Marry a Vampire

Chapter 58: The feeling of sleeping in a coffin

"Stop, stop!" Mo Mo reflexively covered Na Ze's mouth, so they were divorced in this way, coupling, but also beads and ties, too humiliating, this process she did not want to understand at all, "that, cough cough, the past, can not be mentioned again!"

It seems that he said this only five minutes ago, Naazawa helplessly smiled, sat up straight, rubbed her hair: "Okay, do not say."

"Hee hee," Mo Mo grinned in triumph, looked at his face full of drool marks, embarrassed to take the sleeve to help him wipe, from the coffin to stand up, "quickly get up, quickly get up, the baby is still watching you, do not stay in bed."

Na Ze turned his head and saw baby Lucy Phil sitting on the steps, wearing a small red bib with the word "baby" embroidered on it, a look at her mother's handwriting. The little guy found his dad finally looked at him, revealing his only four small incisors, two small hands waving excitedly, throwing out the small hand was crushed puff: "Dad, Dad, eh eh ......"

This thing, he still do not eat it, that Ze frowned, decided to ignore the baby's filial piety, walked to the steps, directly pick up the baby to put back in his baby walker, an inattention, "bar", was the baby stole a mouthful of fragrance.

Well, this he accepts, touching the baby's little head, revealing the "kind" smile of a father, but the baby has stared at him with big blue eyes, looking behind him, Momo did not know when also ran over, is holding the red cover to make a face, a moment their own nose into a small pig nose, and a moment to stretch out their tongues to do the dying, amusing the The baby "giggles" straight laugh.

Perhaps this is the feeling of happiness, so warm that people dare not breathe, the room full of candlelight makes the scene in front of you with a soft light of haze, when the father built this castle for the mother, is also looking forward to this moment?

"What are you thinking about," MoMo a crooked body, leaned over, "how a look like almost crying, good, do not compete with the baby jealous oh, come, sister love you!"

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on him.

A certain person found a comfortable position in Naze's arms, and then rested one hand on his chin, doing contemplation: "I now very much want to know, who is older and who is younger."

The person in the arms pretending to be serious has a naive face, Na Ze but laughing, like to compare big than small, what is the difference between this and a child?

"Hey, what's laughing-"

"Hoo hoo, little Mrs. Momo, hoo hoo, I'm back, hoo hoo," hit the curtain of the door paste, simply collected the wings to climb in, "so heavy, paste so tired, hoo hoo ......"

It turns out that she also dragged behind an exaggerated gift bag, a full adult high, exquisite lace chiffon wrapped, pink bow has been torn crooked by the paste, loosely hitch down, the whole of her set in.

The baby opened two small hands, bouncing in the walker and running towards the paste, MoMo followed his son and climbed over: "What is this, where did it come from?"

The paste in the bow became smaller and flew out, turning in circles and landing gorgeously on the ground, Lucifer immediately clapped his little hands to make her look good again: "Oh, lovely paste, ow, the beautiful master, ow, the handsome husband, ow, for!"

Mo Mo was confused by her "three-and-a-half sentence" way of speaking, but it was Naze who reacted quickly: "My father has come?"

Paste nodded heavily, pulled up the hem of her skirt, stood on tiptoe and continued to twirl happily: "Oh, this is a gift for the baby, Paste also has, ow!"

No wonder so happy, so she also have a share, Mo Mo pursed his lips, decided to open the gift bag to see what the treasure, send her son, is the same as giving her as a mother!

"And did he say anything?" Naze asked softly.

"Yah-oh, card, here!"

Naazawa took the card on the gift bag and looked at it for a long time before removing his gaze, with a smile of realization on his face, "Does Paste smell anything?"

"Ouch, it smells like beautiful master, Ouch!" Paste bounced along with the baby.

"You two little ones stop jumping, it's making my head dizzy," Momo took the scissors and had a hard time poking a hole in the gift bag, "Where did you get the wrapping paper, it's so strong, phew, I'm exhausted, Na Ze, what did the card say?"

Naze squatted down and helped her stabilize the gift bag box, "Well, Father-sama said that the baby is cute and he likes it a lot-"

"That's right, don't even look at who gave birth to it!" Momo clutched the scissors with both hands and poked them hard, with a self-satisfied face.

"-and said that there's no need to worry about the elders of the Jimi demon clan, he'll take care of it."

"Hey, hey, well, that's the best," Mo Mo smiled awkwardly, she forgot about Pei Di again, but even if she remembered, she didn't know how to ask for mercy, and now she couldn't use it just right, "Actually, that, Pei Di, he's still living in the guest room, hey! "

Naazawa's did not show surprise: "Is it because of Edmund's crazy thing?"

"Well," Momo nodded, biting his lower lip, hesitantly spoke, "I think he is also quite poor, I have nothing to say about the punishment, but is there any way to return his spirit to normal ...... "

"Okay, I'll take care of it, it shouldn't be a big problem," Naazawa kissed her forehead, "say whatever you want to say in the future, no need to worry about anything, you know?"

"Wow, okay," Momo squirmed in embarrassment and looked up to see both Paste and Lucifer's little ones staring at them with wide eyes, "What are you two looking at?"

"Paste didn't see anything." The paste is very cooperative spread hands to cover the eyes, but the finger gap is slightly larger, yet can see the slinky turn of the eyes.

"Kisses--" Lucifera showed a clueless smile.

"Humph!" Momo, whose majesty was challenged, turned his head and poked at the gift box to vent his anger.

Naze looked at the battered box, "Momo, or I'll do it--"

"Pfft," "clatter," "snap" ......

Before he could finish his sentence, the gift box couldn't hold up and broke, and the self-made MoMo was drowned in toys: "Oh my God, why so many?!"

"Ow, many, many, many toys, toys, ow!" Paste's hand remained blindfolded.

Lucifer flies out of the walker and sits on his butt in the pile of toys: "wah wah, wah wah wah wah ......"

Momo tumbled out of the toy pile, Indian beanie on his head, mouth spitting out the handle of the rattle, a glance, samurai swords, kites, four-wheel drive, fluffy ducks ...... baby can play, can not play all, and, there are a bunch of things that can not be named, Momo carried out a leaf dress:. "What is this for?"

Naze desperately trying to hold back a smile: "Uh, for belly dancing--"


"The card says to make our cute little Lucifer a world class baby ......"

Ah Lie, Miss World read too much, right?!

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