Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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When the people in the hall saw Shen Ninghua's expression, they all felt their hearts ache. Shen Ninghua was still a 14 year old child. It was already good enough that her mother's courtyard was destroyed and she was still able to maintain her rationality.

However, her face was full of sadness: "Ning Hua, calm down, your mother's courtyard was burnt down, and I feel great heartache. In the future, you will see me as your mother, and I will love you like a big sister. Don't say anything more about leaving the Shen family and making your father sad."

Shen Ninghua's eyes were filled with tears as her back straightened, "Mother, are you saying that you'll treat me like your own child and love me as well?"

Mrs Zhao nodded her head: "Of course, I was in charge of such a big Shen family's backyard before, and I neglected you for a while. My mother was heartbroken, in the future, I will definitely think everything through for you."

"Then mother, can you tell me if what you said before about my birth mother's courtyard is true?"

Mrs Zhao felt a little strange, but when she thought about the destroyed courtyard, she could be considered to have died without evidence. "Of course it's true."

"Then everything that my birth mother left behind was complete?"

Shen Ninghua looked at her coldly and said with a cold voice, "I don't suspect anything now, but I am sure!" Mother, there's a fire outside, but it's the Spring Flowers Garden that's burning! "

"What?" Mrs Zhao's body suddenly shook. The Spring Flower Garden was her own courtyard! However, she didn't have time to worry about her courtyard being destroyed. She was only afraid that her reputation would be ruined.

Shen Ninghua wiped her tears and raised her head to look at Shen Dong. "Father, I've already had Greenbird and the others carry all of my mother's dowry into the yard. Please go and take a look."

With a calm face, Shen Dong gritted his teeth and coldly glanced at Mrs Zhao. He walked towards the door in large strides. He really wanted to see what Mrs Zhao had done.

On the floor outside the main hall, there were a hundred dowry boxes placed neatly. Although they looked a bit old, the wood was made of fine yellow rosewood and purple sandalwood. The style was also exceptionally exquisite.

Shen Ninghua walked into the yard, her fingers gently caressing the dusty boxes. Her tears couldn't stop, "Father, these boxes are covered in dust, many of them have spiderwebs on them. It seems like they haven't been cleaned in at least three months."

Shen Dong's eyelids twitched. He really wanted to slap the Zhao Family right on the spot, and yet he actually turned the tables against them!

Shen Ling Han held Mrs Zhao and bit her lips as she trembled, "Mother, this matter …"

Mrs Zhao clenched her fist, her roots were broken, but she couldn't find any reason to refute. Everything she said before had been slapped in her face.

Shen Ninghua suddenly opened a box and looked up at Shen Dong. In a voice filled with grief and indignation, he said, "It's fine if you don't clean up …" But why are most of these boxes empty? "

The cyan sparrow and Hong Ling stepped forward and opened the chest, pushing it to the ground for everyone to see. The two of them unceasingly opened the chest, and clanging sounds continuously rang out. A hundred dowries and fifty-six empty boxes. The rest of the boxes all had something in them, but not more than thirty altogether.

"Father, my birth mother left early. Even if she did not accompany you for as long as she did, she still had some feelings for you. How could you scatter her dowry!"

"Miss." Bai Yan stepped forward to help Shen Ninghua, then used a handkerchief to wipe her tears away.

Shen Ninghua cried like she was crying until her eyes turned red.

"Using the dowry of the deceased mistress, this is too outrageous."

"That's right, no wonder Ning Hua kept saying she wanted to go to the other manor. Let's see, what kind of situation does she have to force her child to into?"

"That's right. He's the dignified Prime Minister. His actions are truly puzzling."

"Didn't Madame Zhao just say that Madame Xia's dowry was complete?" I actually believed it. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, it would be hard for me to believe the truth. "

All sorts of discussions reached Shen Dong's ears. He was so angry that his eyes turned black, wishing he could slap Lady Zhao to the ground. Ignorant woman, you really made him suffer! He could imagine how contemptuous and disdainful the civil and military officials would be when they looked at him tomorrow.

Could it be that the Shen family was lacking in dowry? Madame Zhao had been very respectful to Madam Xia, and had secretly taken advantage of her dowry. Could it be that her previous gentleness and kindness was acting in front of her?

When he thought of this, Shen Dong felt even more uncomfortable. He forcefully held himself back and bowed to Baili JinChuan and Baili Jinze, "Second prince, we've checked all the courtyards in the Shen family, and we haven't found out who did this in the Night Pearls. We still need to discuss this further. This official wants to take care of the family matters first …"

Without waiting for Shen Dong to finish speaking, Baili JinChuan opened his mouth, "Master Shen is right, we need to discuss this further. Naturally, we cannot participate in the Shen family's chores, and the banquet is almost over, so we will take our leave first."

"Thank you for your understanding, Your Highness." Thank you for your understanding, Your Highness.

Baili JinChuan nodded as he looked at Shen Ninghua, "Miss Shen, Imperial Father really likes military strategy. He even said that he would like to meet you someday, so you should prepare in advance."

Shen Ninghua was surprised. The emperor wants to see her?

"Yes, thank you for your message, second prince."

"Un, please take care of yourself Miss Shen. I will pay you a visit another day. Goodbye."

Seeing Baili JinChuan's attitude, everyone sighed at Shen Ninghua's luck and became even more cautious with her words, almost mainly trying to comfort her.

