Marry a Vampire

Chapter 88: The story of Ling'er and Yun Zhaoying

"Big brother who is guarding the door, may I ask, do you know how to get to the prince's bedchamber?" The little girl wearing a long white mat dress tilted her head and asked seriously.

The doorkeeper who was asked turned his head and carefully looked at the visitor. The little girl in front of her had a very pretty appearance, wearing two small hair buns, each with a pair of silver bells that made a tinkling sound when she tilted her head, and the rest of her hair hung down to her chest and was being pulled by her clutching it in her hand. The little girl looks thirteen or fourteen years old, a white dress, not like the attire of the palace.

It is really strange, this night, the inner courtyard of the palace, how will appear such a little girl?

The two gate guards looked at each other and pressed their voices, but with a fierce air: "Who is this?!"

"Ahhhhh," the girl in white clutched her head and screamed even louder than the guards, "Help, kill the snake!"

"Uh," she shouted, to the doorman to subdue, in the middle of the night, so a shout, if the masters woke up, several heads are not enough to fall ah! "Shouting what shouting, lower your voice, looking for death?

"I, I do not scream, but you can not hit Ling'er." Little girl tears in the eyes straight in the eyes.

This look, how do not look like assassins ah, besides, there are asking the door guards how to walk the road assassins? The two doormen hesitated with their weapons in their hands.

Slightly older gatekeeper in the palace for five or six years, the palace is more familiar with the head, thinking that recently it is the Crown Princess election, some of the dignitaries and noble ladies are living in the East Palace courtyard, out of the garden to get lost may be, they shook their heads towards the other, turned around and bowed: "forgive my recklessness, you are the lady of which family? "

"Why are you asking this?" Ling'er reflexively cover their pockets, mother speak, ask their names, are trying to cheat money.

"This," that gatekeeper is not good to say straight out that it is to check the future master's family background, after a pause, decided that it is better not to offend, "this palace at night is not free to walk around, you better hurry back to your residence!"

"No, Ling'er came here with great difficulty, is to see the prince," Ling'er tiptoe towards the door and looked inside, originally had gone out lights and lanterns are re-lit, she relied on the spiritual power to rush all day, now even a small scout can not send out, can only deflate mouth, continue to aggrieved beg two "bad guys", "Ling'er is very good and will not wander around, Ling'er just wants to find the prince's chambers, you guys just tell Ling'er!"

"This," the doorman was confused by her, this night nothing to run out to want to know the prince's bedchamber is considered what's going on, could it be that this young lady, although young, has a lot of scheming, wants to guard the place and run to the prince during the day to have a chance encounter, well, it's possible! In that case, he did not dare to spoil the masters, anyway, just tell this official lady the location of the prince's bedchamber, it is not a big deal, "Miss, you have come to the right place, this door in is the prince's bedchamber -"

"Really, really, I've finally found the place?!" Ling'er clapped her hands and jumped up and down happily.

"Exactly." The slightly older gatekeeper wiped his sweat.

Ling'er stretched out her hand and held up a finger with a grateful smile, "Then thank you oh, ha, the one hundred and fifty-five-"

Before the doorman had time to wonder what one hundred and fifty-five meant, he was poked in the head by Ling'er's finger and immediately fell down, and a doorman next to him saw that things were not right and ran in panic while retreating.

Ling'er smiled and squinted one eye, hooking her little thumb: "Come back--"

The poor doorman immediately found his body moving uncontrollably toward Ling'er until he poked himself in the head and a gentle voice came from the bottom of his heart: "Down!"

He then fell straight down, unconscious.

"Hee hee, the one hundred and sixty-sixth, ha, finally!" Spirit retracted her finger and spat her tongue, satisfied with her result.

"You hypnotized a total of one hundred and sixty-six people to find the prince's bedchamber?"

"Yeah, this palace is so big oh, it's so hard to find," Spirit nodded reflexively, only halfway through the sentence did she realize that there was someone behind her, "Huh, when did you come, how come I don't know, who are you?"

The person behind her smiled and cocked his head like she did, "Guess who I am?"

Ling'er did not expect him to ask himself back, her eyes widened, her gaze circled around him, golden outer robe, golden inner robe, golden shoes, even the ribbon tied around his head was golden, he must be royalty, mother spoke, mortals believe that gold is the most expensive thing in the world, so their royalty dressed just like gold, it means they are the most powerful and expensive people. Could it be?! "You are the crown prince?"

"What prince, you should call me brother Yun," the person covered in gold reached out and patted her little head, the silver bells on his head made a tinkling sound, so he couldn't help but laugh again, "You are really a person as your name, with two bells tied on your head, called Ling'er, huh, so Ling'er is looking like this, exactly like I imagined."

Ling'er beamed unsatisfactorily, "But mother said you had seen me when I was a child-"

"Yes, but you were still a snake egg at that time," Yun Zhaoying spread his hands, smiling helplessly, "Does Ling'er think she looks like an egg?"

"I don't want to look like an egg," Ling'er stomped her feet in anger, "eggs are not as good-looking as our snake eggs!"

"Uh, this," Yun Zhaoying didn't think there was such a difference under the sun, he couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, indeed eggs are not as good looking as snake eggs, haha!"

"Wow, you look so good when you smile, you keep smiling and smiling like this, smiling makes me want to sleep, ah," Ling'er naturally reached out and touched his face, automatically and spontaneously lying in his arms, taking out a letter from her arms and slipping it over, "This letter is what mother told me to give you, mother said, you read it, you will know How to take care of me, well, I'm going to sleep first, so sleepy ......"

Yun Zhaoying looked down at Ling'er, gently patted her shoulder, remembered when he was a child into a kitten coiled snake eggs to talk, the corners of his mouth showed a gentle smile, a shake of twenty years, he also accidentally became the prince of the earth, see her again, but as if they had never been separated.

He smiled and shook his head, gently picking up Ling'er, ignoring the surprise and bewilderment of the servants behind him, carefully carried her to his bed and unfolded the letter she had brought:.

Nephew Yun.

Zhan Xin Yue!

I heard that you have to choose a wife on earth, Aunt Bai sent Ling'er over, marry or not you can decide, but to marry only her one.

There is one more point by the way, Ling'er does not know how to marry, Aunt Bai also explained what is the maiden husband, so she said, let you be her master, anyway, are taking care of a lifetime, the difference is not very big.

Aunt Bai on the same day

Yun Zhaoying hold the letter paper, the corners of the mouth a little twitch, this difference is not very big?!


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