Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Shen Ninghua looked down at Mrs Zhao condescendingly, her limpid limpid eyes cold, "Mother, this pearl belongs to the Xia Family. As for the one that harmed Grandmother, I would like to ask Little Sister Ling Han, where did that pearl come from?"

Shen Ling Han suddenly raised her head, "I don't know, I just bought it from the Treasure House, I didn't know that the bead was poisonous."

Shen Ling Han's expression was as innocent as it could be, but no one believed her excuse now.

Shen Ninghua looked at Shen Dong and said, "Father, although I can prove my innocence, there is one thing that I still have to admit to you." That is, ever since I returned to the Shen family, my home has never been at peace. From arranging the worst yard for me at first to the wine finding out it was poisonous... My cousin came to question me when she was injured, or to question me when something happened at Huan Hua Brook. Now that something happened to Ling Han's birthday present, she also came to look for me! "If I don't leave now, I don't know what will happen to the Shen family. I don't know how many more things I will have to take responsibility for, so I hope that father will allow me to stay in another village."

Shen Dong's pupils suddenly contracted, this child …

Using retreat to advance! What a good move to retreat in order to advance. Mrs Zhao's heart was bleeding with hatred. Shen Ninghua was forcing Shen Dong to make a decision.

The moment Shen Ninghua finished speaking, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. The dignified and prestigious General's Estate was actually treating their only daughter like this. If this matter was spread out, the face of the Shen family would fall into the mud.

No matter how much Shen Dong loved Shen Ling Han, in front of so many people, he had to uphold justice!

"Shen Ling Han, you have truly disappointed father."

"Father, it's not me. It's really not me." Shen Ling Han shook her head crazily. At this time, she was already guilty, "Shopkeeper Zhang, he must be the culprit. Father, I have been wrongly accused."

Hearing this, the shopkeeper almost jumped up, "Miss Shen, don't slander me. This commoner is doing a proper business, not secretly killing people. The beads were sold well, but who knows what happened afterwards." Initially, he did not dare to say a single word as he was afraid of offending the Prime Minister's family. However, his life was at stake now. Naturally, he could not care too much about it.

She looked at the crying figure on the ground with a deep look of disgust, but he couldn't just stand and watch as she died, "Father, little sister has a deep affection for grandmother, and although she has a proud and arrogant nature, but she doesn't have any intentions of harming people, she is still young, how could she possibly get such a vicious medicine like Body Dissolving Water."

Shen Dong forcefully suppressed his anger. Looking at his second daughter's tear-stained face and then looking at Shen Ninghua's cold eyes, he felt a wave of helplessness surging up from within his heart.

Chen Mu carefully examined the bead that was wrapped in grease cloth that was dropped on the ground for a while, then suddenly said: "The things inside this bead should have only been put in for less than two hours. This was because the effect of the Corpse Dissolving Water was too strong. The bead would corrode after it was kept for a long time. "This hour isn't too long. If we search around now, we should be able to find some clues."

The corner of Shen Ninghua's lips secretly raised as he praised the young man inside, 'As expected of Chen Yuan Zheng, his medical skills are superb!'

Hearing Chen Ying's words, Shen Dong knew what he should do. "Men, search the entire Shen Manor carefully. Don't let go of every place."

Mrs Zhao's heart tightened. If it was as she had thought, Shen Ninghua would already know about this matter. Then, perhaps her or Shen Lingghan's yard would be dirty later on. Today, more than half of the most reputable people had come to the capital. There were also two princes present. If she really did find something, she would be done for.

Chu Junyi was enjoying the show. She would never be a match for the black haired girl even if the two of them came together. It would be a relief to see them vent their frustrations. This mother and daughter pair were not lacking in talents. At this moment, he felt relieved. He did not notice that his attention towards Shen Ninghua had unknowingly increased by a lot.

An hour later, the person who'd searched the courtyard returned with a report. "Reporting to the two princes and the prime minister, we haven't found anything."

Chu Junyi was stunned as well, and she subconsciously observed Shen Ninghua's expression. This was a good opportunity to take care of Mrs Zhao and her daughter. Why hadn't Shen Ninghua intervened?

Shen Ling Han started crying in a low voice, "Father, your daughter is really innocent, I won't harm Grandmother." At this moment, she was crying like the rain, causing many people who suspected her to feel slightly embarrassed.

Mrs Zhao raised her head and looked at Shen Ninghua, her eyes like steel needles, "Master, the banquet has already been held for four hours, and after the banquet began, no one from the Shen family came back. According to what Principal Chen said, the corpse decomposing water in the Night Pearl must have been poured into our house, and we haven't found anything yet. Right now, she did not dare to create unnecessary trouble and pulled Shen Ninghua into the water. She could only hope that she could quickly choose Shen Ling Han out.

Shen Dong's face was still ugly, but it was much more relaxed than before. As long as he doesn't expose the shocking scandal of his granddaughter murdering his grandmother, everything else is fine. This matter should be handled properly, and it might even be beneficial to the Shen family. After some thought, he said, "Since that's the case …"

Shen Ninghua suddenly walked out and knelt in front of Shen Dong, "Father."