Today, after what had happened to the Shen family, Mrs Zhao's reputation was over. It was not certain who the Shen family would be in the future. They only needed to wait and see.

After everyone had left, Mrs Zhao's body shook and she fell face first onto the ground. Shen Linghan exclaimed, "Mother!"

Qin mama quickly helped her up and sat her down on a chair. "Master, please ask for a doctor for Madam. Madam doesn't look well."

Shen Dong suddenly turned his head, his eyes bone-chilling cold. "A doctor? Do you think that you don't lose enough face? For the dignified Prime Minister's wife to actually touch the dowry that was lost, I really don't know what shame is! "

Shen Dong's words caused Shen Ling Han's face to turn pale, "Father, the matter has yet to be investigated. Who knows if mother knows about the loss of the dowry. "My mother accompanied you father for so many years, wholeheartedly working for the Shen family. Even if there's no merit, there's still hard work to be done. I ask father to take pity on my mother and ask for an imperial physician for her."

The corners of Shen Dong's eyes twitched. The Zhao Family had caused him to lose face, he really wanted to strangle her with his own hands.

Shen Xuan Ye walked out, and knelt in front of Shen Dong with her clothes held up, "Children will suffer from the kindness of their parents, and they will never be able to repay their parents. Now that the mother had made a mistake, the child had been replaced by the child. Please punish me, Father. "

She did not believe that Shen Xuan Ye really cared about Mrs Zhao, it was just that the current situation was forcing him to do so. After all, he did not have control of the Shen family yet, so he would not give up on his first wife, nor would he give up on the Zhao family, which was behind her.

Shen Dong silently sighed. He looked apologetically at Shen Ninghua and instructed, "Go and invite the doctor over. There's no need to trouble Doctor Zhang."

Zhang Nian was recommended by the Chen Courtyard. His family's reputation could not be exposed, so it was better not to use him.

Shen Ninghua indifferently looked at Mrs Zhao. She had really fainted just now, but she had already woken up while Shen Xuanye was pleading for mercy.

"Master." Mrs Zhao opened her eyes, her weak voice could be heard, "It's all my fault. I didn't check it out clearly, it actually made big sister's dowry make such a blunder. I have nothing to say, please punish me, Master." Mrs Zhao felt a dull pain in her chest, but she couldn't think too much about it. She was too scared previously to think about the Zhao family behind her. As long as the Empress was present and the Zhao family didn't fall, Shen Dong wouldn't dare to give up on her. And now, even if everyone knew in their hearts that she had touched something of the Xia family, she definitely would not admit it.

"You know you're wrong? "Mrs Zhao, the Shen family can't take care of you anymore. They actually want you to move someone's dead thing?" Madam Xiao was being supported by Xue Zhu and the others as she walked out.

Shen Dong immediately went to welcome her: "Mother, why did you come out?"

Xiao Shi laughed coldly: "If I don't come out, the Shen family's sky will collapse. As the wife of the Shen family, how can I face the Old Master under the ground in a hundred years' time? "

Shen Dong felt ashamed in his heart, and his face turned black.

Mrs. Xiao looked at Mrs. Zhao and Shen Ling Han with intense hatred in her eyes. She already wished that she could tear them into a thousand pieces. This pair of black-hearted mother and daughter had actually set their sights on her. Her fingers were gone!

"Mother, please calm your anger." Mrs Zhao knelt on the ground, crying so hard that she couldn't even straighten her back.

Shen Ling Han and Shen Xuan Ye were kneeling down beside Mrs Zhao on both sides, begging for mercy on Mrs Zhao's behalf.

"Grandmother, I didn't know there was a problem with that pearl. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to offer it to you as a birthday present."

"Don't you dare, why wouldn't you dare, Ning Hua is not your blood sister, aren't you willing to use your power to frame her? If you dare to frame my grandmother today, you might not even let your father off tomorrow. " The Xiao family sneered.

"Grandmother, even if Ling Han died, she wouldn't dare to do such a thing." Shen Ling Han pulled off the hairpin on her head and held it against her throat with the sharp handle of the hairpin, "If Grandmother doesn't believe me, I will prove my innocence with my death today."

Mrs Xiao looked at her with a cold, mocking gaze. She wished that she would stab her own throat to prevent her eyes from being obstructed in the future. "Are you threatening me and your father?"

Shen Ling Han kowtowed heavily, her forehead turned red, "Grandmother, Father, Ling Han is not threatening you, she just doesn't know how to prove her innocence. "I don't know why there was poison in the pearl I bought, and why it even caused my mother's dowry to become so passive. Since I can't find any evidence to prove my innocence, I can only use my death to prove it." As he spoke, he used some strength in his hand, and the handle of the hairpin left a wound on his tender neck, causing blood to flow out instantly.

Shen Ninghua walked in front of her, lowered his eyes and looked at her. From his sleeve, he took out something wrapped in oiled paper. "Little Sister, you should recognize this, right?"

Shen Ling Han was shocked, the oil paper was wrapped with a corner of a handkerchief. The handkerchief must have been corroded by something, only leaving behind a corner embroidered with flowers, and a single word was clearly tattooed on the side of the orchid — — Han. This handkerchief is hers!

Shen Ninghua looked at Shen Dong and said, "Father, there were so many people here just now. I never said that I found this handkerchief in my mother's yard."

"Zhao Family!" "Shen Ling Han!"

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