao Hua, do you have a way to solve this?"

"Just in case." Shen Ninghua slowly spat out a few words.

Chu Junyi stared fixedly at Shen Ninghua, a strange light in her eyes. Did she really have a way?

"How should I guard against it?"

"Your foster father, Xiao Jing, certainly isn't back yet. Old General Xiao is the most patriotic of them all. If you tell him about what happened in Ping City, he will definitely report it to the emperor." My big brother didn't offer a prescription, but one that can treat people who are about to die, not to mention giving them physical fitness. Since too many people died in the flood, and the corpses were not taken care of in time, the plague is born. Since that's the case, we shall do our best to save them, and if the Emperor supports us, we can take out the prescription and release it to the city below Pan He River.

Chu Junyi raised an eyebrow sarcastically. "Why would the royal family be willing to take it out?"

"Since I can't bear to part with the prescription, it would be even less troublesome if I were to take it as a medicine. The emperor knows what to do in the face of a disaster!"

"Ning Hua, are you concerned about the people of Ping City?" Chu Junyi's eyes were fixed on hers, and she longed to see her heart.

"I'm concerned about myself." Shen Ninghua's expression was cold. "It's just that there's a way to save some people, why not?"

Chu Junyi felt something was amiss with those words, but after some careful thought, she could not find anything out of place. "Ninghua, you are Prime Minister Shen's daughter. The destruction of the entire Jiangnan will not affect you. What do you want from it? Reputation or power? "

Shen Ninghua coldly glanced at him and said, "If I want fame, then the prescription wouldn't have been given to me by the Shen Family. It was given to me instead. I want power. In that case, I will not refuse Baili Jinze's goodwill. "

"Then what is your purpose? If you don't tell me, I will not be at ease." Chu Junyi watched her attentively, not wanting to let go of any of her feelings.

"I want to dig a hole."

What … "What?" Digging a hole? Chu Junyi was taken aback.

Shen Ninghua smirked. "That's right, I want to dig a hole big enough to bury the Shen family." Are you relieved that I said that? "

"Alright, since you've said so, I'll help you."

No, "Shen Ninghua looked at him with a smile that was not a smile," You are not only helping me, you are also helping yourself. You have saved the lives of tens of thousands of citizens, and it is enough for you to become the next king.

Chu Junyi relaxed on the soft couch and sighed. "Ning Hua, you're too smart."

Shen Ninghua once again picked up the book. Her gaze was slightly lowered, her thick eyelashes casting a faint shadow on her cheeks. Under the illumination of the candle flame, she appeared tranquil and beautiful. "If you're not smart, would you ask me to cooperate?"

Chu Junyi rolled over and rested her head on her hands. Suddenly, she remembered the words' good old Time '. The longer they spent time with her, the more they couldn't see through her. Sometimes she was as calm and pure as a flower, sometimes she was as sharp as a sword, and sometimes she was as intelligent as a fox … He had seen many intelligent and beautiful women, but there had never been anyone like her who had been able to attract his attention at all times.

Shen Ninghua looked over and asked, "What's wrong?"

Chu Junyi hid her surprise. "It's nothing. I'm just trying to figure out how to help you dig deeper. Don't let anyone climb back up after falling." Shen Ninghua was surprised by his words, but immediately broke into a smile. "When he wants to climb up from the pit, wouldn't it be fine if you fill up some soil and bury him?" I think when people fall into the pit, a lot of them will take the initiative to fill it up. "

"That's true."

Shen Ninghua looked at the color of the sky and asked, "Shouldn't you go back now?"

Chu Junyi reclined on the soft couch and said with dissatisfaction, "You can just leave as you please. What a ruthless heart you have."

Shen Ninghua gave a cold laugh. He raised his fingers and pinched the two pills, "Do you want me to send you on your way?"

Chu Junyi jumped to her feet. "Forget it, you've worked hard for the entire day. I won't bother you any longer." I'm leaving. "

"Wait." Shen Ninghua suddenly called out to Chu Junyi.

"What's wrong? You can't bear for me to leave?" Chu Junyi teased.

Shen Ninghua ignored his teasing and paused for a moment before saying, "If it's convenient, I hope you can help me find a person in Ping City."

The smile on Chu Junyi's face faded. "Who is it?"

"It's a twelve-year-old youth. His name is Yun Chuan." Shen Ninghua got up and took out a book from the bookshelf. She cut open a page and took out a folded square piece of paper, "This is his portrait. If you can find him, I hope you can tell me.


Chu Junyi accepted the paper. It was a drawing of a young man with an exquisite brush, and a smile on his face. Even a single piece of paper could tell that he was carefree and carefree.

"Your lover?"

Shen Ninghua rolled her eyes at him, "My savior."

Chu Junyi relaxed a little, and the smile on her face deepened. "Your benefactor is in Ping City?"

Shen Ninghua snappily said, "You really care about that much."

"Alright, alright. I won't ask anymore. Don't worry, if I see this young man, I will bring him to you." I'll be leaving first. " Chu Junyi put the portrait away.

Shen Ninghua was silent for a moment before she replied, "No need to bring him back to see me. Just settle him down properly and give him enough money to spend."

Chu Junyi stopped in her tracks, waved her hand, and jumped out of the window.

Mrs Zhao lay in bed for a long time, but the disgust in her chest made it difficult for her to sleep. She stood up and walked around. Just as she reached the door, she saw a black shadow leap out of Shen Ninghua's room. She quickly covered her mouth, afraid that she would scream.

In the middle of the night, what did it mean to have a shadow hanging around Miss Pavilion's room? There was no such thing as a scoundrel!

Mrs Zhao's eyes lit up. Her eyes were filled with repressed excitement and excitement. She had caught hold of Shen Ninghua's weakness and was determined to make good use of it to put her to death! "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu! I swore to punish Shen Ninghua today, but she caught me red-handed that night … She almost laughed.

After a long while, she finally calmed down, "I can't rush it right now. If I tell the old master with my bare teeth, that slut Shen Ninghua might even bite back and say that I'm framing her, I have to find concrete evidence!"

Thinking that Shen Ninghua would be tidied up soon, Mrs Zhao's mood was elated, and her chest no longer felt disgusting. With a red face, she rubbed her stomach and whispered, "Baby, you're mother's lucky star. Everything you do has turned for the better."

After Mrs Zhao fell asleep, a black shadow jumped down from her roof.

The next day, Shen Ninghua got up and the cyan sparrow reported, "Miss, when Young Master Chu left yesterday, the First Madam saw you."

"Hmm?" Shen Ninghua slightly raised her brows, "I saw it. Without any real proof, she wouldn't dare to act rashly and let me make her happy for a few days." Hong Ling, is there any news from Ping City? "

"Miss, there's no news."

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