Minister Family's Black Belly Woman


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"Bang!" "Bam!" The sound of shattering porcelain was incessant. It took a long time for the sound to subside. Inside the snow-covered room, the exquisite porcelain pieces were scattered all over the floor. Shen Ling Han was sitting on a chair with an unsightly expression on her face, while the incense stick on her forehead was lying on the floor.

First Wife Zhao Yunxiang's brows furrowed as soon as she entered the door, and she quickly had Senior Servant Qin clean up the fragments on the ground. "What are you doing? If you have any anger, just spitting it out at the maidservant. Wouldn't that make that lowly servant feel proud if she were angered to death?"

Shen Ling's eyes reddened with grievance. She sat on the chair and said, "Mother, your daughter really can't take it anymore. Grandmother said that Shen Ninghua is the eldest miss, so what's your daughter?" When she thought about how Shen Ninghua was going to press herself down to the ground in the future, she couldn't calm down. Why was that slut so proud of herself?

With a pained heart, Mrs Zhao stepped forward to tidy up Shen Ling Han's clothes, and said with a gloomy face, "What kind of thing is Shen Ning Hua, for you to be so angry? Ling Han, remember, you are the only direct descendant of the Shen family. That Shen Ninghua doesn't even have the right to be your stepping stone. "She's just a little smart lowly maid. Don't worry, Mother will definitely help you get rid of this problem in your heart."

Shen Ninghua's appearance was just too beautiful. Furthermore, her body was constantly revealing the shadow of Lady Xia's slut. This kind of person shouldn't be living in this world!

Shen Ling Han's expression changed as she asked anxiously, "Mother, do you have a plan?"

Mrs Zhao's eyes flashed with chilliness, "How clean can a woman who has not been heard of anything for a year be? The word 'pure' is enough to crush a person to death. Since she dared to scheme against us, she must be prepared to lose her reputation. The Shen family cannot tolerate an obscure, filthy, and vicious young miss! " That girl was actually planning on marrying into the Xia clan's dowry, and didn't even know if she had a life!

"Mother is going to ruin her reputation?" If a woman's chastity is greater than the heavens, if her chastity is destroyed, then she is finished. Thinking of Shen Ninghua's fate, Shen Lingghan's smile deepened as she stepped forward and intimately held onto Mrs Zhao's arm.

"Aren't you having a party tomorrow? Invite your friends over. Besides that, your father will invite the Fifth Prince to the estate tomorrow …. "Rest assured, Mother will definitely give you what you want."

"Alright, thank you mother," Shen Ling Han smiled, but her gaze swept across the incense on the ground, revealing her gloominess: "Mother, your daughter cannot bear to see those ignorant servants. Since this incense has been with that woman before, your daughter cannot keep her."

Yi Xiang was startled. She immediately ignored the porcelain cuts on her head and begged for mercy. "Please spare me, Madam! Please spare me, eldest miss!"

She did not know the reason why, so it was even more ridiculous to say that she had been with her former wife. When her wife died, she was only five years old, and at most she had played in her wife's yard, what could she possibly know?

"Since you don't like it, Mother will show her a good place. Yi Xiang, you are the son of the Shen family. Even though you were young, you have still stayed in front of the Xia family.

Yi Xiang kowtowed again and again, "Madam, Yi Xiang has always been serving the young mistress and has never had a second heart …"

"I know you don't have any second thoughts," Zhao Yunxiang interrupted her. "Otherwise, you wouldn't take so much care of your parents and brothers. Yi Xiang, you can be considered an old man in the mansion. You should have your own rules and regulations for whatever you do."

The threat in Mrs Zhao's words could not be more obvious. Her parents and brothers were both in the Shen family, it would be a piece of cake for her to kill one or two servants.

"I understand."

The eldest lady nodded with satisfaction, her hair shining. "I know you're a sensible person. Go on."

Shen Ninghua was not surprised by the arrival of the incense, only asking Bai Yu to arrange a place for her to stay before continuing to read the book in her hands.

"Miss, I've investigated the Madame's dowry in secret. A large portion of it was distributed, and besides the ones that cannot be used, there isn't much left." Hong Ling whispered.

Shen Ninghua raised her eyes and said, "These are not things we need to worry about."

Since Zhao Yunxiang wanted to protect her own reputation, then she definitely wouldn't leave any traces behind in this matter. All she had to do was wait.

The truth was as she had expected. The eldest wife had delayed the transfer of Madam Xia's dowry for a period of time due to the need to properly arrange things over time. Shen Ninghua was not in a hurry, so she respectfully and respectfully paid her respects to Madam Xiao and stayed at the Tranquil Heart Garden quietly.

That day, she was reading a book when Lai Xiang walked in with a young maid who was carrying a tray.

"Miss, the First Madam has sent someone here to deliver a message that the Second Miss is hosting a banquet today, and she is invited to attend."

"Got it." Shen Ninghua replied. Seeing that the incense was still standing there, she asked, "Is there anything else?"

"Reporting to Miss, the First Madam has sent someone to deliver clothes. She says that Miss has just returned and must have many things that she hasn't prepared yet, so first we have to deal with an emergency. Afterwards, we will help Miss up."

He got up and picked up the clothes on the serving maid's tray behind him to carefully inspect them. The light blue dress was embroidered with golden silk and was embroidered with colorful rhododendrons. The clothes were beautifully crafted and had a faint fragrance.

"When the banquet is over, I will definitely thank Mother and let her worry about me." It turned out to be her mother's favorite picture of a rhododendron. Was Mrs Zhao warning her?

Bai Yan took out some silver taels and gave it to the maid who came to deliver the clothes. He indicated for her to withdraw the incense and carefully checked the corners of the dress. "Young mistress, there shouldn't be any problems."

"Just a single set of clothes would naturally not pose any problem." The first lady was very thorough and would not easily make a move without absolute confidence. The clothes didn't seem like much right now, but no one could tell if there would be any problems later on. Besides, even if there was nothing wrong with his clothes, couldn't he create some problems? After all, it was the first wife who sent the clothes, so he should look for her if there was anything wrong with it.

"Miss, do we still need to wear this to the banquet?"

"Why don't you wear it?" "Bai Yu, prepare well. Today is the first time I'm attending a banquet hosted by the Shen family. Let Bluebird and Hong Ling follow me. If you and Bi Zhu guard the courtyard properly, then you won't be able to have peace today."

Bai Yu stepped forward to help Shen Ninghua straighten her skirt. "Miss, everything has been arranged. You can rest assured."

A smile lit up Shen Ninghua's face. "Fine."

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