Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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On the day of the birthday banquet for the Xiao family, Shen Ninghua had already dressed up and arrived at Songtao Court. The Xiao family wore a golden silk sweater with eight treasures and a dozen embroidered skirts. Their heads were covered with emeralds and gems. Their faces were full of smiles and friendliness.

"Grandmother is exceptionally happy today. I wish Grandmother good luck and good health."

Mrs. Xiao smiled brightly, allowing Shen Ninghua to skip the formalities. "This child of yours is well-mannered. I am your grandmother, so from now on, you don't have to bow like this every day. Your second aunt has already been nagging you for a while, hurry up and come over to sit down. "

Shen Ninghua naturally would not take Mrs Xiao's words seriously. If she were to really not bow for a day, then the Shen Mansion would be filled with rumors of her not being able to pay respect, "Greetings Aunt. I thought I had come early, but Auntie actually came earlier than me."

Su Shi pulled her down and sat her down. "I was stirred up by Xuan Hua early in the morning. In the end, only his grandfather could treat him. As a mother, I won't listen to anything you say. "

If her mother was still alive, she would also be looking at him in such a manner. Shen Ninghua couldn't help but open his mouth and say, "Little brother Xuanhua is the most sensible. There's no need for Aunt to worry. You can just wait and enjoy your life in peace."

However, I don't have any present for you here. If you have anything sweet on your mouth, you can tell it to the old lady. She is a big birthday star today, so I can give you a peach to eat.

When the Xiao family saw their faces brimming with smiles, the Su family's words perfectly pampered her. How could she not be happy? "You two! Relax, you two will be part of the longevity peach buns."

Shen Ninghua narrowed her eyes and exchanged glances with Madam Su. Together, they stood up and bowed to Madam Xiao, "Then, thank you grandma (mother)."

Xue Zhu brought some tea over, and the few of them chatted and laughed for a while before Mrs Zhao led Shen Ling Han in.

A trace of displeasure flashed through Lady Xiao's eyes. She clearly knew that today was her birthday, yet these two people still came so late. They clearly didn't place her in their eyes.

Mrs Zhao's face stiffened, "Before I left, I was worried about the arrangement of the antechamber, so I meticulously checked it again little by little before coming in late. Please don't blame me, Mother."

Mrs Xiao sneered in her heart. Mrs Zhao loved to show her face in front of others the most. How could she miss such a good opportunity today? However, she didn't want to delay the birthday banquet any further. "You've done well. When the Xia Family was still around, they also meticulously organized my birthday banquet. It's been more than ten years. Right, after the birthday banquet, you should carefully tidy up Lady Xia's dowry and hand it over to Ning Hua. This girl is full of filial piety and thinks of her mother all day.

"The madame is right." Mrs Zhao lowered her head and agreed, her eyes filled with gloom, but her expression did not change at all, "Ning Hua, after the birthday banquet, you can go to your mother's yard and have a look. Everything inside is well kept, I've also had someone clean it up."

"Yes, thank you mother." Mrs Zhao had spread so much of her birth mother's possessions that it was impossible for her to take them back by now. Although the tone of her voice just now was filled with resentment, it did not seem forced at all, as if she was sure that she would not discover that the dowry had been taken advantage of. Why was she so sure she couldn't see the problem?

Mrs. Xiao nodded and walked outside. Shen Ling Han originally wanted to follow behind her, but was stopped by Madam Xiao, "Ling Han, you just came back. You must be tired, just let your sister help me."

Shen Lingghan stopped abruptly. Was Grandmother trying to praise Shen Ninghua?

Because the Xiao family had the status of a first class title, the people who came to offer their birthday congratulations were naturally of extraordinary status as well. The scene was completely incomparable to Shen Linghan's previous party. It could be said that this time, Shen Ninghua was the one who officially appeared in front of everyone. The Xiao family was giving her face by letting her support. They were letting people know that the first wife of the Shen family was back!

After understanding the crux of the problem, Shen Ling Han was so angry that her face turned pale.

Shen Ninghua did not care about her emotions. She stepped forward and supported Madam Xiao's arm, smiling as she walked with her to the front yard.

The sound of silk and bamboo could be heard from the front yard. The ladies of each clan had gathered together, and the atmosphere was very lively. The moment the Xiao family arrived, congratulatory words immediately resounded.

Shen Ninghua took two steps back at the right time, acting as a foil character.

The other madams had already noticed her. After all, her beauty was just too outstanding. It would be difficult for them not to notice her. Seeing her standing there with her head slightly lowered, with an elegant posture and a calm expression, without any hint of unease or understanding in front of so many people, looking like a young lady from a noble family, everyone couldn't help but have a favorable impression towards her.

"You can accept anyone's gift today, but you must accept my gift, madame."

Hearing the familiar voice, Shen Ninghua raised her head. It was Mrs. Shao.

Mrs Xiao laughed, "Oh? "Why is that?"

