Marry a Vampire

Chapter 91 The group fight that can't be avoided (III)

The ghostly woman looked at the posture in Nazer's hand and was stunned for a moment, then laughed grimly and strangely: "Jie Jie, I didn't expect that the western zombies really have a lot of tricks, even these things can be learned, really let my sister envy ah! It seems that the white shore flower is really good stuff, Jie Jie! Little guy, if you pretend to be deaf and dumb again, I don't mind swallowing you alive, Jie Jie, so as not to waste!"

The answer to him is the calm movement of the Naze, a horizontal and vertical, a stroke, fingers through with a dot of milky white light, graceful and soothing as a clear sky under the ink bamboo forest light brush waving, if the previous Naze as the embodiment of the night, then at this moment he is gorgeous as the stars.

That Ze has been indifferent look finally angered the ghostly woman, she abruptly spread her arms, black robe instantly torn, revealing the inside of the long red dress. The long hair in the sky is fluttering, flawless face, eyes rather than black, rather than dark gray, even the lips are a light pink, wrapped in a blood-red dress, giving the illusion of a delicate.

But apparently no one would think she was delicate, her fingertips growing at a speed visible to the naked eye, until it grew to more than half a foot before stopping, flung a long water sleeve, just when others thought she would pounce on that Ze, she danced on her own. The long some horrible nails reached into the air and gently waved down, bringing up the long red sleeves rolled long hair, dense and sparse, the faster the turn, as she moved her body, her image into a dolorous manzanita, around that Ze seems to fly around the sky, the convergence of silver and blood, starlight, a stark contrast, if you forget that this is a cruel contest, that the beautiful scene in front of you is simply a most magnificent visual feast.

She turned closer and closer to Naze, the outstretched fingertips brushed his cheek, Naze finally moved, he fluttered his eyelashes, gently opened his eyes, staring in the distance, did not seem to notice the woman in front of him, compared to the ghostly woman's rapid rotation, his movements are so calm and slow, a hand flat out, milky white light gathered in the palm, little by little.

The ghostly woman thought he was casting a spell, a bully forward, from his back violently waved a long sleeve, when to close to his back, but seems to be a layer of invisible net isolated outside, she some incredulous backward retreat a step, slant waist back, and a side strike, the sleeve is still blocked back.

And at this time, that Ze but as if nothing felt the same, eyes leveled in the distance, the hands of milky white ball of light gradually open wide. Just see him gently hold up the flow of light dot, this moment the body is still back to her, the next moment has lost sight of, reappear, that milky white ball of light has reached her eyes, that Ze expression is still unchanged calm.

Ghostly woman simply can not dodge, was heavily thrown to the ground, a time the entire parking lot once again dusty, her harsh cries unbearable: "Jie Jie, no, it is impossible, I have been re-cultivated for five thousand years, I am the Heavenly Maiden, is a god, I can not lose, never lose, I do not believe, do not believe - -"

The sound and vibration to the body armor although weakened, but the nine-tailed fox is still due to the vibration of the lungs, vomiting several mouthfuls of blood, Mo Mo hastily summoned the paste to hold the crying little Lucifer, himself to help her, in a hurry, suddenly remembered the usefulness of his blood to the blood race, simply bite a piece of his finger to reach the nine-tailed fox's mouth, the nine-tailed fox at first froze, when Mo Mo finger blood drops to her lips. Hesitated for a moment, then came up to add a mouthful. In a flash, her body glowed with a milky white light, the nine tails behind her gradually transformed from dull to solid, Momo breathed a sigh of relief, sighing that he had bet right, closed his eyes and patted his chest, not seeing the flicker of gloom on the face of the nine-tailed fox.

Mo Mo wiped his sweat, so far the injury of the nine-tailed fox is considered stable, she took advantage of the gap just now, has called the dean, want to call him quickly to come to the rescue of the river. The result is that the nerve-racking dean is good, not waiting for her to say that they are under siege, only mentioning that a nine-tailed fox is injured, life is in danger, he immediately shouted "come immediately", hung up the phone, after that, the phone how to call can not be reached, it is estimated that the entanglement of all people to come, did not expect him to have such fast action.

Mo Mo looked up at the field, found that Na Ze seems to be effortless to win the ghost, although from the patriotic plot, the Western zombie defeated the Chinese zombie, let people a little upset, but then, no matter what, good over evil is always right! In addition, that Ze is now at least considered a "Chinese son-in-law" well, big deal, she let Na Ze and small Lucifer are into Chinese nationality, plus teach Western zombies unique kung fu, hmmmm!

This thought, with a strong patriotic feelings of Momo suddenly relaxed, some leisure to look at the whole scene, this is more than a live broadcast of the real ah! Momo sneezed, hand waved, did not expect the ghostly woman so slim figure, raising the dust than the eighteen Rohan made out.

Well blurred to see people, Mo Mo squinted hard, eh, what's going on, where is the woman? Why after the dust flying, the middle of the person who flung to the ground is also no hair?

Could that woman actually be a nun? Mo Mo's mouth opened wide in surprise, silently chanting: turn your head, turn your head, turn your head!

"The woman seemed to have heard Momo's call, and turned her head in a ghostly manner, with a tattered red dress and a bloodless face, as if she were a ghost from hell. So, she was born bald?

Unfortunately, such a beautiful face, Mo Mo gulped, a pertinent comment, eyes swept to the ground that scattered on the ground black hair, the corner of the eye twitched, so beautiful hair is fake ......

The woman noticed MoMo's gaze and also lowered her head, the woman's intuition let her instantly understand MoMo's meaning. She waved the sharp fingertips in her hand and suddenly raised a brilliant smile: "Jie Jie, pity me, then you come to accompany me as a companion, as--"

The word "He" just came out, she flew over, the water sleeve swept towards the body protection magic weapon, like a red snake rolled up, the moon shaped purple crystal in the water sleeve contact in a flash, the light busy steeply darkened.

"Ah!" MoMo and paste in unison shrieked.

The ghostly woman smiled smugly: "Jie Jie, this magic weapon is just the essence of blood refining, girl, that man does not seem to really care about you, Jie Jie, otherwise why not give you to use can restrain me -"

"Because it's not needed!" Naze's voice without warning sounded, the next moment, has appeared beside Momo, holding the squatting paste in his hands, the little paste's hands are still tightly strangled little Lucifer, perhaps after crying and messing up the little guy has been used to the strange sight, facing this not-so-ugly bald aunt and a large group of bald uncles, grandfather, the little guy showed the first real happy smile since today:. "Yinxin na, meat buns -" (unfinished, if you want to know what happens later, please visit, chapter more, support the author, support the genuine reading!)

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