Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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In the private room on the second floor of the Clear Sun Restaurant, Chu Feng was drinking some tea while his eyes flashed with a dark light.

Not long later, the door to the room opened from the outside. A woman wearing a hooded veil walked in. She was dressed in a plain light blue jasmine dress, giving off a silent aura.

"The young miss is here, hurry up and take a seat."

The woman took off her veil, revealing a beautiful face. It was Shen Ninghua!

"The head of the Xiao family just returned to the capital. You should be very busy. How did you find the time to stroll outside?"

Chu Junyi waved her hand and dismissed the servants in her room. She personally poured a cup of tea and passed it to Shen Ninghua. Originally, I was very free, but who told you to bring out a prescription? Now, all the officials of the Great An Dynasty are shaken. "

Shen Ninghua smiled and said, "You seem to understand it quite well." Now, everyone in the imperial court knew that Shen Dong had brought a rare prescription to the emperor, but no one had found out where this recipe came from, so he knew that he was the one who brought it out.

Chu Junyi mocked, "If Prime Minister Shen had had such a valuable prescription, he would have submitted it long ago. Why wait till now?" You are the only variable in the Shen family and you have mysteriously disappeared for more than half a year. Furthermore, you have also recovered your peerless beauty.

Shen Ninghua slightly lowered her head, the Eight Treasures Exquisite Chalcedony shimmering in the light. She spoke with absolute certainty, "There should be quite a few people associated with me in the imperial court."

Chu Junyi's eyes sparkled. "Prime Minister Shen, if you want to hide this matter, you'll have to do your best to cover up your achievements. Most people wouldn't be able to find out." However, the people in the royal family are different, the few princes have more or less found out about it. "

Shen Ninghua raised her head and looked at him with an indifferent gaze as she said indifferently, "Let them do whatever they want."

"Xiao Hua, if they are certain that you have such a miraculous medicinal formula in your hands, they will inevitably not think of anything else. Have you thought about what you would do if the few princes were to fight with you?" Chu Junyi changed the way she addressed Shen Ninghua.

"Just choose someone to marry. What's so difficult about that?" Shen Ninghua did not mind.

Chu Junyi felt a lump in her throat. She frowned in annoyance and said coldly, "Are you being like this?" Women were always very careful about marriage. How could she be so unconcerned?

Seeing his expression, Shen Ninghua laughed out loud. "Why are you in such a hurry? You seem to be interested in me."

Chu Junyi paused for a moment, and then said in a teasing tone, "What if I'm serious?" You chose me to marry? That's good. The prescription in your hands can help me a lot … "

Shen Ninghua raised his hand to look at his clipped, long, sharp nails. He blew lightly on them and said, "You want to get the other prescription from me?"

Chu Junyi's eyes narrowed. "Do you have another prescription?"

"Hur hur, what do you think?"

Shen Ninghua's eyes were crafty and his expression was unfathomable. Chu Junyi looked carefully at her dark eyes, trying to find some clues. However, her eyes were so clear that they seemed to reflect everything in the outside world. He could only see a lost expression on his face.

After a while, he leaned back in his chair and put an envelope on the table, "This is the information about the investigation that has been going on for the past few days. Have a good look and be on your guard." He originally wanted to use this matter to take control of Shen Ninghua's actions, but he didn't expect that he would be the one to give up first. The young girl before him was too evil, causing him to constantly change his mind and compromise step by step.

Shen Ninghua was slightly surprised. He actually stopped probing her? As he was thinking, he pulled out a piece of paper from the envelope and looked at Chu Junyi with a questioning gaze. "So many people were tempted, but you never thought you'd get something from me?" he asked. After all, we are in a cooperative relationship. Rather than giving it to others, I might as well give it to you. " On that piece of paper, there was a dense list of people who had been investigating her information. A few princes and many ministers were among them.

"We are allies. How could I possibly poison you again? Although I cannot give you the prescription, there is no harm in giving you some medicines." Shen Ninghua smiled and took out two porcelain bottles, "The medicine in here is concocted according to the prescription, and they are all top grade medicinal herbs. The medicinal effects …" If you have the chance, try it out.

"This …" Chu Junyi took the bottle and opened it to take a sniff. With a sudden flash of understanding, he asked, "Did you make some modifications to the prescription you gave Prime Minister Shen?"

Shen Ninghua smiled, "I didn't give you the prescription. It's just that the porcelain bottle that was used to store the medicine was taken away. As for how the prescription came about, I'm not too sure." As he spoke, he got up and walked towards the door.

"Condensing Flowers." Chu Junyi stood up. "I found out one more thing. Your mother originally wanted to enter the palace, but something happened to the Xia family and she hastily married Shen Dong." You should've noticed by now that the Emperor's attitude towards you seems a little different … "

Shen Ninghua paused her steps and said, "This is the first time I've heard of this news. Then, I won't ask for money from you for the two bottles of medicine I gave you. They can be used as compensation." I'm leaving. "

Chu Junyi was stunned for a moment before bursting out in laughter. If he hadn't told her about the news, she would have charged him. She was indeed a greedy black-hearted girl!

Outside the main entrance of the Clear Sun Restaurant, Hong Ling took half a step forward. "Miss, I've just received news that Liu Yun has entered the Shen family."

