Marry a Vampire

Chapter 65 - Momo's two pets (III)

"Slap, slap, slap," MoMo dutifully clapped her hands, she had an inexplicable feeling of affection for the visitor, "Who are you and where are my pets?"

"I am your beautiful and handsome brother Wen!" The visitor circled around MoMo halfway and softly made a point cloud hand.

"You are Wen Beaver?" Mo Mo sucked in a breath backwards, "How is a person, it shouldn't be, it shouldn't be--"

MoMo lowered his head, searched the ground, pointing to the red leopard in the corner that hated to cover its face with its front paws, "Shouldn't it be like that?"

"Oh ooh~" it is not like that, the red leopard feels that the face of this life has been lost, the wen civet is originally the master of sharp teeth, it is considered finished.

"Oh, that guy heard you summoned to run away, but you are too weak, so he was anxious to become smaller squeezed out, probably in a few days, you can take on human form." Wen Ravens affectionately embraced MoMo, MoMo also did not push him away, NaZe's face suddenly darkened half, he blinked proudly, rubbed MoMo's head, "long time no hug little MoMo, miss me to death."

MoMo remembered the memory fragment that flashed in his mind when he transformed at the castle, the figure that came out of the sea of peony flowers seemed to be the person in front of him, "Brother Wen, did I used to know you well?"

"Yes, two little ones oh~" Wen Ravens head leaned on Momo's shoulder.

The other half of Naze's face also darkened.

"Puff," lock Tsui laughed, quite pity Na Ze, "the genius knows how old you are, good meaning and MoMo two little guesses, MoMo, I tell you, Wen Xiang he is considered your nanny- "

Na Ze face immediately cleared, reverted to the image of an elegant and noble prince, although still very mindful of the hand of Wen Rui on Mo Mo's waist.

"Didn't you say, it's a pet?" Momo's brain had not yet turned around.

"Ah, I heard them all say so and shouted along." Lock Cui immediately skimmed off the relationship.

"Did that dry demon tell you guys again?" The woman's face is indeed more charming than the woman's. "It's just that we sang a rivalry with him, so why are we so nostalgic about others, nasty!

Mo Mo sweat hair straight up, do not know whether to nod or shake their heads, looking around, is embarrassed, but found that someone has exposed the target, the dean is slowly moving, one foot has stepped out the door half a step, see Mo Mo and the people they are falsely accused of looking at themselves, the old face a red: "I saw too many people in the house, not enough stools, want to go out to move a few, hehehe! "

"Oh, so it is so, but the slave misunderstood," Wen civet lightly move lotus step, graceful body, "Bao brother, later we come and a song ah, I have not sung a little song for a long time!"

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, I couldn't change my mouth for a while..."

"What brother Bao?" Mo Mo turned to look at the wrinkled dean, what are they going to sing?

Wen Rui was about to speak, the dean hastily waved his hand to interrupt: "Cough cough cough, nothing, nothing, let's talk about the important thing--"

"Momo wants to know, is the important thing ah," Wen civet sleeves flung, and turned back, crossed the orchid finger is very mysterious, "in fact nothing, just my first appearance is invincible charm, so, he sang to me 'fallen from the sky a Lin sister ' just!"

"Haha, not it, haha ......" Mo Mo laughed so much that he squatted down, lock Tsui recalled the scene, followed by laughing, Bai Suzhen and Na Ze also can not help, the dean is like nothing to sing half a day, but did not expect to make this kind of mistake.

"He came out and flowers, and butterflies, sleeves cover the face, who knows he is a man!" The dean struggled to explain.

"But you also asked where his family is, can have a marriage ah ~" Wen civet does not relent, pulling his sleeve not to let go, like a small daughter pampered like stomping feet, "did people also told a lie?"

The dean stepped back, knocked by the threshold, almost sat on the floor: "I was wrong, I dare not say you are a pet next time, please, let me go--"

"Clang," Yun Zhaoying could not look on, forcefully put the tea cup on the coffee table, the whole person without expression, stood up, took Ling'er's hand, turned to Bai Suzhen: "Mother-in-law, Ling'er and I will leave first."

Bai Suzhen looked up at him: "Don't you have something to ask?"

"I-" Yun Zhaoying's face turned pale, tightened his fist, and turned towards the door.

"Yo, what day is it today, why is it so lively," the white-robed man, as if he just saw Yun Zhaoying in the room, let go of the dean and stopped him with a smile, "Aiyayaya, since you are here, why do you have to leave, since you have to leave, why do you look like you don't treat people well, don't tell people that you didn't expect I will appear, people will be very heartbroken oh, nephew Yun'er-"

"Since you are not human, do not learn to speak like a human," Yun Zhaoying stopped, did not even turn his head, "I have nothing to do with you, do not call so affectionate, the beast does not even talk about brother and sister affection, let alone other."

"Unbridled," Bai Suzhen stood up, has been a light lazy expression, rare to become serious, slightly bent over: "Wen phase, the children do not understand things."

The visitor turned slightly, put down his sleeves and smiled, and between the enchanting just like two people, own a majestic: "Xiao Bai, it's you, it's been a long time, I also said you into the immortal world, never to see again."

"In order to return the favor to my husband, I had to first cultivate people, let the minister disappointed." Bai Suzhen bowed her head.

"Each has its own immortal destiny, talk about disappointed or not-"

"That's a grand statement," Yun Zhaoying tugged at his collar, "then why did you stop my mother from cultivating a human being in the first place?"

Wen Rui withdrew his smile and looked at him, "She is not suitable for cultivating people."

"Then what is she suitable for, suitable for being a beast with strong magic power, drinking hair and blood, heartless, waiting for the master to adopt, and then work for the rest of her life, until she dies?

"Who told you all this, nonsense," Wen Beaver frowned, "what else did those bastards in the immortal world say?"

"You, you less blood spouting, although I am out of the immortal world control, but I do not think they have any bad, but you, unauthorized closure of the entrance to the Kunlun world, forced to recall all the divine beasts, think the immortal and Buddhist world is not enough chaos?

"Pa," Bai Suzhen walked to Yun Zhaoying and threw him a slap, Ling'er was so scared that she blocked in front of her: "Mother~"

"I thought you were only concerned about your mother's whereabouts, so concerned about the Kunlun realm, I did not expect to be thinking these muddled thoughts," Bai Suzhen said coldly, "you a small earth immortal, what do you know about the affairs of the immortal and Buddhist realms, and what does it matter to you?"

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