Marry a Vampire

Chapter 68: The mystery of the closure of Kunlun Realm (III)

"What do you mean, Erlang Shen went to Kunlun to walk his dog?" Mo Mo was full of confusion.

"Poof," Wen Ravens heard the words, very unimaginative spewed out the tea in his mouth, covering his stomach straight happy: "Black hair was walked, haha, if it knew that someone said that about it, absolutely to be angry woof, haha ...... "

"Do not laugh," Mo Mo was embarrassed by his laugh, and do not know where they are wrong, "I am very serious ......"

"Puff -"

"Huh-" "Oh oooh-"

She did not say okay, she said, the people present did not stifle laughter, even Bai Suzhen also pursed up his mouth, lowered his head to drink tea. Na Ze nudged her nose: "I told you not to interrupt, how about it, shame on you?"

Mo Mo nestled into his arms, a small voice to snatch: "I do not know -"

Na Ze smiled helplessly and teased her, "I think it's more humiliating to not know why you're humiliated, huh?"

"Hmph!" Mo Mo has nothing to say, negatively turned his head, towards the still laughing skyward Wen Rui a shout, "Silence!"

Wen civet really quiet, sleeves also habitually half cover the face, revealing because of laughing out of tears, and look watery eyes: "I know my mistake, please calm your anger."

The crowd was he or playful or serious, erratic attitude made no words, Bai Suzhen see again to start off topic, only to stand up again: "Wen phase, Kunlun world's past we all know a little, always with the immortals, Buddhas, gods and ghosts, how will start a dispute? I also heard some rumors in the immortal world, but because it has always been idle, but the more you hear the more confused."

Wen Beaver this time did not beat around the bush, wipe the tears at the corner of the eyes, honestly replied: "In fact, it is not a big deal, the Kunlun world recalled all the immortal birds and beasts serving in those two worlds, especially like the snarling dog can help the master fight the favored beasts, or immortal Buddha child mounts, such as immortal cranes and so on, so that they rest and rest in the Kunlun world, some went out, and never came back Ever ......"

Said the last, Wen Beaver rare sad up, everyone fell into silence, after a long time, he went on: "Before the demon defense, they have such and such a request also forget, but now, alas, the mortal world to pray for not many people, they are happy to pretend to be deaf. And for some reasons that are not on the stage, the trouble is unbearable, the most outrageous is that the old guys who have become elite, they want to be noble, they instigate the immortal birds and beasts secretly do this and that, you say, he took our Kunlun world as what, ah?

MoMo and NaZe looked at each other, just feel incredible, did not expect that there would be such a thing, this is the immortal Buddha, not it?!

"Let them mistreat animals, do not care for flowers and plants, so ah, we take back our own family, the door is closed, so they go out without immortal horses, no immortal cranes to send a message, posing the prestige without spirit animals, to make trouble themselves, love how to make trouble, ha ha!" Wen Beaver slapped his palm, a face of pleasure, "the Jade Emperor, Rulai big ears every day to open the mouth is the cycle of cause and effect, a nest of immortals, Buddhists are the same, this time also let them taste the cycle of heaven, the consequences of retribution!"

"I can't believe this is happening," Qin Drought stood up angrily, his face green like Lock Cui's, "They are bullying people too much!"

Wen Rui sipped his tea and nodded vigorously one after another.

"We want to resist!" Lock Cui slapped the table, head held high.

Wen Beaver held out his fist and waved, responding to the call.

This time MoMo although angry, but still have reason, looking at WenRu, from the top to see the bottom, from the bottom to see the top, to estimate his words in the end subjective factors accounted for a few percent. Do not forget, he just said himself, snarling dog haunted to return to the immortal world, if Erlang Shen mistreatment of it, eat meat does not leave it bones, their own clothes do not pull a piece of cloth to it, it is estimated that the more faithful dog, will not want to run home!

We all have this experience, where the quarrel, if you are not present, afterwards, you will think that the one who cries with you is right, why, one is since the complaint will certainly not be the main conflict to themselves; two because you know this person, emotionally will tend to her, even if it is wrong, will also understand that this is bitterness.

The comfort between friends, has nothing to do with right and wrong, but if it is about the truth and decision, believe one side of the word is a fool, because it will never be the truth, which can only be considered a quarrel testimonial.

Mo Mo knows that no matter what, they say these in front of themselves, they do not take a stand is not possible, which is why she has not wanted to listen to do not want to think or even do not want to care about the reason, because she has not thought well, not well, she is a human being, or a fairy, or a beast.

However, when everything begins to unfold, when there is no escape, Mo Mo knows that now she can no longer ostrich, she must be sober enough to make a choice, a choice built on the balance of reality and emotions, whether or not you need to go to Kunlun, to determine how to correct their position, she now has no doubt about her relationship with Kunlun, but how deep, who their parents really are, and whether she should intervene in this complex situation now. If a foot in, and whether it will affect the orphanage and the blood, baby and Naazawa in the end what to do, although everything in front of them equally strange, but at least she grew up in the Eastern culture and mythological atmosphere, at least know that the Jade Emperor in the sky to make the decision, underground Yan Wang said, but they?

Once upon a time, the future of the situation are making her a mess, in fact, from the beginning she wanted to shout, tell her, what in the end these have to do with her, if not, let her go, but this word she could not say, undeniably, she could not let go of her ten years of memories, forever parents, those laughter and tears, not to say erase and erase, even the Jade Void, it can only take away the years, but not the years traces, isn't it?

But, if she wants to know the truth, then it means she has to go through the choice again and again, the attribution of kinship may make her confused right and wrong, the limitations of her identity may make her do it knowing right and wrong.

The discussion in that compartment was hot, but MoMo kept her head hanging, even NaZe thought she was asleep, NaZe embraced her and brushed away her bangs in front of her eyes, MoMo tilted her head slightly, he laughed lightly, "Still not asleep?"

"Well," MoMo responded vaguely, not knowing what to say, "Uh, what time is it?"

"It's almost dawn."

"Yah," Momo immediately jumped up and sat down, exclaiming, "Go back to your room, it's all latticed window gauze curtains, you can't block the light at all, you don't want to get sunburnt."

The angry Dean heard her say so, turned around and returned: "It's okay, this is not the earth, the sunlight is different, otherwise I a dry drought how to run here, ha ha, by the way, you vampires because of the curse, well, rest assured assured, that curse also can not manage here - "

"You mean, here the sunlight will not-" Naze's look suddenly excited.

"Yes, here ordinary zombies can survive," Dean Qin patiently replied, he also experienced that dark and boundless life, "can live in the daytime is really quite good."

"Really can?" Mo Mo was also happy and didn't know what to do.

"Really can!" Lock Cui also turned his head and smiled, "I tell you, Momo, the dean used to be begging to live here oh!"

"Aiya ah, always in front of the juniors to say this what," Dean Qin is establishing the image of a tall and majestic senior, a hear immediately retorted, "And you, a crooked-necked willow tree ...... "

Mo Mo looked at the old man who was tussling, turned his head, shrugged towards Na Zee, made a move to cover his ears, spit out his tongue, the Na Zee amused out, reached out to pull her two hands. MoMo a dodge, covered his ears, laughing, NaZe unknown look at her, but found her efforts to open her mouth, make lip shape, all of a sudden, he had a kind of happiness hit the vibration, maybe the eternal darkness in exchange for the words, is also worth.

What her beautiful little wife said was, "Dearest dearest husband, let's go see the sunrise!"


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