Marry a Vampire

Chapter 6: The gorgeous blood feast (I)

MoMo carefully hooked NaZe's neck and walked down the long staircase under the smiling eyes of the servant with some uneasiness.

This guy is not taking advantage of the fact that she doesn't know anything, Momo pouted in discontent, just now she didn't know what to wear, he suddenly came out to help her match her clothes; then he helped her comb her hair, well, she admitted that he helped comb her hair is also kind, because she didn't know how to take care of such long curly hair, but he gently and deftly took the hair and turned it a few times, then coiled a A bohemian side bun, with a beautiful purple rhinestone carved wheat ears hair ornament that she had chosen herself.

But now what? He said something about how he had fallen several times walking down the castle promenade, so he carried him down the stairs, was she that weak?

Thinking about it, Momo sighed heavily, Naazawa lowered his head and found her with a wrathful expression, knowing that she started to wander again: "What are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking," I was thinking why are you taking advantage of me, Mo Mo complained in her stomach, but she did not dare to say it openly, how to say, people are also their own husband, although she really does not know him well, "I just think this purple rhinestone hair accessories are beautiful, ah, this black corsage also Not bad."

"Momo," Naazawa suddenly had the urge to cry and laugh, and stumbled a bit on his feet, "these things are not rhinestone, they are made of real diamonds."

"Oh, so it's like that." MoMo snapped and took the initiative to shrink into NaZe's arms, nodding sarcastically, "Basically, I have little concept of the so-called rich people's life for the time being, my imagination is limited, hehehe."

"Momo, I find you're getting cuter and cuter." Naze couldn't help but rub her forehead with his cheek, took a few steps in a row, turned a corner, and then slowly put her on the ground, "Okay, it's time to go to the garage, which car do you want to take?"

"Ah! So I really live in modern times, I thought in 2018 everyone lives in castles and goes out in carriages!" Mo Mo turned her head to look at the cars lined up in the parking lot, she sucked in another breath of cold air and looked at Na Ze miserably, "But, I've said that I have no concept, you old man should feel free!"

Na Ze looked at Mo Mo's strange way of playing treasure with amusement, stretched out his hand to pinch her nose, took her hand, walked to the most side of a silver Mercedes, opened the door to, "Then take this one, come, you sit in the back, sleep later, the road is a bit far."

"Oh, okay." MoMo nodded obediently, bent down to sit in the back seat, found that the pillow and blanket had been placed on the seat, so, again, obediently pulled over the pillow, lifted the blanket and lay down into it, showing a pleasing smile, "This is okay, right."

"Mmm, good boy." Naze closed the car door, opened the front door again to sit in the driver's seat, started the car and drove out. Mo Mo lying on the car, feel no vibration at all, can not help but secretly sigh this rich really good, sitting in the car are so comfortable, and then think about their own hair even if messy, Na Ze should also be quickly combed and so on, after a short while to fall asleep.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

He shook his head uncertainly, but even so, he still had to bet on it, because dare not can not and can not bear to hide, his Momo can endure all the hardships for him, but absolutely can not accept a trace of deception - she will no longer believe in him, or even decided to go, and he, can not bear that consequence.

The decision was made, Naazawa smiled bitterly, turned back to stop the car that had been turning around automatically near the castle, people leaned back loosely on the seat, half-closed eyes, but his eyes were faintly transparent blood red light, gradually his whole person are radiating black light, weird and gorgeous, he silently recited a short incantation, the whole car abruptly disappeared into the night.

After a while, the silver sports car appeared out of nowhere on the parking pad of a towering gothic modern building, the surrounding people did not look surprised at all, just took for granted a graceful bow in the direction of the car, and then resumed talking to each other and their respective work.

"Momo wake up," Naazawa opened the car door, his lips gently touched her cheek, and then gently half-hugged her, "We're here."

MoMo opened her eyes in confusion and looked at the handsome heavenly man so close in front of her for three seconds before realizing that the other party was her cheap husband, "Oh, we're here, I'll get up right away."

She scrambled to get up, grabbed her hair by hand, and Na Zee quickly pressed her hand: "I'll do it."

Mo Mo is a little embarrassed, na na watched him for her hair and clothing, and even finally squatted down for her to tighten the decorative ribbon on the high heels, can not help but sigh: her eyes are in the end how to grow it? How did she find such a gentle and considerate husband, or, was she too well-trained in her later years?

The round-arched banquet hall has an artificial stalactite cave at the entrance, and when he saw her curiosity, he explained that this is the cave of Venus, the goddess of love in the Tannhaeuser legend, with a small waterfall inside. Momo around it a half circle, and really saw the water flowing out of the waterfall was led to the narrow pool next to the pool around a lot of ivory-colored benches and sofas for people to rest, at this time, the top has been sitting a lot of people.

Mo Mo is somewhat nearsighted, so she had to squint to survey the entire venue. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Mo Mo at first also tried to listen to two sentences, but not two minutes to give up, one of their English is too bad; second, it seems that some people are not speaking English, probably French and German and so on. I can't help but secretly wonder what this amazing husband is doing, is he an antique dealer? So, only to live in the castle, set up ancient paintings, will be very multi-lingual, well, it is possible! The more Mo Mo thought about it, the more it made sense, so she couldn't help but feel good, so she looked around brazenly.

However, just after a while, she began to question her guesses, looking around, always felt a strange surrounding. All the people here are very eye-catching, although she has not been abroad before, but, it should not be so that all foreigners are beautiful to pull out a random one can be an idol superstar it! Could this actually be a Hollywood party?

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