Marry a Vampire

Chapter 97: May I eat you, please (II)

"Ah, this Realm Master, he's so powerful, he can know everything in the Kunlun Realm?" Mo Mo's eyes widened.

"Yes!" Not only did Wen Beaver and Red Leopard nod, Chain Cui and Bai Suzhen also looked as if they took it for granted.

Momo gulped: "Oh my god, how scary!"

"Why, does little Momo want to do something bad?" Wen Beaver elbowed Momo's waist, looking like he wanted to hear gossip.

"No, no, how could I do anything bad!" MoMo face rose red, NaZe some discontent glared at WenXiu, dragged her into his arms, MoMo finally have a sense of security, no good retort, "I think this is no privacy, the whole KunLun people do what he can know, that what the realm master is not the whole world, no, the whole universe most love to listen to the corner of the people! "

"What does this have to do with listening to the corner?"

Mo Mo hands a crossed waist: "How does it matter, if I take a bath or go to the toilet, as long as you stay in Kunlun, you can be seen by him, is this not listening to the corner, is this not terrible?!"

"......" the whole room stiffened.

Only Wen Beaver laughed out loud especially, the always gentle and benevolent realm master was said to be listening to the corner, haha, or his closest person, if he knew, the expression on his face must be wonderful! "Little Momo ah, can hear, does not mean that will go to listen to it, if not a major event, how can a busy realm lord to listen to, er, listen to the corner!"

"That's the right thing to say!" Mo Mo of course understand the meaning of the text civet, but still will be strange in the heart, after walking everywhere will feel a pair of eyes behind, feel how awkward.

Naze nodded his nose in amusement: "Well, Momo, don't think about it, I believe the Kunlun Realm's realm master will not be so leisurely to care about us, so don't worry about it here!"

"Oh, I know!" MoMo nodded obediently and returned a cute smile to NaZe.

Wen Beaver and Red Panther looked at each other with a strange expression, Red Panther stepped forward and was about to speak, but was dragged back by Wen Beaver, Momo looked at them both a little strangely, Wen Beaver smiled back, "It's okay, it's okay-"

"Nothing is strange," MoMo does not eat him this, "have something to say, put in the stomach, careful to grow a beer belly."

"Uh, actually it's nothing, that, we just contacted your father and parents, they are not in the Kunlun realm, but went to the immortal realm to negotiate, the Kunlun realm and the immortal realm is time difference, so it is estimated that it will take ten or so days to return, so -"

"Ha, is this thing ah, well, it's okay, we wait is it," Mo Mo a little sad expression is not, on the contrary, is relieved, "let me do a few more days thought preparation is good, huh, anyway, all can see, it's okay!"

"Then what is the time difference between the Kunlun realm and the earth?" Naze asked.

"Kunlun realm is to calculate time with reference to the earth, the earth has day and night alternation, the stars turn, while Kunlun realm is stationary, half is day, half is night, so in fact it does not have the concept of days, but for the aspect of calculation, it is synchronized with the earth." The red leopard explained in a moderate manner.

"Wow, so much fun!" MoMo's eyes widened in amazement.

"There is more fun oh, not only day and night is a fixed place, and where the wind and rain, where the clear sky and rainbow, the area is fixed, even the weather forecast is not needed!" Wen Ravens again unconsciously rubbed over, trying to get closer to Momo, the result is that this time he was pulled back by the red leopard

"What's so funny about this," Ling'er by the White Lady infusion of a true qi, finally released from the dizzy situation, without saying a word, rushed over to join in the fun, "forever without change, is not also very meaningless?!"

I have never seen such an unenlightened, lock cui dusted off a bit of dust, slow to speak: "living in one place is not interesting, but travel is different, the scenery of each place is different, and we can go along the line of night and day -"

Mo Mo excitedly picked up the cavity: "In that case, want to think about the day, over the day, want to sleep at night, one foot across and you can sleep, sleep enough and then crawl to this side, continue to walk! Ah, so interesting, since my parents are not at home, and we are not in a hurry, for the time being, do not fly around, we walk and look, OK?!"

"Yes, yes!" Ling'er responded and nodded her head repeatedly.

Since these two people want to play so much, others are also inevitably nodding, the only one who did not point is Michaela, because he does not have the right to speak.

Mo Mo scanned the circle and remembered: "Wait a minute, the dean and the nine-tailed fox are still over there! Should we go ask them what they mean, and also, brother Wen that nine-tailed fox still needs to be punished?"

Wen Beaver thought about it and laughed: "She doesn't need to be punished for now, let's talk about it after we meet your parents, let them come with us, the dean doesn't belong to the Kunlun realm and is also not allowed to act alone."

"Ah, the dean does not belong to the Kunlun realm, then how can he be in the orphanage?"

"It's to atone for the Nine-tailed Fox and voluntarily pay for the Kunlun Realm," Lock Cui looked at the familiar figure in the distance with admiration in his eyes, "Momo must be wondering why we're building an orphanage in Kunlun Dao, right?"

"Hmm!" She had actually been wanting to ask.

Lock Cui smiled: "Kunlun realm is the gathering place of immortal birds and divine beasts, is the most suitable place for the cultivation of the origin, but there is an exception to everything, very few immortal birds and divine beasts of the offspring due to the influence of the parents themselves or the master, more suitable for the cultivation of immortality, such as Bai Suzhen is actually such an example, she grew up in the Kunlun realm since childhood, but kind-hearted and extremely enlightened about the canon, so she chose to Cultivation of immortality. Before her, the Kunlun realm did not take this into account, since she left Kunlun two thousand years ago in order to cultivate immortality, the Kunlun realm only began to let people choose the way to cultivate without restrictions, so that there is the Kunlun Passage and the orphanage."

"So that's how the orphanage came about!" Mo Mo suddenly realized, "Then what does this have to do with the dean?"

"The relationship is very big, without him, we do not know anything about the earth, not to mention the difficulty of walking, the children do not know how to read and write, do not know the manners, even can not walk, these are taught by the dean little by little, the cultivation of immortals first cultivate people, the orphanage children cultivate people, literacy and reading, all because of the dean ah! It's a pity that it also made him bear the reputation of a thousand years of cursing ......"

"Thousands of ancient curses?!" Mo Mo crooked his head in confusion.

"Yes, President Qin he," Lock Cui paused, his voice a bit difficult: "Momo know burning books and burying Confucius?"

"Yes!" MoMo subconsciously nodded and froze for a moment before asking tentatively, "Sister Lock Cui is saying that Dean Qin was actually Qin, Qin Shi Huang in his previous life?!" (Unfinished business, if you want to know what happens afterwards, please visit for more chapters, support the author, support the genuine reading!)

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