Marry a Vampire

Chapter 61: The other side of the scenic spot (II)

She is afraid of fire, but who said that to make delicious food, must be a fire, do not know that there are induction, microwave oven? Cut, no culture! Lock Tsui skimmed her mouth and looked to the other side of the ceiling.

This meaningless fight does not persuade, Mo Mo and his party wisely retreat to another table in the dining hall, Bai Suzhen jade hand flip, turned out a white tablecloth, and then two hands flip back and forth, like a fluttering butterfly, the table has three sets of white jade dishes, a few jade dishes, a pot of wine, Mo Mo looked at the mouth watering. Na Ze took a look at the table, nothing expression, towards the air in front of a random stroke, and then out of thin air from inside out milk bottles, fresh milk, puffs, apples, the baby look drooling.

After circling around the delicious and good-looking table, Momo stuffed the baby to Naze and happily ran to the dining hall window to hit a large pot full of red meat. The wine poured by Bai Suzhen surprisingly covered up the fragrance of the roast pork. MoMo, who didn't know anything about wine, knew it was good stuff and gazed down at her glass, a tiny green plum floating on top: "Is this plum blossom stuffing?"

"Yes," Bai Suzhen a relaxed pouring wine movements, there is a sense of artistic beauty, "before, I have nothing to do under the * * * Tower, brewed a few altar, this time down to the temporary residence in Hangzhou, so I found, the taste is not bad."

** Tower of the Millennium Brew ah, Mo Mo stammering mouth, carefully hold up the glass of wine, this wine is a witness to the great historical events, the significance of ah, she has to sip a small sip slowly.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product.

Cut, no culture! Mo Mo poked at the roast pork on the plate, not bothering to pay attention to him. Bai Suzhen poured another cup and put it in front of Naze, Momo thought she was going to give it to Naze, and was about to stop it, but she spoke without slowing down: "Come on, baby, try a cup too."

Mo Mo and Naze looked at each other, giving a ten month old baby a drink, would it be too early?

Na Ze pushed the glass away: "Thank you, or-"

Before the words were finished, the wine glass had already soared up in the air: "Yah, yah, yah, it's actually a thousand-year-old wine brew, let the old man taste that ha, ha, ha, good wine, good wine which, think of the time, five-flowered horse, a thousand gold fur, call the child will be out for wine -"

"Clang," the dean just grabbed the past glass of wine broke, Bai Suzhen whisked his sleeve, stretched out chopsticks to clip a piece of emerald tofu: "to drink, which comes so much nonsense, what to sing, what, want to be an opera singer?"

"No, no, huh, how," the dean obediently stop, dry laugh a few times, automatically and spontaneously picked up the jug, fished up the empty wine glass to pour himself a cup, surprisingly are scolded, do not drink is not a loss to themselves, "I said the White Lady, how did you come down to earth, I heard the cloud shine shadow said when still do not believe. "

"Intended to divorce my husband," Bai Suzhen chewed slowly after eating a piece of tofu, before continuing, "but, now it is not necessary."

"He has two hearts and four minds to look at someone else?" Lock Cui also crowded over, who let the love story of these two has been hyped for thousands of years, it is difficult not to be curious.

"What a mess, Sister Lock Cui!" Mo Mo interrupted her without good humor.

"That's how it's played out on TV." Lock Cui protested in a small voice.

Bai Suzhen's expression remained light: "If he dares to look at someone else, I will not divorce him, I will pull to reincarnate and start all over again."

"Then why do you want to divorce him?" MoMo also curious, this does not hold water!

Bai Suzhen did not quite understand Momo's question, her head slightly raised: "Of course to make him nervous, to be good to me, what else could it be?"

Poor Uncle Xu, MoMo silently mourned for him in his heart, and wished to pay an incomparably high tribute to the memory of him, he is considered finished for life and death!

The others were also shocked by her answer, for a moment no one even opened their mouths, Bai Suzhen also did not feel constrained, continued to drink her wine, eat her food, and also used chopsticks to dip some wine into the mouth of the baby Lucifer who had been watching her, the poor little baby tasted such a strange thing for the first time, the whole face was wrinkled, stretched out his little tongue miserably to grab the milk bottle on the table.

Peculiar woman, leisurely, elegant, with a bit of laziness, living in their own approved world, obsessed with their own obsessions, such a woman will be against the ways of the world, there is nothing to be surprised, perhaps she does not understand what those worldly rituals have to do with her, she just likes to want to do it.

The table just quietly finished the meal, Mo Mo just stood up, as soon as the door disappeared without a trace of the paste suddenly rushed in, two pigtails were comically with two large red flowers, the aggrieved fly to Mo Mo: "Ow, Mo Mo little lady, someone bully paste, ow!"

"How did bully you?" Mo Mo's question is very skillful, bullying between children is difficult to define, ask the cause of the matter in order to figure out, this is her years of experience as a big sister.

"They said Paste is a flower spirit, bad people, Paste is obviously a little elf, little elf, ow ow ow ~" Paste is very sad accusation.

Lock Tsui grabbed her wings and dragged her to herself, pinching twice: "Well, it's kind of like that, but pixies are spirit cultivators, and our side is insta-cultivation. The difference between East and West, nothing strange, I am a willow tree spirit oh, you also came out of some plant, right?"

Hearing Lock Tsui say this, Paste, despite the tears still on her face, hugged her arm and laughed: "Ow, Paste grew up in an elf tree, ow!"

"Elf tree that grows elves?!" MoMo's eyes lit up.

"It is said that there is one in the west of the Kunlun Realm, when you go back, you can go and have a look," Bai Suzhen flipped her hands, packed up the dishes and stood up, "Qin Dryad, I have brought the people, I am not interested in the affairs of the Kunlun Realm, if you have any secret method to send Momo back, I will go first, Yun'er's affairs, I I won't interfere either."

"If we were really that capable, we wouldn't be waiting in this passage," the dean shook his head with a bitter smile, "being blocked for so many years, not enough spiritual energy, the children's cultivation has stagnated, I am in debt to the realm master's trust ah!"

Mo Mo turned to look at the little heads in the cafeteria, cultivation, these little ones are also non-human, but: "What channel, what realm master?"

"The orphanage is built in the passage between the Kunlun and earth realms." Lock Cui interjected.

"What, I thought you guys said that our orphanage was on the other side of the landscape! How come it's all out of the earthly realm?!"


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