Martial Arts Murdering Nine Heavens

Martial Arts Murdering Nine Heavens

Author:ping fan mo shu shi
Chapters:772 | 2.9


Ye Yang crosses the world, gets the Nine Heavens Xuan Sword to recognize his master, learns the mysterious technique "Killing God Skill", embarks on a path of cultivation by killing, gradually unravels the mystery of the fall of the Nine Heavens Xuan Sword, kills on the divine world, stains the nine heavens with blood. Is it God? Is it a demon? How to tell? Is it good? Is it evil? I am righteous and loyal! I will rise up in the eight wildernesses, travel across the heavenly martial arts, shine in the Yu State, shake the five domains, and compete in the immortal world. But with a long sword in his hand, sweep away the world's injustice. Wonderful presentation, everything is in - spirit martial regicide nine days. ............ new book "nine stars hegemonic body trick" has been released, September eagle fly, set sail, welcome all the new and old friends to visit.

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