Marry a Vampire

Chapter 60: The other side of the scenic area (I)

"When was it when I was a child?" MoMo couldn't help but ask, poor as she was, she was eager to know how old she was now!

Bai Suzhen let go of his hand and nodded down at the baby's nose: "Of course it was when he was about the same age."

"I don't mean that, I mean," MoMo scratched her head, bitter and a bit miserable, "it means, how long ago was that, when I was this old, was it several hundred years ago?"

Her periodical expression, the introverted Bai Suzhen also amused, "Little confused egg, you are only twenty years old, where is hundreds of years ago?"

Huh, eh, how can this be, not everyone said she is this god, that fairy, are hundreds of years ago to see themselves, how and not again?! MoMo looked at NaZe in amazement, NaZe finished packing, stood up, but not particularly surprised: "MoMo, it seems that your memories are all true, from now on do not cry again at night in your dreams, hear?"

This person how to change his mind so quickly, before also said two hundred years ago to see himself, Mo Mo puffed his mouth, looking at the boarding hall, decided to give him some face, go back to lynching, orphanage, that is her territory.

Bai Suzhen stretched out her hand, made an inviting gesture, then walked towards the hall door, heard Naazawa say so, turned back and looked MoMo up and down: "What, what's wrong with MoMo's memory?"

"Ten years of amnesia, from the age of eighteen to twenty-eight, there is no memory left." Momo answered honestly, and after a pause, asked uneasily, "Is that really my age?"

"Well, your parents helped me a lot when I was not an immortal, more than twenty years ago down to the mortal world coincidentally met, so together gathered."

"My parents knew you before you became an immortal," Mo Mo's mouth was so long that he could swallow an egg, no, it was a goose egg bigger than an egg, but thinking that he was not a child abandoned by his parents, his heart that had been hanging dropped, "My parents turned out to be so powerful, it's a pity that they died early, otherwise --"

"Passed away, not ah," Bai Suzhen frowned, "Oh, that accident I heard, dissipated is their doppelganger, Kunlun realm suddenly closed, so their doppelganger in the earth is no different from ordinary people."

"Doppelganger, what is that, not my parents themselves, is it?" Mo Mo was a little disappointed, thinking of the word dissipation, more sadly biting his lower lip, not death, not reincarnation, but dissipation?

"Silly child, the doppelganger is also myself ah, the same mind the same memory, no matter what the body and doppelganger do, each other are aware of." Bai Suzhen soothingly circled her shoulders, "When the Kunlun realm opens, you see them, you will understand, well, no more, let's hurry to the orphanage, they should be waiting impatiently."

"Okay." Mo Mo nodded, the black hole around has also gotten used to it, 80% again by flying sword or casting a spell.

As expected by Momo, a white light rose from the hand of Bai Suzhen, a few strokes in the air, there was a red lacquer carved door, she pushed open the door, one hand pulled up the hem of the cheongsam, crossed in, Momo holding Lucifer also bowed and jumped over, Na Ze followed behind helplessly shaking his head, she looks like this, how so like robbing a house, turned back to the paste waving, paste hesitant half a day, simply The first thing you need to do is to get to the next level.

The familiar life fluctuations and the fresh air that came to her made her feel all warm when she stretched her wings.

MoMo is not so sensitive to the air, she at most felt that today's roast meat cooked is really too fragrant, yes, it really is the taste of roast meat, MoMo drooled and looked towards a certain window, the cafeteria lady waved the big spoon in her hand and showed her a red meat-like smile.

"The portal is actually open here," Bai Suzhen looked around the small children clutching bowls, looking at them, hand against forehead, "Dean Qin is really living more and more back."

"What's the point of going back to the old days, I call this unconventional," the dean suddenly appeared with a buffet plate, very uneven, one hand with chopsticks dancing around, "how hard everyone rushed, ah, the dean set the teleportation guide here, so that everyone can eat in the dining hall as soon as they come in, how good, right Isn't it, children?"

All the children looked at him, eating, eating, glowering at Momo and his party, anyway, they are not going out, imaginary lights and applause are not, so angry that the dean of the Lord even sent several pieces of red meat to his mouth.

Bai Suzhen took a slight step backward, she had been eating vegetarian, the taste of roast pork on the plate made her dislike: "Where are Yun'er and Ling'er?"

"Made a phone call and said to come over later." The dean waved his hand with interest and sat down on the small table next to him, "You guys eat first, the roast pork is good today."

Mo Mo obediently pinched a piece and stuffed it into his mouth, licking his fingers, "The dean personally cooked it, of course it's delicious."

"Hey, it's Momo who knows what he's doing," the dean smiled, looking at Lucius Phil is breaking his mother's fingers into his mouth, immediately picked a small piece of fat meat to offer treasure, "Come, baby also eat, your mother loved to eat grandfather's braised meat when she was a child."

"You're not just going to cheat people with roast meat," the legendary spirit behind appeared, locking Cui a gloomy face with a stack of bills, arms crossed, "Unfortunately, I do not eat this set."

Comrade Dean turned his head, a glance at the bill, the momentum immediately dwarfed, but as the saying goes, wow, losing people do not lose, especially in front of so many children, he has to be strong to take the challenge: "know that you do not eat, you a willow tree spirit can eat only strange ...... "

"What do you say?!" Lock Cui's face green green, grasping the bill's hand shook.

"I said, I said you said you were not going to make good food for Momo's baby!" Lord Dean's position was not firm enough to change the topic.

Lock Cui was reminded by him, immediately realized the purpose of his presence here, cast an eager gaze at Lucifer, only to find Lucifer is staring at him with blue eyes, very thorough and innocent, tightly closed mouth, afraid that she snatched his mouth fragrant red roast fatty meat.

It seems that she has lost, the dean was laughing very happy next to him, Lucifer obviously and he kissed well!

Lock Tsui defiantly glared at him: "You think you can make good food, I will too!"

You a willow tree spirit can do what delicious, not to burn themselves on the good! Lord Dean looked at the sky, leisurely chewed red around meat ......


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