"Un, let him focus on teaching Shen Xuanlin before contacting him."


Just as he entered the Shen Mansion, the Guan Family's Wang Fu ran over quickly, "Eldest Miss, where have you been? Master is looking for you everywhere, he wants you to go to the study room as soon as possible."

Shen Ninghua's heart skipped a beat and he immediately understood. Shen Dong was finally unable to hold himself back...

"I understand, I'll go right away."

Shen Dong's study room was the most secure place in the entire Shen family. In his previous life, Shen Ninghua had helped him with many ideas, but he didn't even have the qualification to enter the study room once.

Entering the study room, Shen Ninghua lowered her eyes, not looking around at all. She bowed towards Shen Dong behind the desk and said, "Greetings, father."

"Xiao Hua, you're here." Shen Dong put down his brush and looked at her with a warm gaze. "I'm guessing you've heard a little about it. Father offered a prescription to the emperor, and the emperor is very happy."

Shen Ninghua wore a sincere smile on her face, without a hint of oddity, "Yes, congratulations Father."

Shen Dong lightly knocked on the table and straightforwardly said: "Ning Hua, did the doctor who treated you before leave any other prescriptions?"

"Back then, the old doctor taught me a bit of medicine, but he died too hastily and didn't have the time to teach me the medicinal formula. So, he left behind quite a few of the prepared medicine."

Shen Dong's eyes lit up as his heart raced. The old doctor who cured Shen Ninghua must have been a hermit master, even though it was a pity that he didn't have a prescription, it wasn't difficult for him to analyze the formula with the help of the medicine, "Ninghua, your little brother Xuan Su learned medicine from Grandmaster Chen. If he can analyze the ingredients for the formula, it will definitely benefit a lot of people."

Shen Ninghua thought for a moment before nodding her head heavily, "That's right. In a little while, I'll carefully search through the ingredients and bring some to Father."

Shen Dong was overjoyed, "Good, she is indeed father's good daughter. Tomorrow, I will ask Wang Fu to find the best tailor from the Cai Yi Hall to make some clothes for you. If you remember anything that's lacking, tell father everything, and you know about Ling Han's situation. You will be the only direct descendant of my Shen family from now on, so naturally, you should think of using the best things. "

At first, Shen Ninghua's face looked astonished, but then it slowly turned into joy and unease. "Father, Second Sister's injury on her leg is no longer a problem, she …"

Shen Dong patted her shoulder, with a fatherly look on his face: "Ning Hua, Ling Han has framed you so many times, your father is very angry and heartbroken, if it wasn't for you caring about blood ties, your father would have kicked her out of the family. Remember, from now on, you are my, Shen Dong's, most precious direct daughter."

Shen Ninghua bit her lips, her eyes filled with emotion. "Yes, your daughter understands."

Shen Dong nodded his head in satisfaction, "Okay, you can go back now. I'll have Wang Fu follow you and get the medicine." He was so happy inside that he didn't notice the cold, mocking look in Shen Ninghua's eyes at all.


When he returned to Moon Facing Residence, Shen Ninghua took out the box containing the medicine. Wang Fu stepped forward and took the entire box, "Miss, this servant will first deliver the medicine to Master. If Eldest Young Master has any remaining medicine, then bring it back to Miss."

Shen Ninghua did not mind. She also did not say that she would like to leave some medicine behind. She only nodded her head and replied, "En, hurry and send them over."

After sending Wang Fu away, Bai Yu closed the door of Moon Facing Residence with an ugly expression on his face. "Miss, why did you give so many medicines to the Eldest Young Master?" Shen Dong and Shen Xuanyi actually shamelessly came to the Young Miss to ask for more after taking a large amount of credit. This was truly repulsive.

Shen Ninghua, on the other hand, was in a good mood. "If he wants it, he'll naturally give it to him." Was the medicine she concocted that easy to analyze? She was waiting to see how it would end.

Bai Yu felt slightly relieved when he saw that Shen Ninghua's victory was already in his grasp. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a burst of sobbing.

Shen Ninghua raised her eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"

Hong Ling reported, "Miss, it was passed on from the Qinxue Residence of the Second Miss. It seems to be punishing the servants again."

"Oh? But they're punishing Fragrance now? " The few maidservants that Shen Ninghua sent to the Qinxue residence were all more or less punished by Shen Linghan. However, the punishment was especially severe for her.

"That's right, I heard that the Second Miss loves to watch people carry hot pots." "Put the copper pot of boiling water into the servant girl's hands. If the servant girl cried out or threw away the copper pot, she would be pulled out to hit a board." Hong Ling said angrily, her tone full of disgust for Shen Linghan.

Shen Ninghua scoffed, "She's too lazy to put on an act now. In the past, she was as weak as a willow in the wind." You don't have to worry about her. In two days, someone will take care of her. " The Zhang family must have hated Shen Ling Han a long time ago, they only wanted to see how she moved.

Hong Ling nodded. She bent down and approached Shen Ninghua, saying in a low voice, "Miss, I saw a servant secretly come in contact with a servant boy. It seems that I bought some medicine from him."

"What did you buy?" Shen Ninghua was curious.

Hong Ling snickered, "Spring medicine!"

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