Marry a Vampire

Chapter 89 The group fight that can't be avoided (I)

"Blood barbarians, what do you say, no borrowing," the ringing words carrying the hem of the black robe flung violently, squatting up the horse stance, hands flattened, quite Huang Feihong's aura, "no borrowing or fight! Give me over!"

"Hey, I said, you want to fight to kill what strength," Mo Mo lifted his chin, eyes rolled, a dawning realization plus disdain, "Oh, I know, so you are the most want to reincarnate people, in vain I just thought you were a good guy, cut, mouth is not!"

The honest man is most afraid of others to distort his meaning, saying that he is not honest, Mo Mo is precisely to see that the preceptor is a solid eye, so dare to provoke him so, indeed, the preceptor heard her words, anxious up: "Nonsense, nonsense, when I have to say reincarnation -"

"You do not want to reincarnate, you do not want to reincarnate so excited about what, other people who want to reincarnate have not said anything yet!" Mo Mo straighten hair, patted the baby in his arms, "or think I and the child in my arms good bully, want to hit people for fun, Buddha is so teach you?!"

"I, I -" preceptor this time is really a sentence out, stomach straight muttering, how this woman than when he converted to the Buddha's master will also say, not a nun is a pity, Yuan Yuan sitting meditation can certainly earn a lot of money!

When the monk still think about making money, I have to say, the preceptor is also very tough existence, but unfortunately encountered Mo Mo, a small witch VS a big witch, it is only right to lose.

This side of Mo Mo and quit words victory, next to that Ze and quit empty still maintain a "deep love" state of eyes, two people's eyes glued and glued, Mo Mo feel that their own husbands in this life have not seen themselves so, if the other party is a woman, she would have a chestnut knock on it. But now the other party is an old monk, she did not know what expression she should show to be normal, rolled her eyes, decided to pick up the little Lucifer blocked to him, let that Ze viewing the little guy drooling piggy sleep look.

"Amitabha Buddha, please forgive the two masters of the old cassock," the preceptor came back to his senses, hands clasped in a bow, his expression slightly excited, "did not expect, did not expect, ah, the old cassock mistakenly trust the treacherous people, almost spoiled the big event!"

"What treacherous person, what are you talking about, this is?" Preceptor Yan was busy asking, the others saw this, exchanged colors with each other, also hurriedly gathered towards Preceptor Kong.

Quit empty a long sigh, touching the long white beard, seemingly intolerant, but see the brothers are anxious, finally closed his eyes: "Amitabha Buddha, the white other shore flower does not have the ability to make people reincarnate, we let people cheat ......"

Mo Mo pricked up his ears and listened to the preceptor, could not help but be surprised: "Huh, how did he know, Na Ze, how did you tell him, no, the point is, how did you get him to believe, this is a hostile party in the battlefield hey?"

Naazawa smiled faintly and winked: "It's simple, I didn't say anything!"


"Just doing an experiment," Naazawa took the child in MoMo's arms and helped her tuck her fine hair behind her ears, "they have red Petanque flowers pinned to their sleeves, and according to them, my body is flowing with blood fused with white Petanque flowers, I took out the essence of blood plated to his The flower on the sleeve, and there is no change, is this not enough to explain?"

"But I did not see you bleeding ah!" Mo Mo is full of questions, pulling his hand, "And I remember that time, you clearly can make the red flowers turn white -"

Na Zed shook his head, did not want to say, anyway, she can not understand, but she pulled the hand shaking can not help, only to speak to continue to explain: "cultivation to a certain stage, is able to draw a small amount of blood essence, does not really need to drink the blood filter, well, this told you also do not understand, as for, the castle you see that scene why can not repeat, do not forget, the plant flower Originally white, I can restore, but it is impossible to change out of thin air, understand?"

"So deep, didn't understand," MoMo hand on his head, thought for a while finally decided to give up, turned to look at that group of black dryads also a look of hanging head, can't help but happy again, "no matter, anyway, now we win with wisdom is right, ha, not a battle but the army of the people. My husband is really the most powerful, well, well, let's go home, go home and sleep!"

"I'm afraid, I can't leave for now," Naazawa shook his head with a bitter smile, "Momo you forget that there are still more than twenty zombies around here--"

"You mean," Mo Mo thought for a moment and instantly understood what Naze meant, "those people actually tricked these monks to use as cannon fodder, they didn't expect that you could make these monks believe you and break the scam, so they won't stop?"

"Hmm." Naze gently answered, touch her face, handed her little Lucifer, kissed the baby in passing, and kissed her forehead, "Do not worry, at least more people to help, those monks drought will not stand by, but you, pay attention to safety, be good, know it?"

"I know, I know, do not left a good and a good, the baby is so big, how strange," Mo Mo mouth reproach, face is a bright smile, "do not worry, I am here as your cheerleader, husband cheer!"

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. A heavy object suddenly landed next to Momo and him, shocking the floor are cracked several pieces, making a loud sound, sleep like a piggy Lucy Phil was startled to open his eyes, froze, and then wriggled and cried, "oooh wah wah -"

MoMo fixed his eyes to see, the ground is lying HuShuRong, at this time her fur has long been dyed blood, eyes, ears, nose and throat also continue to gush blood, nine tails drooping, in addition to the middle one, the other eight seems to be in a trance-like faint, MoMo thought he was blind, rubbed his eyes, and then open, the color of the eight tails seems to have begun to transparent.

The fox's tail represents the meaning, Mo Mo is so shocked to lunge at Hu Shurong, is it because of the unauthorized alteration of Hu Shurong and Chen Wei's marriage, so that her life will not be saved?

"Hu Shurong, wake up, what's wrong, what's wrong?" Although Mo Mo's mouth was very eager to ask, but the action is still gentle, injured people can not withstand shaking, she only dared to slightly pat Hu Shurong's cheek.

"Hiss, don't pat, I'm here to find you guys, not dead yet!" Hu Shurong barely opened her bleeding eyes and smiled at her, that flirtatious look made Momo want to cry, she was fine just now, how come she's like this?!

MoMo's tears started to fall down unstoppably: "Is it, is it those drought demons, ah, you tell me, is it?!"

"Cough, cough, cough, I didn't think they would dare to attack ordinary humans, the people up there who could teleport away were all teleported away by me, poof," Hu Shurong spurted out a mouthful of blood, Mo Mo subconsciously stretched out her hand to block it, and her hand was dyed red, the blood still kept gushing out, but she continued as if she didn't care, " When casting the spell was secretly calculated, cough, so, my fate should be so, did not expect it, huh!"

"Who said, you should find someone you like and then live happily with him in Kunlun, didn't you say, to marry Kunlun in color?!"

"Don't be sad, it's nothing, I'm looking away anyway," Hu Shurong pulled her lips, resulting in more blood gushing out of her mouth, "Leave me alone, go before they come!"

Na Ze glanced at her, his right hand raised, five fingers spread out, his mouth faintly responded, "Wrong, that woman is already here!"

Na Ze's voice just fell, a black and blood color reflected as if eight trigrams pattern appeared out of thin air, accompanied by a voice that seems to come from the ground: "Jie Jie, or this little brother has some skills, even sister my hiding body can sense out, Jie Jie, good, good!" (unfinished to be continued, if you want to know what happens afterwards, please visit, chapter more, support the author, support the genuine reading!)

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