Mrs. Shao smiled and nodded at Shen Ninghua, "Madam, it's all thanks to Ning Hua that I can keep the child in my womb. Such a sensible and beautiful girl like you must have been taught by you. It's not like you have to thank her properly. "

Lady Xiao laughed happily. "Good, good. Today, I've finally basked in the brilliance of the Congealed Light."

The other wives' expressions changed. They knew that the Shao family had not been pregnant for many years, and after hearing that she was suddenly pregnant, they had also secretly inquired about the formula. They didn't expect it to be Shen Ninghua's credit. It seemed that they would need to find an opportunity to get in touch with Shen Ninghua. If they could get pregnant, they wouldn't mind giving him a lot of thanks.

Mrs Shao took the opportunity to wink at Shen Ninghua when she wasn't paying attention. Shen Ninghua felt helpless. She knew that Shao's kindness was to help her smoothly integrate into the circle of noble people in the capital. After all, regardless of whether she had children or not, who wouldn't want two more children? Although she didn't need to use this method at all, she could still feel the kind intentions of Mrs. Shao.

While they were talking animatedly, they suddenly heard the commotion from the male guests outside increase sharply. Mrs Zhao was overjoyed, and could not help but look towards the door.

Shen Ninghua knew in his heart that this was Shen Xuanzhao's arrival.

The crystal curtain at the door was pushed open by a jade-like hand. A young man wearing a moon-white plain gown walked in. His skin was as white as jade and his face was as cold as frost. Each of his movements carried a unique cold charm. She was like an immortal that had gracefully landed in the mortal world, leaving only lament in everyone's heart.

"Grandson greets Grandmother, and wishes mother's health and longevity."

Xiao Shi was stunned for a moment, then suddenly reacted and asked excitedly: "You are …. "Xuan Ye?"

Shen Xuanye looked up, and revealed a warm smile that was like melting snow: "It's my grandson. "My grandson was unfilial, he went out for a long time and finally came back to pay respects in front of Grandmother."

Madam Xiao stood up and personally helped him up. "My grandson, come quickly and let Grandmother take a look. "How can I blame you? It's good that you're back."

Shen Xuanyi's eyes revealed a hint of admiration, and she intimately held onto Madam Xiao's arm as she sized her up.

Shen Ninghua watched from the side with a smile, his heart full of ridicule. Shen Xuanyi had an appearance of an immortal, but her heart was especially cruel and cold. In his eyes, there were only two kinds of people, one was useful, the other was damnable.

Those who were useful naturally had to be taken advantage of by him. Those who were unable to be of use to him naturally did not deserve to be alive.

Back then, when he first saw his younger brother, he was also momentarily shocked to the core. However, after he became Baili Jinze's advisor, he had taken advantage of her. Back then, if he hadn't come up with a plan, Baili Jinze wouldn't have taken away her power so quickly, leaving her helpless in the end.

Furthermore, when she was about to die, the eunuch had used the dissolving water in his hands … It was impossible for Shen Lingghan to get such a vicious medicine from the court, and the only way was for him... Shen Xuanyi!

Shen Xuanyi and Madam Xiao had just finished sighing and turned to Shen Ninghua, "This must be Big Sis. I heard that Big Sis's illness has been cured and it's really great. If not for the fact that Big Sis's doctor had passed away, little brother would have personally come to pay his respects." He noticed Shen Ninghua the moment he entered the door. He was also secretly observing her for a while, but he couldn't see anything from her face. Her mental fortitude was not ordinary, no wonder it made Ling Han suffer.

"Thank you." Thank you. Shen Ninghua also responded with a smile.

"This is what I should do, I can't be the elder sister to thank you, moreover, elder sister must have suffered a lot in the past year. I learned outside from my master, so I naturally know the difficulties. This is a pill that I requested Master to concoct before I left. It is the most effective for recuperating your body.

If Shen Xuanye had hinted directly that she had been out for too long, she might have been able to find an excuse to retort, but he had immediately sent her a present, if she had opened her mouth to explain now, it would have felt that she was being unreasonable, and even wanted to cover it up.

Shen Ninghua's words were full of meaning as she said, "Thank you, little brother Xuanye."

Shen Xuanyi acted as if she didn't understand at all, "Big Sis is too polite."

"His Highness the Second Prince has arrived! The Fifth Prince has arrived! "

A loud report came from the front yard. The Xiao family's old patriarch smiled like a flower. The two princes had actually come! Regardless of the reason why these two people had come, they had still given her face.

Baili JinChuan and Baili Jinze entered the door, followed by the leisurely looking Chu Junyi. The Xiao family brought everyone to pay their respects.

Chu Junyi smirked at Shen Ninghua and opened the fan with a 'shua' sound. A picture of the rising sun and the rising sun appeared on the paper. A red sun was slowly rising.

Shen Dong brought the men from the front yard and entered. After a few pleasantries, everyone took their seats.

Unknowingly, Chu Junyi had arrived at Shen Ninghua's side. She said in a low voice, "You must prepare a net to catch the three big fish. Don't let any of them escape."

Shen Ninghua sneered, "Thank you for your reminder, Young Master Chu."

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