Marry a Vampire

Chapter 7: The gorgeous blood feast (II)

MoMo, who was lost in thought, did not notice that he had long been the center of attention in the room, and everyone was curious about their appearance. Such a small gathering today is not actually enough to the level of attendance of this low-key couple, the invitation was only issued to show respect, their unexpected visit, as well as the Naze contrary to the usual look of detachment, smiling around the crowd, simply let the crowd surprised jaws off, if not tradition does not allow them to make a departure from the grace and faith, they are even willing to express their gratitude to the so-called God! Of course, they would be even more grateful if the goddess in the mind of the higher power would stop sweeping the whole room!

"Momo, feeling bored?" Naazawa ended a brief conversation and turned to gently wrap his wife, who was half hanging from the railing, "Want to eat something?"

"I'm not bored," MoMo tugged at his sleeve, wrinkling her nose and whispering back, "I'm looking at handsome men and women, are there a lot of stars here, but unfortunately I don't watch European and American movies, I don't know any of them hey!"

Na Zee looked at a face pretending to be unhappy Mo Mo, said hesitantly, "Although there are not many stars here, but you look carefully again, you should be able to find one or two more familiar-"

"Really, really, great!" MoMo jumped happily straight in his arms, "I've never seen a star in person before hey, I must find one today, haha!"

"Momo, you-" Naazawa hesitated, still wanting to continue, but the overexcited Momo had long turned her head and continued her searchlight journey.

"Don't worry, I won't embarrass you by casually asking people for autographs or anything, hehehe! By the way, once you say, I'm really hungry," MoMo sideways patted NaZe's shoulder, handsome pampered, "that, see you performance time has come, go to help me get food, OK?" Just after the words were said, MoMo felt that her words were too intimate, grinned at NaZe and turned her head away, not daring to look at his reaction. And with this simple action, she ended up missing the pair of eyes that were suddenly deep and complexly intertwined.

Perhaps this night is destined to reveal the truth, Naazawa did not take her again, only obediently and reluctantly kissed her lovely dimples, half a moment, pushed her away, behind her, lightly pulled up the corners of his mouth, showing the standard gentleman's smile: "At your service, my dear."

Mo Mo pretended not to know and continued to look around until she was sure that Naze had walked some distance away, before she carefully turned around and peeked at where he was, only to find that he had already reached the center of the banquet hall, concentrating on selecting food, and couldn't help but bite her lip, her heart full of sweetness.

Turning to look in another direction, she suddenly found a beautiful woman wearing a long black gown. Momo looked at her because her graceful walking posture made Momo feel familiar, as if she had seen it in some scene, but it couldn't be! Momo shook her head hard, her ordinary life except for the banquet scene she had seen on TV, in real life at all - wait, on TV, gosh, Momo stared at the woman approaching more and more, this is not the one who played that elegant Princess Anne, and that what beautiful rich girl, ah, the most memorable The most memorable is playing the elegant and desperate vampire young woman, thus winning the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement Anastasia?

These are the most famous movies of the 1930s and 1940s, and even the aunts in the orphanage have seen the classics! Ha ha, I did not expect to meet a real person here, feel so excited, if not that star wearing a black dress, and black and white film dress similar, they do not dare to confirm it, did not expect her to be so young in reality - crunch - Mo Mo brain a certain The string suddenly broke: I did not expect her to be so young? Young enough to look less than thirty after a century?

She must have been mistaken, Mo Mo slapped her head, what are you thinking, really want to see the stars look crazy, the more beautiful foreign women look like. MoMo tried to convince herself in her mind, but she was reluctant, and was about to change her orientation to investigate in order to find the difference, when she found that the woman looked towards her and raised her hand with a red goblet, showing a mature and elegant smile, MoMo foolishly also stretched out her hand to salute, but found that her hand was empty, there was nothing, so she couldn't help but blush and lowered her head.

"Noble lady, what would you like to drink?" An elegant greeting came from the ear.

Mo Mo looked up in a panic and found a man in a tuxedo talking to her with a smile and courtesy, and speaking Chinese, so she smiled at him shyly: "Ah, whatever."

"Waiter," the man waved elegantly, the waiter next to him with drinks immediately came over, the two talked briefly, then the man took the tray from the waiter, turned back to Mo Mo and smiled, "Madam, do you have a suitable drink here? "

"Well," looking at the various colors of drinks being filled with various exquisite cups, Mo Mo momentarily did not know where to choose, remembering the red drink in the hands of the beautiful woman just now, so follow the example, also took a red tall cup, looked down, it seems to be a thicker watermelon juice, "this is good up."

The man opposite looked at Momo with amazement and respect, but unfortunately the nerves were too thick for Momo to notice, still looking for the woman just now, this time with a cup in his hand, he had to return the tribute. As a result, after searching for half a day and not finding each other, I could not help but feel a little chagrined and turned my head again to find the man still standing opposite her: "Why are you still here, is something wrong?"

"In fact, I am very curious about the matter of you having a child." The man's words were so shocking that Momo almost didn't choke on her saliva.

"What?!" There is a man who asks a woman to her face to have a baby, not his own wife.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. as painful?"

This where the Mongolian doctor, Momo can not help but roll her eyes, if not for the sake of taking care of Nadze, she would like to take the drink in her hand and hit people: "You ask this question, so I can not answer, it is the basic common sense as a doctor, oh, no, it should be the basic common sense as a human being."

"Oh, you misunderstood me. In fact it is because you are a special case that you had to be asked about your own feelings." Nader#8226;s gold finally realized after the fact that Momo was in a bad mood, associated with the consequences of this, could not help but pull out a white handkerchief to wipe the non-existent cold sweat, "I heard that you gave birth for three months before-"

"I was in a coma for three months after giving birth! Please!" Mo Mo heard the last words he said, the small fire in her heart turned into a big fire, she said, a doctor somehow came to ask herself such a private question, so it was like this! This is the rumor that came out of nowhere, she gave birth to a child can also be rumored like this, really, really, where life is not jianghu!

The first thing you need to do is to take a sip of the drink in your hand, but a fishy smell rushed to your head and you spit out the drink: "Ah, yuck! What is this stuff?"

"This is Icelandic blood coffee." The man opposite replied honestly, and from nowhere pulled out another handkerchief and handed it to Momo, "Madam, is it not to your liking, there is also Blue Mountain Blood Coffee here, would you like to try it?"

"Blood coffee? What blood?" Mo Mo's mind was spinning, could it be that in another ten years, everyone would be drinking coffee without a coffee partner and would be using blood instead, "Pig's blood? Goat's blood?"

"Madam you really love to joke, such a noble and elegant banquet, how can there be that kind of vulgar things, this, of course, is human blood." The man opposite replied ingratiatingly, and once again brought the tray to Momo.

MoMo's eyes suddenly opened wide, but her eyes were confused and scattered, what she thought was watermelon juice or red wine was rippling with a circle of sticky blood-colored foam, as if Pandora's smile. She finally couldn't stand the anxiety and palpitations inside her and lifted the tray in front of her with one hand: "Enough, are you playing a trick on me?!"

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