Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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A simple and unassuming carriage was traveling along the road. The driver, however, was a young man. He had a simple and honest smile on his face as he drove the carriage forward.

Inside the carriage, a young girl dressed in a white maid attire softly said:

"Miss, in another hour we will arrive at the city gates of the capital. We will soon enter the city."

"Yes." A faint voice rang out. Although the voice was not loud, it was extremely pleasant to hear. It caused one to be unable to resist quieting down as they tried to distinguish it in detail.

The interior of the car was extremely comfortable as all sorts of exquisite items were available. A young girl was leaning on a pillow embroidered with exquisite peonies, reading a book. Her eyelashes were long and thick, casting a faint shadow on her flawless white face. She looked quiet and beautiful.

"Miss, this road isn't very smooth. It's best not to read any books. If you hurt your eyes, that would be bad." The white-clothed servant girl beside the young girl said.

"It's rare for us to be able to calm down in the future. It's also good to be able to meditate and read a book at this time. Bi Zhu, you must have sent some news to the Shen family. "

"Miss, I've already sent her back." Dressed in a dark green robe, the maidservant spoke as she organized the books in the carriage, "It's just that neither the lord nor the first lady responded."

The young girl pursed her lips, a smile in her eyes. She was obviously in an excellent mood. She was precisely Shen Ninghua, who had been missing for more than half a year. "I'm just a neglected daughter. If they knew I was going back, what else could they have said to me?"

"Miss's return this time will definitely amaze them."

Shen Ninghua's smile grew even wider. There seemed to be a hint of coldness in her eyes, but when she looked carefully, there was nothing there. "Hehe, I'm afraid that you're overjoyed."

No one would be able to connect this creamy, beautiful girl with the black girl just by looking at her appearance. The reason for that was because one was as black as mud while the other was as beautiful as flowers. The two were truly like clouds and mud.

Shen Ninghua looked at the book, his eyes slowly filling with air. When he had been bitten by the Inch Serpent, he had woken up to see Poison Granny. Actually, she did not know Granny Du's name. It was only because she had been tested on all sorts of poisons over the past half year that she called her this.

When she opened her eyes that day, she was indeed shocked by Grandma Du's scarred face. After being together with her for a while, she found her face to be more pleasing to the eye than Shen Linghan's peerless face.

Other than feeding her all kinds of medicine every day, Grandma Poison no longer communicated with her at all. Thus, even though they had been together for almost a year, she did not know why Grandma Poison was living in the valley. All she knew was that she was proficient in medicine, and also seemed to have a deep and irreconcilable enmity with the capital's Zhao Family, because she had coincidentally discovered a Jasmine's tattoo on Madame Poison's ankle.

When Bai Yu saw her staring blankly at him, he gently reminded her, "Miss."

Shen Ninghua snapped out of her daze and put down the book in her hands. Looking at the four young girls who were waiting beside her, her eyes darkened slightly.

Originally, they had all been brought into the valley by Grandma Poison to test the medicine. When they had entered the valley, they had either been severely injured or had a severe illness that was hard to treat, and Granny Poison had thrown all of them at her. While enduring the pain of her poison being tried to mediate, she spent the entire day and night flipping through the medical books, and only then did she manage to save them.

The four of them knew how to repay a debt of gratitude. After the injuries on their bodies were healed, they begged to stay by her side. Since she needed servants, she agreed to let them stay. Poison Nanny didn't say anything. After they became her maidservants, she didn't try out the medicine on them anymore. After witnessing the different abilities of these few people, she had a faint understanding of it. The reason Granny Du brought them into the valley was probably to be used by her as a lass.

The horse carriage continued to move forward. Hong Ling, who was the most lively, looked through the cracks in the carriage curtain and excitedly said, "Miss, the capital is really different. The women here are truly beautiful. However, they can't even compare to young miss's beauty. " Her Miss was the most beautiful!

Shen Ninghua smiled and stretched out her finger to carefully examine him. She originally thought that she was born with dark and ugly skin, but she didn't know that it was caused by someone drugging her from her mother's womb.

In order to recover her looks, she had simply wished for death for more than half a year … What made her even more uncomfortable was that the poison had spread to her mother when she was pregnant, so when her mother had died in childbirth, it was worth investigating. As the prime minister's wife and with an imperial title in her body, how many people could poison her when she was pregnant?

When she heard the news from Poison Nanny, the first thing she thought of was Shen Dong's successor, Zhao Yunxiang. She was the only one who had the motive to drug her mother. After returning to the Shen family, she would definitely investigate more.

The noise outside the carriage was very loud. Shen Ninghua closed her eyes and suppressed her surging emotions. She heaved a sigh of relief. Only now did she feel that she was truly alive. She was not in a dark and gloomy cold palace, nor was she in a valley burning with water.

Suddenly, the sound of the horses could be heard and the carriage shook for a moment before coming to a stop.

The cyan sparrow and Hong Ling nimbly jumped out of the carriage while Bi Zhu and Bai Yan protected Shen Ninghua from the left and right. Not long after, the cyan sparrow came back with a report, "Young miss, a horse is startled and has been stopped. We will arrive at the Shen Mansion in fifteen minutes." The Cyan Sparrow was rescued when it was heavily injured. It was only later on that she found out that this girl, who did not talk much, was actually extremely strong in martial arts.

"What's wrong?"

The cyan sparrow frowned and replied, "Miss, I didn't see anything abnormal. It's just that the horse appeared strange and I didn't see the owner of the horse."

"En, no problem. Let's go." A faint smell of blood came from the tip of his nose. Shen Ninghua thought to himself, "I just entered the city and I encountered a horse scare. What a coincidence."

Upstairs in the Mizar Peak, Chu Junyi's eyes lit up. The folding fan in her hand tightened and tightened. It was only after the carriage had left that she finished her drink and stood up to speak to a man in a blue robe. "Big brother, I have some matters to attend to."

The face of the azure-robed man was cold as he frowned, "Was the person in the carriage just now the young miss of the Shen family? "Jun Yi, you've been spying on the Shen family for the past six months. Is this the reason for your visit?"

"This is a long story, big brother doesn't have to worry about it." After which, he walked down the stairs in the direction of the Shen family.

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