Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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Within the Moon Facing Residence, Shen Ninghua was leaning against a brocade sofa as he flipped through the things that the First Madam had sent him. A smile wavered in his eyes as he said, "Yesterday, the Dense Snow Residence exchanged quite a few porcelain wares, right?"

Hong Ling smiled and said, "Miss guessed right, I heard Second Miss got really angry."

Shen Ling Han had an arrogant personality, she was raised by Shen Dong and Mrs Zhao, and did not suffer any grievances. How could she bear to snatch her clothes from him?

Shen Ninghua smiled as she stood up. She tidied up her flawless dress and said, "Bring me the Jade Dew Fragrance that I just made. We'll pay our respects to Grandmother."

As he was speaking, Bai Yan walked in quickly. "Miss, the First Madam has asked you to come over quickly. She said that something has happened to Miss Zhao."

"Zhao Ruyun?" Shen Ninghua's expression changed. The smile in her eyes became even more pronounced. "I originally thought I'd have to wait a while, but I didn't expect her to arrive so soon."

"That's right, the Duke of Wei's wife is here as well. A group of people are making a ruckus at the madame's place."

A burst of noise came from the entrance of the courtyard. Shen Ninghua raised her head and looked over with a restrained smile. Her brows were tightly creased.

It was still Senior Servant Qin and a group of maidservants that walked in. It was just that this time, they weren't here to help her move the courtyard, but to find her and interrogate her for her crimes.

"Qin mama brought a large group of people here early in the morning. What's the matter?" Bai Yu frowned and blocked the door, preventing these people from coming in and knocking against Shen Ninghua.

Qin mama didn't pay any attention to Bai Huan, and instead bowed towards Shen Ninghua with the corners of her mouth and stern movements. Then, she sternly ordered, "My lady has offended you. Madam ordered that the young mistress be escorted to Songtao Court! "

Shen Ninghua's eyes were as cold as the cold stars. "Your granny really has a great prestige."

"Eldest Miss, you tried to murder your own Cousin Sister, and because of the discord between their words, you poisoned her and caused Miss Zhao's fingers to rot. You still haven't admitted your wrongs, no wonder these servants offended you. Hurry up and tie Shen Ninghua up! "

Shen Ninghua narrowed her eyes slightly, "Bluebird, these people have offended Master, get them out of here!" Even if the First Lady wanted to get rid of him with the help of the Zhao Family, she would have to see if he would agree or not.

Senior Servant Qin had a serious expression and was quite fearful of the Cyan Bird. "First Miss, after murdering Young Madam Biao, you're not the least bit repentant. Right now, you're also so unreasonable towards this servant and the rest. In order to guard against the highly skilled bluebird, she brought along a few women with her who were particularly skilled in martial arts. As long as she could escort Shen Ninghua to Songtao Court, everything would be fine.

Looking at those mama with cold expressions, Shen Ninghua's eyes flashed with a murderous intent as cold as ice. The First Wife told Qin mama and the rest to cripple him here, otherwise, she wouldn't have sent these mama with exceptional skills over. Mother manages many things in the backyard and neglected to discipline you all. As her daughter, I will help her manage her servants! "

The cyan sparrow and Hong Ling brought out two sticks about two meters long and as thick as an arm from who knows where and swung them at Qin mama from both sides! These people clearly had ill intentions, so there was no need to show any mercy.

Bai Yan and Bi Zhu stood in front of Shen Ninghua, looking at the courtyard with cold eyes, wailing and screaming together.

That Hong Ling actually knew martial arts!

Qin mama was smashed to the ground by the left side of her rib cage and held onto her ribs for a long time, unable to catch her breath. She was extremely surprised in her heart. Where did Shen Ninghua find these girls!

A quarter of an hour later, Shen Ninghua had enough of watching the show. She slowly said, "Bluebird, Hong Ling, you can stop."

Upon hearing his words, the two of them immediately retracted their sticks and stood behind Shen Ninghua. However, their eyes remained as sharp as knives as they coldly stared at the crowd on the ground.

Shen Ninghua smirked. "Qin mama, be more careful when you walk in the future. Don't fall down again."

"You …" Looking at Shen Ninghua's eyes that were as black as the night sky, Qin mama's heart violently trembled. She felt as if her eyes were so cold that it made her feel like she was suffocating. Shen Ninghua was just a teenager, why did she have such a strong pressure? This indescribable feeling reminded her of when she was serving at the palace. She had the good fortune to meet a few lords of noble status. The oppressive feeling they gave her was so frightening.

Qin mama could still endure it, but the mama's body was aching from the beating. "Eldest Miss, you're actually so arrogant and arrogant. Today, I'll definitely have you give this servant a few pointers."

"Heh." Shen Ninghua sneered, "Alright then. Today, I'll look for Mother to give you all your judgement." "Bluebird and Hong Ling, come with me to Songtao Court to pay a visit to aunt."

"Yes, miss."

Shen Ninghua was dressed in fine clothes and her fluttering skirt fluttered in the wind among the crowd. Her cold gaze was directed straight ahead and her entire body was like a cold plum blossom. Even though the wind was biting cold, it was still unrestrained and gorgeous. When Qin mama saw Shen Ninghua acting in such a manner, she couldn't help but feel a chill in her heart. Mrs Xia was long dead, what kind of climate could a daughter like Shen Ninghua have? Furthermore, Shen Ninghua was not an easy man to deal with, why couldn't the Madam bear to marry her off?