Shen Dong paused, "Do you have something to say?"

Shen Ninghua turned to look at Mrs Zhao, seemingly having made up his mind. He lowered his head and asked, "Father, has the courtyard of my birth mother been searched?"


Mrs Zhao only felt a sudden clap of thunder next to her ears. A wave of chilling intent assaulted her heart, rendering her unable to move. She finally understood that Shen Ninghua did not plan to take her and Shen Linghan's lives from the beginning. She wanted them to live a life worse than death!

Shen Dong lowered his head to look at Shen Ninghua, feeling a surge of emotions in his heart.

Chu Junyi waved her fan and asked the guards below, "Have you inspected Miss Shen's mother's house?"

The guard that reported looked at Shen Dong and shook his head: "We haven't searched. That courtyard has already been sealed for many years."

Chu Junyi disagreed. "We should take a closer look at the compound. If the thieves were planning to kill us, wouldn't they have to hide here?"

"This... After all, this is the courtyard that the Sect Leader's mother lived in... "

Chu Jun closed his fan and regained his composure, "That's true, but I'm afraid Lady Zhao and Second Miss Shen would not be satisfied if we did not search around. Since it was the eldest young mistress's mother's courtyard, he could let her accompany him to take a look. Miss Ninghua is the most filial. I believe you should have long wanted to see your mother's yard. "

With these words, everyone agreed. Shen Ninghua raised his head to look at the smiling Chu Junyi, and the coldness in his eyes lessened.

"No way!" Mrs Zhao suddenly shouted coldly. How could she let anyone take a look at Xia Jingyan's courtyard? The dowry within was already half gone.

Shen Ninghua frowned, "Mother, I once asked to see my biological mother's yard. You always said that the things weren't ready, but before the banquet started, didn't you say that everything was already arranged so that we could go see it after Grandmother's birthday banquet?" Why can't I do it now? "

All kinds of astonished gazes were focused on Mrs Zhao. Shen Dong's eyes were filled with doubt: That's right, Mrs Zhao, why did you keep stopping Shen Ninghua from going to the Xia Family's courtyard?

Zhao Yunxiang's body was covered in cold sweat as her brain rumbled. Couldn't she ruin her reputation? Otherwise, the Zhao Family alone wouldn't be enough to accommodate her!

"Old master, sister's courtyard..."

Shen Dong frowned and looked at her, "What happened to the Xia Family's courtyard?"

Zhao Yunxiang maintained the expression on her face with great difficulty, feeling as if she had been forced to the edge of a cliff. "Nothing."

Shen Ninghua kowtowed to Shen Dong and said with a firm tone, "Father, Shen Ninghua implored Father to allow me to go to his mother's yard to have a look."

His own daughter wanted to see his mother's yard, so no one could say anything.

"Mm, bring someone over to take a look."

"Thank you, father." Shen Ninghua stood up and said, "Bai Yan, Hong Ling, Qing Que, Bi Zhu, you guys follow me to take a look."

The Su Clan suddenly stood up. "Ning Hua, Aunt will accompany you to take a look."

Mrs. Shao also stood up. "It's inconvenient for a man to go to the backyard, so let's accompany Ning Hua to take a look. The child's thoughts are pure, and seeing her mother's yard will make her sad. We can also persuade her."

They had all seen Mrs Zhao's appearance just now. She had seen her crawling over from the backyard, so how could they not notice that something was amiss?

Mrs Zhao's face was deathly pale. Shen Ling Han was almost unable to support her. It was only Qin mama who stepped forward to support her arm, preventing her from falling to the ground.

Shen Ling Han looked anxiously at Shen Xuan Ye, she couldn't let anything happen to her mother. If her mother were to fall, their position would be in danger.

Shen Xuanyi's expression was dark and gloomy. She had just seen Zhao Yunxiang's performance, what was there that she didn't understand? He really didn't think that Mrs Zhao would actually touch a dead person's dowry. The Shen family still lacked her things, and wanted to scheme against the dead person's money. This truly made everyone grind their teeth in hatred.

At this point, if they wanted to stop Shen Ninghua, the only way was to destroy the Xia Family's courtyard. Even if it aroused suspicion, without concrete evidence, no one would dare to say anything carelessly.

A quarter of an hour later, the courtyard suddenly became chaotic as shouts continued to be heard:

"It's on fire, come and help the fire."

Mrs Zhao, who was in a deathly mood, suddenly raised her head when she heard this. Seeing Shen Xuanye nod to comfort her, her heart suddenly dropped. The feeling of having survived a disaster made her soft on the ground as cold sweat dripped down her chin onto her embroidered dress.

Chu Junyi smiled. "This is a good time to set the fire," she said quietly. It was obvious that he was desperate and desperate. He just didn't know if Shen Ninghua was prepared for it or not.

Just as she was thinking this, the curtain at the entrance of the hall was abruptly lifted, and Shen Ninghua, whose aura was ice-cold, walked into the hall. Her gaze was sharp as a knife, but her tears kept falling, "Mother, should you give me an explanation?"

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