Inside the Songtao Courtyard, he saw Shen Ninghua walking in with a maidservant, unharmed. The first wife was secretly resentful. Senior Servant Qin was becoming more and more unreliable.

Madame Zhang, the Duke of Wei, who was standing at the side, could not hold it in any longer. When she entered the room, she immediately shouted coldly, "Kneel!"

Lady Zhang's eyebrows were high and slender, which flew down to her temples. At this moment, she was wearing a blue Peacock Eight Fortune Dress, with a red hairpin on her head. She was sitting next to Madam Xiao with a noble and proud look on her face.

Shen Ninghua, however, turned a deaf ear to her cold shout. Without changing his posture, he stepped forward and bowed, saying, "Greetings Grandmother, Greetings Mother, Greetings Aunt."

Before she could get up, Zhao Ruyun rushed out from the inner room. He raised his hand and was about to hit her in the face, "You lowly servant, what did you do to me?"

Shen Ninghua dodged to the side, her brows locked together in a puzzled expression, "Cousin, why do you say that? This is only the second time that we have met. What can I do to my cousin? "

"Ginger." Zhang Shi pulled Zhao Ruyun closer to her and carefully protected her, "You still dare to come into contact with this demoness? "Madam, I will not say anything else. Today, the Shen family must give my Zhao family an explanation!"

Lady Xiao sat on the seat of honor with an embarrassed look on her face. Mrs Zhang's status was higher than hers, but she had been an elder for many years and had always maintained her stance in the Shen family. Since when did she ever receive such a question? My Shen family is weak, but we cannot let others wrong us. Tell us, what kind of explanation should my Shen family give you? "

Mrs Zhang raised her eyebrows and pulled Zhao Ruyun over to the front of the Xiao family, taking out the hand that had been in her sleeve all this time, "Old madam, look, Shen Ninghua poisoned Ying'er and caused her finger to rot. Did my Zhao family make a mistake in seeking an explanation?"

There were blisters all over Zhao Ruyun's right finger, some of them were already cracked, revealing a grayish-pink flesh. It was unknown if it was because of the ointment, but it looked like it was leaking water, shocking Lady Xiao. She raised her eyes to look at Shen Ninghua. "Ninghua, you …"

Shen Ninghua's expression did not change at all. "Grandmother, I wonder where my cousin got infected by this strange disease. Is it all my fault?" There are a lot of people getting sick for no reason outside, if we continue talking, would Ning Hua become a god of pests? "

With that, a voice sounded from the door: "Master and Second Miss have arrived."

"Elder sister, you should admit it now." Shen Ling Han followed Shen Dong into the house and spoke with a sad face, "It was indeed my cousin who spoke wrongly that day. I thought that my sister was angry for a while, but who would have known that you would hold a grudge."

His hands were like a woman's second face. With one hand ruined, it was more or less disfigured. How could Zhao Ruyun tolerate this? The pain and fear made her even more hysterical, "Shen Ninghua, since you gave me the antidote today, I'll give you a quick death. If you still don't admit to it, I'll have someone tie you up and torture you.

Hearing this, the Xiao family's expression became cold, and Shen Dong's face became even more unsightly. The Zhao family is treating this place as their territory? Mrs Zhao saw that Shen Dong's expression did not look good and quickly spoke to ease the tension: "Old master, Ruyun this child's mouth can't speak his mind at the moment, I hope old master does not blame me. She was raised by my big brother and my sister-in-law and had a pampered personality. Only the empress could discipline her. In two days, the empress would have to summon her into the palace. This time, her injuries … "

Shen Dong was surprised. Currently, Empress Zhao was covering the sky with one hand in the harem, and her only son was sitting on the position of crown prince with a firm stance. The Zhao Family's influence was like the sun in the sky because of her, and he didn't dare offend them no matter what. As he thought about it, he restrained his anger and asked Shen Ninghua, who was standing beside him,:

"Ning Hua, is what Ling Han said true? It's as if Yun's hand was poisoned by you? "

Shen Ninghua raised her gaze to look at Shen Dong, unable to hide the pain on her face. "Father, is your daughter so unbearable in your eyes?"

Shen Dong's face turned awkward, not knowing what to say in response.

Zhao Ruyun coldly mocked, "Why are you still pretending to be innocent at this time? Shen Ninghua, if you don't give me an explanation, I'll have someone chop off your hands and feet as compensation!"

"Ginger!" Mrs Zhang immediately stopped her from speaking any further.

Killing intent filled Shen Ninghua's heart. Living in the cold palace with her hands and feet crippled was a nightmare for her throughout her entire life. Zhao Ruyun's words were the most painful part of her life.

"Cousin, I think that I have touched something that should not be touched. Don't bite me, even if I am just a commoner, there is no reason for me to let anyone chop off my hands and feet. I'll remember what you said today. If something happens to me one day, the first thing I'll do is find you. "

Zhao Ruyun was so angry that she went crazy: "You bitch, you're actually threatening me! It's just a thing that has a mother and no son. So what if I cut off your limbs? "

"Ginger!" Zhang Shi frowned and shouted. Why was this Ru Yun so reckless today? Originally, they were here to seek an explanation. Now that she caused such a ruckus, Shen Ninghua instead had the upper hand.

Shen Ninghua sneered, her tone was forceful and threatening, "Cousin, you have quite the tone. You said that I should have brought out the evidence even though I poisoned the poison, but you said with your bare teeth that I poisoned it? "How laughable, if there is no evidence, my cousin would have to give me an explanation in front of so many people today!"

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